Arteta makes bold claims for Arsenal next season

It has been a topsy-turvy, rollercoaster of a season for Mikel Arteta and Arsenal, and we have had great runs of form, and also one of the worst blips that the Gunners have never seen before.

But the management have kept faith with Mikel Arteta, and they are sure that the Spaniard is moving us in the right direction.

The boss himself is certain that, once things gradually get back to normal, the project will go “bang” and everything will come together in the right order.

When he was asked about how hard it was to rebuild the team after that first cancelled game against Man City, which was the turning point that led to the Premier League being suspended, Arteta told Goal: “I could never imagined when I got tested and had the symptoms, all of the consequences that this virus was going to have on all of us.

“Having my first job, to do that and after being in the job for only three months in normal conditions, to start to have a completely different context and framework to work in has been really challenging but, at the same time, it has made us, as a club, much stronger.

“We have created a really strong group, a really strong bond with our players, with our fans, with our staff and that is going to pay some big tribute in the future I think when everything comes back to normality and we are able to work the way we needed to work with some stability.

“I think this project is going to go ‘bang’ and this is where we are. Sometimes it is difficult to see the moment now, but I’m sure where we are going.”

Arteta obviously is feeling like his plan is working so far, and hopefully after another transfer window, the boss will have sorted out his own team. So he is very confident that we just have to be patient until next season, and we will get our Arsenal back at last.

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  1. We need at least 7 new players next summer and need to sell at least same amount. There’s no point to build a team over several years because the time you hit those years in the future, you already need new players to fulfil the positions you strentgthened years ago.

    Buy 5-6 new players and sign 2 freebies and we should be better.

    Laca/Eddie > Daka/Edouard, Balogun
    Elneny/Xhaka > De Paul, Koopmeiners
    Bellerin/Cedric > Hakimi, Centonze
    Ceba, MØ > Buendia, Azeez from Academy
    Luiz > Saliba

    Apart from Hakimi, none of these players are in CL/EL next year. Ryan and Mitchell/Amavi should be enough as back up GK and LB. If any money left, go for Cristian Romero.

    Still can wonder what to do with Guendouzi, Torreira, Willock, AMN, Chambers, Runarsson, Mari, Willian.

    Extend Dinos’ contract and loan him back to Stuttgart (for a fee obviously).

        1. Mclovin-interesting selection.Would throw Bissouma & Ivan Toney into the mix as well.Especially Bissouma or Boubacare sangare.

  2. Josh Kroenke in 2019.

    “It’s not who you buy, it’s how you buy”.

    “While we’re not going to be in the market for some of the top players in the world at the moment whilst they are the top players, we’re actively scouting the globe to find the next big thing to become great at Arsenal Football Club. And not only will we bring them to the club, we’ll be able to retain them in the fold going forward.”

    Patience is indeed going to require in terms of our “rebuilding process”.

    However, “patience” should not slip into “mañana”.

    I quote Kroenke above “scouting the globe to find the next big thing”.

    All very well if circumstances allow, but is this the right path at this point in time ?

  3. At the beginning of this season, you said you are ok with the squad you have now and the business done so far in the transfer window, you even said this squad will challenge for Premier league title. Now you telling us next season will be a bang. Arteta is not the right person as arsenal manager, someone that cannot bring out the best with this present squad. Look at What Ancelotti is doing with Everton, likewise Moyes with Westham Utd, look at Aston villa, All these team I mentioned don’t have better players than arsenal and arsenal is paying far more to players that any of this team. We needs good, top quality players to compete more and the board needs to change Arteta if he fails to win Europa league.

  4. Arteta
    1) trying to distract from the absolute mess he has made of this season
    2) sowing seeds in hope he isnt sacked

  5. “ Absolute mess of this season”? you mean the absolute mess he inherited No?People really do need to get a grip of their expectations.It’s his first full season.seriously 😱

  6. This was a little bit of a “cherry-picking” exercise, as Arteta has made a considerable qualifier to this “bang” edict, which is the importance of European football for things to properly progress…that might be some serious wishful thinking considering our position in the League table, our quick FA exit and our struggles to get by a bang average Benfica

  7. I don’t think that he’ll still be Arsenal Manager by then. Arsenal has turned to be a mediocre team because of Arteta. It’s a dream that he’ll never accomplish

    1. I am willing to bet with you personally, up to a huge sum of money, at your decision how much, that MA will be here next season(far longer into the future in fact).

      Just who else do you fondly imagine will be prepared to work under Kroenke; ALLEGRI, NAGELSMAN, ETC? NO WAY!

      You are quite wrong to think he will be leaving any time soon! It is just your own bias, but Silent Stan would laugh at your view – IF he ever listened to any of his fans of course, which we know he does not! He would be right NOT to listen to YOU! And he won’t, as my bet says!

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