Arteta makes it clear that he won’t drop Kai Havertz to the bench

Kai Havertz joined us in the summer for £65 million, and the sad truth is that he hasn’t lived up to the expectations we had about his signing in the games he’s played.

It’s not like he’s been that poor. He’s shown us glimpses of what a tremendous player he can be. As an example, he excelled in our 4-0 Champions League victory over PSV. Even so, he isn’t as consistent as he should be. He didn’t build on his Champions League performance.

Mikel Arteta understands that the German international must improve but has promised to keep him in the team and wait for him to click with his team/mates. In his press conference ahead of the Bournemouth game on Friday, our boss emphasised the positive qualities the 24-year-old offers to the team, despite his struggles. He emphasises that as a club, we cannot afford to let Havertz, who is extremely gifted, fail, and that he and the boys are trying to support him as they are eager to see him improve.

“We’re trying to help him as much as possible,” Arteta said via “We want to give him the tools and minutes to showcase his talent. There are parts of his game that he’s doing exceptionally well, but there are also areas that he needs to continue working on.”

Arteta’s remarks about the ex-Chelsea player suggest that he sees something special in him. Yes, he hasn’t scored or helped as many of us had hoped by now, but the squad has kept performing, and we are unbeaten.

We should be patient and trust that he will eventually come in handy for us, and hopefully have a positive impact on our ambition to win the league, the Champions League, the Carabao Cup, and the FA Cup, with Arteta keen to get the best out of him.

Maybe against Bournemouth will be the day that we finally see the best of Kai Havertz?

Darren N


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  1. First, he didn’t excel against PSV. He was average. Second, if Arteta said what was written, then i dont see how we can win the league when certain players are “undoppable” regardless. Haverz has to “earn” his place, as should everyone else.

    1. MA should afford other players like Rowe Smith the same time and patience, then.
      Maybe Havertz will eventually come right like one Aaron Ramsy eventually did, when AW stuck with him when most of us had long given up on him.

    2. Good points.

      Hopefully we can dismiss the false premise of players “earning game time” when Arteta brings it up.

      Arteta clearly has favorites, let’s not pretend otherwise.

      Havertz will continue to start, regardless of his performances. What about ESR having a chance to “showcase his tools and talent” as Arteta said?
      1. Isn’t Arteta responsible for ALL players, not just his transfer chosen ones?
      2. Why bench an in form player to start one of his favorites?

      Think I’m being histrionic or overly dramatic?

      What about Trossard playing brilliantly last year and was instantly dropped when Jesus returned?

      Or Tierney only playing after Zinchenko was injured for the year? Zinchenko’s form was horrid and directly responsible for conceding goals over that 3 game crumble last year, yet he still played unchallenged.

      Or this year, shifting Partey, a top DM, to RB to force in Havertz? Everyone knows that Partey, Rice, and Odegaard is our strongest midfield, yet they never featured to start the season.

      Who bought the nonsense about “tactics” and “better control” with Partey at RB?

      So that horrid selection offered more control with Havertz than a midfield 3 of Partey, Rice, and Odegaard?

      No way anyone can convince me, won’t fool a fly or me.

      White, Saliba, Gabriel, Timber backline with Rice, Partey, Odegaard in midfield
      and a Frontline of Martinelli, Saka, and Trossard (Jesus was injured) was the strongest selection by far.

      Fools errand to suggest that Havertz in midfield, Partey at RB, White at CB offered ANYTHING more or better than the lineup I suggested above.

      1. More that Arteta has consistently dropped players that were previously deemed his favourites but no matter what weak minds will moan any time their own favourite isn’t played and pretend it’s Arteta.

  2. Havertz is very useful to win duels in the opposition’s area and to tire the opposition’s defenders out

    Vieira or Smith-Rowe could make a bigger impact as a sub, after Havertz depletes the opposition’s energy

    In my opinion, winning aerial duels and tackles is also very important for an AM, but many fans just want to see the goals and assists

    1. Gai, assist remains the all mark of a good attacking midfielder. DM are suited for taclkes. Truth be said Havertz need to add more to his game I agree Arteta should give him ample time to improve his game.

      1. Pre-assist, steal and duel-won stats are also the indicators of a hardworking and courageous AM

        For example, our last goal in 2020 FA Cup final, that was initialized by Ceballos’ win in an aerial duel and Bellerin’s dribble

        A creative AM could hide from challenges in a game and just wait for the moment to make the final pass. That’s why I didn’t like Ozil’s playing style

        1. So let me get this straight. You like tall players that win headers, that generally go to nobody,dont influence the game, cant hit a barn door from 10 paces. But you dont like players that make passes and create chances, influence the game, but cant win anything in the air because he isn’t 6’7″.

    2. Winning what duel and who has havertz tired out? Maybe I’ve been watching something else. We have had the easy side of games and performing poorly in my opinion. Played United and Spurs at home and only got 4points. The big deception is that we ain’t lost. Guess it’s about coming to roost.

  3. Most Arsenal fans don’t rate Havertz highly so I’d say he has given what was expected of them, they didn’t expect much but hoped that they’d be proven wrong, so fan’s expectations are being lived up to unfortunately

  4. The big German should be rested until the Man City game, where he should be thrown in as a lone striker in a 4 2 3 1 formation set up.

    Hope’s the gaffer is listening

  5. “We’re trying to help him as much as possible,” Arteta said via “We want to give him the tools and minutes to showcase his talent..”
    I only wished that others players were offered the same support/opportunities.then again, Havertz could be killing it in training.

    1. Exactly. I’m sure a number of players would love the blind trust Arteta has for Havertz.
      Imagine playing well, then getting benched and have to watch low energy low intensity Havertz jog around the pitch the next game.

      Can we end the “squad competition” and “earn playing time” talk from Arteta?

      One day it’s that nonsense, and the next it’s “giving Havertz the tools and time to showcase his talent.” While leaving out ESR, Vieira, and others the opportunity to showcase theirs.

      FFS just be consistent, I can’t keep up with all the spin and buzz words. So today it’s Havertz “showcasing” and not about competition? What about the next match?

    2. Exactly. Only havertz deserves this chances. Our hale end products don’t! We are not even giving chances to our academy any longer. Nketiah and Saka. We didn’t give same chance to Flo Balogun, ESR and many others. Patino , Amario, Walters, Nwaneri better be advised to look for greener pastures.

  6. I really hope he comes good! Huge gamble and he is playing the way he play at Chelsea, this as fans is what we know and what we’ve seen of him and that why for many it was a strange decision to get him. Think of the players you could have purchased for 65 million. Who would you have bought in?

    1. An actual B2B midfielder, not a square pegs in a round hole Havertz.

      Douglas Luiz as a PL example.

      Far far better midfielder, versatility to play CM or DM, with PL experience, and far cheaper to boot.

      Even for 65 million to convince Villa, a far far better choice and investment than Havertz.

      Then again I’m not a genius, I’m just financially conscious and have common sense.

      Perhaps risk averse as well, but I feel better with a known quantity in Luiz compared to a massive gamble with Havertz.

      1. Who would you rather have now with injuries? Luiz stepping in alongside Jorginho (with Rice injured) or Havertz?

        I’d rather have Luiz, no need to shift Partey to RB either.

        Rice, Luiz, Odegaard
        Rice, Havertz, Odegaard?

        Think idea of Luiz over Havertz sells itself, don’t you?

      2. one deadline day signing last season I REALLY wish we got across the line! Douglas Luiz would’ve made a world of difference if we had him in this squad.

    2. There is always some uncertainty with any new player. We need to give Havertz time and we can then see if he will come good. He has got some good skills and attributes which if harnessed effectively could make him become a very good player.

      1. Lets put it another way David. If i was ever in a war, or a troublesome situation in life, i wouldn’t want Haverz next to me. No fight!!!!!!! No determination!!!!!!!!!! No urgency!!!!!!¡

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