Arteta may not send Nketiah out on loan after all

Arsenal’s 2-goal heroWe all know that Eddie Nketiah’s loan at Leeds wasn’t quite as successful as well hoped, as he spent most of his time on the bench as backup to Patrick Bamford, so it seemed obvious that he would be going out on loan again to a club that promised more game time.

But now that he has returned to Arsenal for talks, it seems that Eddie has impressed Arteta with his attitude and our new coach may decide to keep him at the Emirates for the rest of the season.

Arteta told “…I sat down with him and was very impressed with him. I think it was a great challenge for him to work in that environment in Leeds. I think he’s become a much better player, a much more competitive player.

“Then the decision to make now is whether it’s better to send him out for another five months to realise his potential and have him ready for next season, or keep him here. It’s something we have to discuss in the next few days.”

So, it is far from certain that Eddie will be on the move again, and it may be a very sensible decision to keep the 20 year-old as an option for our Europa League and FA Cup games coming up thick and fast over the next few months.

He may not get to play as often as he might on loan, but at least he will be being trained to Arteta’s methods.

What do you think? Should he stay or should he go?

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  1. If auba is not ready sign an extension we may have to keep him as a backup striker for laca.Martinelli should focus on playing on the wings

  2. Still 3 weeks of the window left, a lot can happen between now and then!

    I’d like Eddie to stay… would have loved for him to have got some minutes against Leeds!!
    Yes he’ll be great back up for in the EL/FA Cup… but I can’t see him being too happy with that. If it was me I’d want to play every week! So, I feel for him to get that, he’ll have to move on.

  3. We have more than enough fire power for the rest of the season adding one more means less game time which wont go down well with strikers because strikers are judged by their goal tally and not by their bench time example last year Aubameyang was equal top scorer in the league if he had one more or one less game it could of been a different story, Martinelli is s!!t hot and he must get more game time so he will stays interested and focused at Arsenal which means Eddie wont get any play time specially now that we are in a stage where all the cup games got harder with elimination of lesser clubs, Eddie will be best served going out on loan in the epl

  4. Eddie must stay at Arsenal as back up to Auba and Laca. The games are coming up thick and fast, PL, EUL and FA cup, so Auba and Laca might get tired at some point and Eddie will be a good back up. Also he will be much more used to Arteta’s methods.

    1. Wow, please reread your comment again, you might wanna delete it.Eddie better than Laca? Based on what exactly? There’s so much to Laca’s game than scoring goals, he’s an all-rounder, very few forwards possess his qualities.

      1. You have hit the nail on the head. It’s only that Emery did not know
        how to utilise Laca hence all these misplaced comments and misgivings
        of Laca’s talent, ability and capacity

  5. He should stay, adapt to the system

    He won’t get better coaching elsewhere

    Squad wise we are also a couple of injuries away from being quite light in options

  6. My take is that irrespective of the situation with Auba, Eddie
    should stay and benefit from Arteta’s training. He will get some
    minutes as well with all the cup games and even premier leagues
    games coming thick and fast.

  7. I think he should leave on loan.
    Utilize the remaining months of the season to get used to play against grown up players (Championship defenders are usually big fellas), so he can have a great pre-season with Arteta and the rest of the team, and become the first choice striker in next season’s cup games.

  8. Now that we have ARTETA, WHICH UTTERLY CHANGES MATTERS, I say he should stay and not go on loan. I also think he will and he will benefit far more by training and playing, even in practise, games under Arteta.

  9. Send him back to Leeds, He won’t get that much of playing time in this team at the moment and plus in Leeds he was playing under a good manager who plays the same attacking style of football as Arteta wants to implement. He will be get more polished n better technically at Leeds.

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