Arteta makes a personal effort to get Arsenal’s transfer target

RMC Sport as cited by the Express claims that in Arsenal’s bid to land Houssem Aouar this summer, Mikel Arteta has reportedly placed a personal call to the midfielder to speak with him.

The 22-year-old has emerged as Arsenal’s top target in this transfer window as the Gunners look to bolster their team ahead of a return to the Premier League’s top four.

Arsenal has been looking to land him or Thomas Partey, but as the transfer window draws nearer to its closing, the Gunners seem to have focused their efforts on landing Aouar.

They have offered 35m euros for him already, although that offer was turned down by the French side.

They are expected to return with an improved offer, but for now, it remains open and any other team can still swoop in and sign him.

Arteta knows that the Gunners might miss out on him to his other suitors and the Spanish manager has decided to place a personal call to him to talk to him about his project at Arsenal.

Arsenal has generally had a fine start to the season, however, they were beaten 3-1 by Liverpool on Monday and that might be a rude awakening for them.

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  1. Not too sure whether twenty personal calls to the player will make any difference if Arsenal and Lyon cannot agree on the transfer fee.

  2. Arteta is trying his best, but,unless Arsenal pay 45m pounds for Aouar, there will be no deal. That’s his current transfer market value , so the board and owners must splash the cash now or he goes to Juventus. Jokers.

  3. The worst team in the world in the transfer market. Frustrating pinchers, for buying quality players yet they pay so much for fringe players like Mustafi in the past. Mysterious Arsenal.

  4. Seriously, 45 millions for a player of quality like Aouar, that’s peanuts compare to what he’ll bring to our team. The board should just open the cheque book and sign him.

    Arsene made enough money for the club during his time at the club. No joke.

  5. Agree with Wayne above. Arsenal has known who they need (in the case of Thomas Partey for over 12 months), yet in 11 weeks of the transfer window minimal players in and Arsenal is still procrastinating on their main midfield targets.
    Juventus is now interested in Aouar, so instead of jumping in and getting the deal done early, Arsenal will now be in a bidding war. Juventus will be favourites to win the Italian league, have Champions League football, offer very competitive wages (look at Ramsey) and provide the chance to play with Christian Ronaldo. What a choice for Aouar to make!
    As for Partey, Atletico Madrid wants to keep him, so unless his buy out clause of €50 million is activated by Arsenal or another club he is happy to join, then he will re sign with AM.
    Every man and his dog has known about Arsenal’s deficiencies in midfield; no box to box midfielder since Ramsey left and no decent DM since Gilberto Silva left. If anyone thinks that Arsenal can make the top four with the current midfield options, they are highly misguided.

  6. spot on sir its amazing that the people in the club that are trusted with these responsibilities cant make it happen

  7. The Arsenal Board must not let Arteta down and get both Aouar and Partey asap. MA has done his best with the current squad and it is the duty of the Board to support him if we want to get into the CL.

    1. I fear the owners will let MA and the fans down!

      Kronke family won’t spend a personal penny (dime) unless we sell first. The board can do nothing about it unless someone buys the likes of Guendouzi, Ozil, Mustafi, Kolasinac or Torreira. Can anyone see these going anywhere yet? Nope!

  8. The amount of emotions, ranting and whining Arsenal fans put out these days on social media platforms and websites, youd swear it was a Women’s feminist book club night.

    Could we atleast wait until the 5th of October before we get our panties in a bunch?

    And with regards to Arsenal performances this season, it’s only been 3 games, and we lost to the best team in England that hasn’t lost at home in 3 and half years.


    1. CanonSpike, I love both the actual contents of your reply to those moaning minnies and prophets of doom and your well chosen phrases to describe them. I would love to see more posts from you , as we realists need everyone we can get to oppose the “cut their own throat” pessimists.

      Stupid and hyped over excitable optimists are equally bad on here though and we have a good number of those who confidently predict nonsensical and over the top outcomes.

      Reality is what I always preach, which means soberly looking at where we are now with the many plusses and many minuses our club still has. As perhaps among the most realistic of our fans, I’d love another on our side to help fight the tide of gloom and hype merchants.

      1. The issue is that media drives their content by tugging at people’s emotions, and we fall hook line and sinker for it. I used to as well, but when I looked at the facts and reality I realized no amount of emotion I spew online will change anything. Plus Arteta improving Arsenal from the state it was helped.

        Whether we like it or not, most fans dont really have opinions, their opinions(what the media tells them to be mad or hyped about) have them

  9. I really don’t know why Kroenke shouldn’t spend money on his club.
    Now that we have a sound and young coach who has brought back belief to the club by helping the players reach their potentials. The least the board has to do is support him in his transfer plans not all these back and forth or footdragging on transfers.

    That’s disgusting and frustrating for we the fans

  10. According to one ITK, agreement reached and Aouar on his way to Colney.

    Although a tiny bit of wee managed to escape, I’ll hold the rest in until we have a little more evidence.

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