Arteta makes it clear that he doesn’t need a top striker like Harry Kane

There’s a suggestion Arteta needs a super striker to fire Arsenal to PL glory. Just the other day, we had a story where Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony suggested Arsenal could guarantee the league title if they brought on board Harry Kane.

Mikel Arteta’s claims after the Barca 5-3 win suggest he is confident in his attacking players to get him the goals, and he’s not keen on signing a one-super striker to get him the goals, even though having one would be great. The Spaniard suggested that all he aims for is for his attack to be efficient, noting that even if his leading man in attack doesn’t score, he should contribute to the others scoring, something he appreciates Gabriel Jesus doing: “If we have somebody that can score 25, 30, 40 goals, then great,” he said as per Sky Sports. “Today, Gabby [Jesus] didn’t score, but it’s the best Gabby that I’ve seen for months.

“And the contribution from Kai [Havertz] as well—that’s why he’s playing; he’s got that quality in and around that position with Leo. We have a lot of options up front, and they’re going to have to compete between them to give me a hard time.”

Last season, Arsenal scored the most goals (88) they have ever scored in the league, though they didn’t depend on a reliable goal source. There’s a craze about having your own Haaland, but at least for now, Arteta and his project don’t buy that. We can have our opinions, but let’s trust Arteta; he knows best.

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  1. As I always said, Arsenal would likely need a new CF with better hold-up ability, but he doesn’t really have to be clinical. Unfortunately, many fans don’t seem to understand that tactic, despite having seen Firmino did it for Liverpool

    Jesus’ hold-up play in our friendly games was good, but let’s see what would happen in tough away matches, where he gets roughened up

    1. We already saw he can do it last season – it shouldn’t be a surprise if he’s doing it in these (actually quite tough) friendlies.
      I don’t understand why people see his performances at the end of the year (after he returned from injury) , as more representative of his abilities than what he was doing *before* the injury. Unless the thinking is that the injury ruined him and he can never be as good as he was?
      It’s more likely that people simply have very short memories IMO

      1. He did well at the beginning of last season, but he struggled physically after recovering from injury

    2. Jesus was very good against Barca. When he plays like that and the rest of the team play well, and score goals from other areas, it is understandable that MA does not think we need another striker. However, he doesn’t always play so well and Nketiah neither improves or changes the situation. I still think we need a striker but I would be happy to be proved wrong.

      1. Hopefully he can avoid injuries. The huge CBs in EPL could send our diminutive CFs to hospital

    3. GAI, you persist with this idea and it is obviously NOT our first option of playing but I can agree with you if we can get such CF for plan B and when we chasing a game late on.

      I honestly see nothing wrong with how we play and attack right now as of last season.

      1. Jesus actually played as Firmino did by becoming our first defender and let his teammates to score, but he couldn’t return to his physicality level after recovering from his injury

        Maybe Havertz will be our plan-B CF, if we can’t break the opposition’s defense

  2. BTW, I think kane would fit our playing style perfectly, and could do both the hold up work we need and obviously score a lot of goals – we could never get him, though, so no point considering it

  3. Think it is pretty clear we are not going to sign a CF this summer irrespective of selling either Balogun or Nketiah. However when we reach the January transfer window if Arteta feels differently about the situation a certain Mr Ivan Toney would become available and would be the perfect option.

  4. With respect to all pressing for a goal scoring CF, it matters not who converts the chances, as long as we continue to create them.Last season it was our defensive frailties which cost us the League, and to be fair to Arteta, he has recognised this and in Timber and Rice he has brought in players who will add steel in the right places.The building blocks are now in place, and while I have concerns with two players who are currently first choices in defence, there is no reason why we cannot push City for the Title.

  5. No question in my mind if we had a prolific striker we would win the league that’s all that’s missing to achieve it!

  6. We don’t really need a prolific striker, we score a lot of goals last season, we lost the league due to no backup for quality defense which we hv now. COYG WE GO AGAIN. What a way to celebrate our 20yrs anniversary of our invisible by win the league coming MAY, it can’t get better

  7. I think what we need is a much better backup than Eddie, simply sell Eddie and try Bologun. With Havertz and Trossard we’re really not thin upfront.

  8. This statement could torment you mid season,stop being ignorant and sign top striker

  9. Goal scoring CF ❓❓❓ Apart from Kane who else fits that mould that is in the market right now ….and please dont mention Vlahovic or Hjolund cos they are not it

    My opinion

  10. Forget Kane, he will never join us. But that said, I have huge respect for him both as a player and a man. Staying loyal to the Spuds after so many abysmal seasons shows the measure of the man. I hope he goes to Bayern which will be a body blow to his club

  11. Harry Kane will not improve Arsenal. In fact, he will make it worse. He lacks the dynamism, technical qualities and the age profile to fit into the no9 position. The only position he can play. Furthermore, he is a Totty captain. No bloody way. He was responsible for the sacking of Pochettino, Nuno and Conte. Too much player power. And Martin Odegaard speaks better English than him.

  12. I think the point Arteta is missing is that our main striker should be able to do stuff that Jesus does AND score as well! Harry Kane is an outlier as is Haaland, despite them being very different types of player. However, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a striker to reach 15-20 goals in a season unaffected by injury. And for all of Jesus’s great work he just doesn’t offer that. He’s a great winger but an average striker.

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