Arteta loving the transfer window – “Many players are attracted by our project”

If we’ve learned anything from the summer transfer window, it’s that Arsenal now has a pull factor. It is now a club that top players want to join.

Kai Havertz, publicly wanted by Real Madrid, chose to join us instead.

Declan Rice turned down Manchester City in order to join Arsenal. Jurrien Timber had no intention of reuniting with Erick Ten Hag at Manchester United; he just wanted to be a part of Arteta’s project.

The Arsenal manager recently discussed how the club’s profile has evolved in the last year, acknowledging that his squad is now a magnet for great talent.

“The positive thing for us now is that when we want a player, we have the resources to do so, and not least that we can convince the player that we are right for him,” said Arteta.

“Many players are attracted by our project.

“We want them to get the feeling that they want to be here, and I think we have succeeded in that. Both on the players we signed and with the players who are already here.”

What a change Arsenal has endured! If you recall how Dusan Vlahovic, Lisandro Martinez, and even Sergej Milinkovic Savic turned down transfer moves to the Emirates last year, you should be impressed with the signings made this summer and the club’s ability to see top stars like William Saliba and Bukayo Saka commit their long-term futures.

It is absolutely right to celebrate the fact that Arsenal is back at the top level, where we belong!

Sam P

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  1. Process,Phases and now project ,the Three P’s 👏😂
    Stop Talking boss man and start delivering buddy that’s what the fans want ,Talk is cheap ,action is where it’s at .

    1. He’s already doing that (winning) … he has the right to talk because he’s confident in himself.

  2. Arteta is a genius. He carefully planned every stage of the ‘process’.

    But this season I will be one of his critic if he messed up. No excuse

    1. A genius !
      5th season on the job(sorry 3 and a half for his hard core followers )and 1 cup
      To his name
      Dread to think what Wenger should be called then after his first 5 seasons.

      1. Completely different times.. Those were the days where we were transitioning from cassettes to CD’s. Those were the good old days where I could hope on to the Buses (149, 279) on Tottenham high Road and only had to pay £0.50 pence one way. A day bus pass was about £1.20. Now it’s £1.70 one way and about £6 for a day pass.
        That’s when our old 3 bed semi detached family home in Golders Green, was sold for about £300,000. Now when I look it up on Zoopla or Right move it is aboout £3 million.
        Those were the good old days where MSN messenger was the shyte.. We used to link up girls on there 😊
        Days of innocence with no Twitter, Insta, Facebook etc.
        Good ol days where I thought I was the shyte with my Nokia 6110 then Nokia 3310 playing the Snake Game.

        The days where humans still believed that the sun orbiting our earth and that our planet earth was flat.

        Days where we believed that people with mental / psychological issue were demon possessed. Etc.

        But right now is like the new renaissance or The Enlightenment period. Arteta is the our Leonardo Da Vinci. A genius. He will go down as legendary genius in our history.

  3. Arsenal has put the fundamentals in place for the next campaign, must now hope Rice can propel us to even greater heights.

    Rice will now be the link pin of the 4 3 3 formation in phase 4.
    Its a very attacking formation that was use heavily in the last campaign.

    No doubt this phase is having the desired effect on potential players joining the club.

  4. It took Klopp about 5 years to build a title winning team in the EPL.. Failure to win it this year would be painful of course but as long as there is clear improvement in the team performances and mental fortitude I can accept that… If we put in a serious challenge for the league again and win another domestic cup and reach the quarter finals or better in the UCL.. I would rate this season a success knowing that the club can continue to build on this platform…. With a few tweaks in personell over the next few windows this team will be formidable…I just feel Arteta needs to work on his substitution timing as he sometimes leaves it a bit late.. Plus I don’t understand what exactly Trossard has to do to be a firm starter

    1. He is consistently one of our best performing players but it seems he is not the gaffer’s favourite

  5. No need for a victory dance. If we were really back at the top and players queuing up at the Emirates to join the project, why do we continue to pay an arm and a leg for average players – Havertz, Rice?

    Prove your point Arteta – just sign Mbappe.

    1. Talent is not enough in our recruitment criteria, you obviously don’t know how the new arsenal under MA operates.

  6. This seasonis HUGE!!!!!!! Forget phases, projects and processes. We have spent absolute fortunes on players and contracts, so this season is about delivery not just stupid meaningless buzzwords. This team has been bought, so win something with it, or ship out. Its time to deliver, no excuses!!!!!

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