Arteta must assure transfer target of regular playing time to sign him

Arsenal could be on the verge of missing out on the signing of Andre Onana this summer as he closes in on joining Lyon because of playing time.

The Cameroonian is one of the best goalkeepers in Europe and he looks set to leave Ajax in this transfer window even though he is serving a football ban at the moment.

Arsenal has been his long-term admirers and they had reportedly been in competition with Lyon to land him.

As a decision on his future nears it looks very likely that he will be playing in France this season and not with Arsenal in the Premier League.

Football London claims this is because he would become the first choice at Lyon.

Mikel Arteta has shown his loyalty to Bernd Leno before now when he chose to keep the German and sold the more impressive Emi Martinez.

That could be the case once again if Onana moves to the Emirates and the report claims that Arteta will have to call the goalkeeper and assure him that he would be number one, something he probably will not do.

It adds that the Gunners haven’t given up their chase of his signature yet, but they will move for Aaron Ramsdale if he becomes unattainable.

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  1. If you believe arsenal or going to sign a top notch player well think again we aren’t. After white comes that’s it window closed for arsenal and wot a poor window it as been. No improvement to the squad so mid table here we come very poor team apart from the young players and a poor manager and as for edu and stan just leave now

    1. I am a bit more optimistic. I think Sambi is a good singing. White although too expensive is a good player.

      I think we will see more action in the last weeks of the window if Xhaka and some of the others leave.

      And the second half of last season showed it is possible for us to finish in the top 6 or better.

    2. I think you are being far too pessimistic @tom, Lakonga shows we don’t need Bissouma and looks great alongside Partey. Tavares is not necessarily a stand in for Tierney and looks good in midfield or on the wing. White is top class and we are not finished yet. More incomings as well.

    3. Woe, woe and thrice woe! This supremely negative so called “supporter” (lol) rises from under his stone once again to proclaim disaster and plagues of locusts!


    4. I’m with you on the assessment. RB hasn’t been assessed properly and will hurt us big time. And the inability to shift deadwood speaks volumes about the club’s ineptitude.

      I do see a slight improvement overall, so with a little luck, top 6 could be achieved.

    5. You have obviously not been an Arsenal supporter all that long After the first double in 71 it took another 18 years to become champions Arteta is gradually building a better team We need a top class striker and goalkeeper but other areas are gradually improving especially if we can get Aouar or Odegaard Artetas not doing a bad job and could do without the likes of over rated ex Arsenal pros like Merson and the very over rated Wilshere sniping

  2. Supposedly we lost Martinez because we didn’t want to give him assurances. If we don’t see Leno as our nr1 and if we are looking to bring in a new keeper capable of being a number 1 and not just a backup; what’s wrong with offering Onana the starting job? His to lose?

    1. Between his doping ban and AFCON duties, Onana won’t be assuming his duties between the sticks ON A REGULAR BASIS FOR US, at least until after his involvement in AFCON is concluded. Hypothetically, if we sign him with the assurance he needs and drop Leno to the bench this season, with just one more year left on his contract at the end of this season, Leno won’t fetch a decent fee next summer. We can’t sell Leno in this window as Onana won’t be available until October/November when his doping ban ends. Onana deal will give us more headaches than relief. But, if our management are willing and able to deal with that, they can make the call.

    2. JanV
      You are absolutely spot on. Arteta seems like a
      person who struggles to learn from his past
      experiences and trusting him over the future
      becomes problematic for me. Sometimes we have lessons learnt to be learnt early. Is he learning from Martinez error? I wonder

  3. I doubt Arteta will agree to his demands. Lenno is no.1 as far as Arteta is concerned. But I only hope we go in for Sam Johnstone, a better goalkeeper.

    1. On no planet is Johnstone a better keeper than Leno. He had a good season last season but a pretty shakey one before that. West Brom fans all seem to be pretty happy to lose him for £10m.

      Despite making a few mistakes last season, many of us forget how crucial Leno has been for us over the years. Grass is always greener methinks.

      1. Exactly what I thought. Leno has been a life saver suddenly the media starts harping on his errors and he overnights becomes a bad keeper. I would have Leno every day and he even twice on Sunday over the names we have been linked with.

      2. No reason Sam Johnstone at £10 million wouldn’t be a capable backup, if not compete with Leno.
        The player I wanted from WBA was Matheus Pereira, but Arsenal got AMN back instead, who it hasn’t dawned on yet that RB is his best position!

      3. Sean M + Staxhs.

        Agree re’ Leno.

        Bernd became the “pantomime” villain in the Martinez move, of which he had no part apart from being M A’s number 1.

        His form undoubtedly suffered from the backlash he could not have failed to have seen in some form or other.

        I’m sure our 19/20 runner up player of the year is mentally strong.

        We all (well I suspect the majority of Gooners) trust he’ll be ready for the new season as our No’ 1 keeper.

  4. Hardly a surprise that ANY keeper with self confidence and enough ability to play for a club of our standing should baulk at being a number two. THAT is precisely why so few top clubs have two top class kepers. That will remain our fate IMO.

    Amidst all the talk of RAMSDALE, I have so far seen barely a single comment suggesting he may well NOT WISH to come as our number two. And MA can hardly PROMISE him to be first choice. CAN HE!!!

    As an England squad player that would be an understandable position for him to take. I actually think it most likely that any keeper we do bring in – and I think we will – will be markedly less good than LENO. I do NOT say that I wish it; merely that I predict it.

    IF however, we were to buy RAMSDALE, AND at a high fee, than that would surely be the time Leno asks to leave, as he would realise his time as our first choice is limited.

  5. Why should MA guarantee Onana a starting XI, no player derseves it until he proves himself. Almost every articles calls Leno error prone and Onana and Emi masterclass. Leno had been excellent for Arsenal and even the so called better goal keeper do have off days and that doesn’t make them less good. Ederson, Allison, even the legends Zubizuretta, Chilavat, Cech.. all have their worst days. All these accusations of Arteta favouring some players over others are too boring, we don’t attend their training neither do we know their attitudes, we tend to judge before knowing facts, the same thing fans did during Wenger and Unai regimes and it’s surely happening again and it shall surely happen if it is the coach after MA.

    1. As far as Arteta “favoring players” I would say Willian.

      Even Arteta couldn’t justify his continued selections and the trash he served up on the pitch.

      Even this preseason Willian looks out of shape, tired, lazy, and worse than last year.

      Will be interesting to see if “ruthlessness” occurs and Willian gets left at home for most games; deservedly so I would add.

      1. You didn’t notice THAT sumptuously weighted defence splitting pass from Willian to Nketiah to score the first goal of our game against the all conquering Watford.

    2. Ximplicity
      Your points are well noted. But my issue as with other supporters is that why then does Arteta
      maintain that a particular keeper is number one?
      Does it not kill competition between the 2 keepers. The so called number 1 will invariably kill
      competition. The better keeper in training should
      get the nod.

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