Arteta must defy his bosses and reinstate Ozil in January

Not Registering Ozil Would Be A Sackable Offence! By Dan Smith

First of all let me make my stance clear. It is nonsense questioning whether our manager be sacked when he hasn’t had a full season. Our club would look foolish for hiring someone with zero experience then having doubts about him due to a …. lack of experience.

When they offered a rookie the job, that was an acceptance that they were willing to go through some lows to reach a high.

Arsenal were 11th when Arteta was hired, so I’m not quite sure what fans were expecting out of him more than an FA Cup win.

If it was about challenging for the title this season, you would have employed an Allegri and given him a transfer kitty of 200 million.

The fact you picked someone who could learn on the job sums up the ambition of Mr Kroenke (which I wrote at the same time).

As long as he’s the owner making a managerial change half way through a campaign would be pointless. What exactly do some gooners picture in their minds?

Since trying to replace Arsene Wenger (which some wanted) the criteria for his replacement has been a coach so grateful for the high profile post they were willing to accept limitations.

So if a section of our fanbase got their way and we were recruiting why would that remit be any different to last Christmas?

You would end up with another young coach who has his own vision, which is fine till he’s only allowed to loan players in January and is allowed to net spend approx. 50 million in the summer.

In the past I have been asked how do I know what the Kroenke family is thinking? Which is fair enough, I can’t prove what is in someone’s mind. But I can look at previous decisions made and form my own opinion.

One of the ‘limitations’ I mentioned is leaving Ozil out of your squad and pretending it’s a footballing decision.

Anyone interviewing for the post as Head Coach who has desires to be a champion in a few years, would walk away the moment you have told him to drop your only number 10 when you have one of the least creative midfields in their history.

Every game that goes by without us creating chances, and being terrible to watch, makes a decision to pay a World Cup winner to sit at home a massive one. I wrote when our Premiership squad was submitted that the decision might come back and haunt our manager.

At the time, some supporters were getting carried away and arrogantly thought that we be better with Joe Willock or Reiss Nelson.

The question regarding Ozil has never been what the German can or cannot do, it’s more a case of do you have anyone who can do better?

If we had purchased an Aouar then it makes sense, why Ozil wouldn’t at least make a bench. But we didn’t.

I will never believe that someone mentored by Pep Guardiola can find room in a squad for Elneny but not for Ozil. Maybe I want to believe the decision comes from the top because if it is a purely footballing decision, I can’t defend Arteta.

From January to March Arsenal were unbeaten in the League with Ozil starting every game.
Since he refused a pay cut, he magically never plays again, meanwhile we have lost 9 times with us being horrible to watch.

Even Ozil’s biggest critics can’t argue that it’s worked, and agenda aside, can’t tell me he wouldn’t be a better option off the bench then what we have?

Here’s the issue. In my opinion Arteta is being let down by his employers by lying on their behalf. That’s my theory, yet in the meantime we have to believe what the Spaniard says.

In a month’s time Ozil can be officially registered to play again. If Arteta’s choice is his alone, and the only criteria is football, then he’s risking his job if he maintains on the pitch, we are better without another option.

He would struggle with a straight face to argue what he currently has that is better. The only way I would accept that is if we bought a better midfielder (which we won’t in the next window).

Of all of Ozil’s flaws (and he has plenty) part of a coaches responsibility is to get the best out of your resources. At Man City that was meant to be our manager’s strength, teaching talent on a one-to-one basis. So by insisting Ozil isn’t better than a midfield who can’t create anything, then he’s putting his own coaching ability under the microscope.

In reality it’s never been Arteta’s hill to die on. His employers target was to make the player feel so miserable he either tears up his contract or agrees to a move.
Maybe they don’t have to pay any bonuses, maybe politically they please certain countries or TV companies.
I believe Arteta may have been assured that Ozil was being sold so don’t include him in your plans, but you will get a replacement. No one envisaged the player stubbornly insisting on seeing out his contract.

January could be the point where Arteta has to make a choice. Keep protecting a hierarchy who are not protecting you? Or give some transparency where you can’t be blamed.

Arsene Wenger for years loved his job so much he was a shield for those in power. They exploited his love and were happy for him to take the bullets.
How silly will Arteta feel if he is leaving out his most creative player for non-footballing reasons then gets sacked for not having enough creativity?

He should ring Pep and ask him would he be leaving out a player based on a billionaire regretting a contract he gave to a player? He certainly wouldn’t be dictated to when losing games.

I like Arteta. He speaks well and realises we are a big club. He has shown man management skills to get players to buy into his ethos and be hard to beat.

I defend him in the terms of it is unlikely any manager will succeed with the current owners. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt by saying essentially he’s too smart to make the conclusion that a midfield with zero creativity wouldn’t need Ozil at least on the bench as a plan B.

Yet if we get to January and the team still are not creating chances, and Arteta is still maintaining that it’s purely his educated opinion then I can’t defend you anymore, Mikel.

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  1. If MA doesn’t think he can last for full games that’s fine….but then play him for 20-30 mins a game from the bench.

  2. Very well put.

    I cannot understand someone that calls you a fanboy for saying it can’t be a footballing reason that Ozil is left out in our current state.

    It’s crazy how one can make their hate for a player so personal.

  3. Two things

    1)Ozil cant be reinstated until atleast February 2nd,2021.So its not in “a months time” that he can be registered.Its a whole 60 days,about 16 games from now.

    2)Arteta would be ridiculous to walk out a contract over one player when he was given considerable support in the transfer window.In We rarely ever get every tool that we need in our daily lives

      1. You are in cloud cuckoo land DAN if you seriously think – as incredibly, it really seems you might- that this excluded man will ever again wear our shirt in a competitive match. I will happily accept any bet you wish to make on him appearing again for us, ever! ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY, YOUR CALL.

    1. Ozil will not be wearing our colour again unless in the under age groups. It is over for him at Arsenal. I don’t think this is difficult to understand

  4. From the playing side of things, Ozil changes nothing.

    His performances have been dead for around 3/4 years now. If Ozil is reinstated in January, it’ll be almost 10 months since he last played any competitive football. So although it’s not his fault he hasn’t played lately, it’ll be almost 4/5 years since he was putting in some decent performances. His fitness never seems to be good, so it’s fair to say he’ll be well below match fitness.

    Even when he was apparently a world class player for us, how often did he turn up when it really mattered?

    From the non-playing side, Arteta’s decision to include Ozil, will please sum, and upset others in the dressing room, and obviously anger his bosses.

    1. You must understand that we do not currently have a better no. 10 than Ozil. His omission is purely due to politics. You need to understand the bigger picture.

      1. Well said Dan

        It’s exactly what I have for seen, Ozil is the man and yes if they management changes thir minds and say MA can play Ozil coming in when the team is where it is now it will be a starting somewhere for him, but also it would be so awesome watching him playing with Thomas and Willian

        This is influenced by management, there’s no couch who can leave out a creative player like Ozil.

      1. Ozil is never playing for Arsenal again, Arteta doesn’t think he is good enough, he will only have 4 months football left in the new year, he is 32 and declining. Arsenal want shot of him will all the loverboys get over him because the next time he plays (if he ever does) will be for someone else. He is a goner not a gooner.

    2. What sort of answer is that? Coming from someone who has never said anything good about the player, like your other mate Fox, who I noticed has gone well underground since being pretty much humiliated by his “Golden Child” Arteta.
      But at least Fox is consistent PAL which is far mor than o can say for you. Fox lives on forever with his post immediately after the Anfield humiliation last season when stated “Never before have I been more convinced than I am now that Unai Emery is the right person to manage Arsenal Football Club”. Three months later Emery is sacked. Fox has now found himself silenced because of his ridiculous “ Second Coming of The Lord” adulation to Arteta when this novice is actually managing to allow a far better squad of players perform even worst than last season. Still, he’s old so let’s just allow him to sulk in his own ego like he always does when he’s so embarrassingly called out, which is certainly more often than not these days,
      You on the other hand PAL, continue to go underground when asked very simple questions to posts you write. Easy to jump on someone else’s comments but you never have anything new to say about Ozil, and still cannot answer perfectly reasonable responses. Pretty pathetic again from you PAL, but not surprising to be honest.

      1. So PAL- at least you have come up from wherever you have been sulking. And let’s not forget it’s you who has to live with the embarrassment.
        And another thing PAL. Just think back to how YOU reply to certain posters on this site. And YOU call me an oaf? Pretty pathetic PAL but that you

    3. TMJW, who is it that will be upset in the dressing room and why would it anger MA’s bosses, unless it wasn’t due to footballing reasons, but all about saving money?

      Come to that, not only TMJW, but if you agree woth his comments, perhaps you could also shed some light on it, especially the “anger his bosses” comment?

  5. We won two trophies without Ozil in the team. Second Arteta isn’t the only coach to have dropped him for tactical or footballing reasons. That was even before pay cut fairy tale. Hopefully results improve soon and fast otherwise I fear for Arteta.

    1. Won 3 with him in the team
      Well actually if your counting community shields he played in one , so make that 4
      And got us to two other finals

      1. This is neither a for or against remark Dan but how long has Ozil been at Arsenal? Both your point and mine prove nothing

  6. Hehehe! Ozil..always the victim. Kicked out by Germany national team, kicked out by Emery, kicked out by Arteta. He will never play for this club again. Sooner you accept it the sooner y’all can stop moaning and move on. Ozil this Ozil’d think we are talking about De Bruyne or David Silva. Ozil would give us 1 good game in 3 or 4 months. The fact is he was more useless than useful.

      1. Actually, he resigned from the German International team, Emery had to bring him back to stop his losing streak, Freddie has said that he believes MO should be in the squad and Arteta has not covered himself in glory this season… but don’t let the facts interfere with anything he😂he😂he😂

        1. Yeah and bringing back Ozil made all the difference Haha! Maybe those calling for yet another Ozil comeback should remember that!

            1. That’s way to far back for some people to remember Dan, but even so, the performances this season should make them think about it at least.

              1. No I can remember that, and I also can remember that once Ozil was dropped, we went on to win a couple of trophies.

                Funny how Ozil fans have forgotten that, and that was even more recent!

                  1. Well we know Ozil refuses to do any defensive work, so he wouldn’t have help us conceding. He doesn’t score, or assist anymore, and barely creates any clear cut chances, so I am struggling to see how he helps our attack either in those 9 games?

                    And if Ozil played against City, we would have never even have made it to the FA Cup final!

                  2. And the trophies won, were poo-hooed when AW won them – with the CS not even worth the title “trophy” then.

                    I was extatic with MA when he won the “two trophies”, as I was with the UNBEATEN PL run from January to March…. all history now, as we have lost three home games in a row and are quacking in our boots at the thought of going to WHL….are we losing our cojones again?

                    Care to answer my question about those who will be angry if MA chooses to name MO in his squad TMJW??

                  3. I will answer your question Ken, and lets see if you have the balls to answer my Auba question, which is just below if you scroll down.

                    In regards to Wenger’s cup wins towards the end of his reign. I, like anyone else, was so happy. I love seeing Arsenal win trophies, but I also knew that it was just papering over cracks, and was 100% proven correct, as our performances in the league and Europe continued to nose dive.

                    Well I can’t say who, if anyone, will be angry with Ozil’s inclusion, just as you cannot say, who, if anyone, will be happy with his inclusion. None of us know these players personally, and what’s going on in that dressing, also, players would rarely say publicly, if they didn’t like a team mate. I based my opinion on the law of averages. Even in the greatest teams around, not everyone gets along, and hangs out with each other outside of football, and that will be the same at Arsenal. These players are only human after all, and I am sure many have not been happy over the years, playing with someone so lazy like Ozil, whilst knowing how much he earns.

                    I would imagine some of our players really miss Ozil, some aren’t that bothered, and some are glad he’s out.

                  4. I have answered your question, without being asked TMJW – last time I looked, everything was still intact down there, but thanks for thinking about them😂😂

                    Actually, you sidestepped the really interesting part of your statement that said it would anger Arsenal bosses if MA reinstated him – as someone who has always claimed it was only for footballing reasons, why would they be concerned or angered in any way?
                    What has it got to do with them unless…. over to you again TMJW, let’s see if you still have some ⚽⚽

                  5. Usual lies from you Ken. We know you like a good spin! As proven in the past.

                    I have said that Ozil’s exclusion is understandable if it’s due to footballing reasons, because he’s been trash for years, has a lazy work ethic, and a really poor attitude. I have also said that his exclusion is also political, which is also understandable. As a business owner myself, you cannot have one of your employees publicly bad mouthing your business. Especially an employee, that you have been so loyal to, and given so much money to, far more than their performances were worth.

                    Ozil is the most ungrateful, spoilt brat I have ever seen in football!

                    I have to say Ken, you are the worst type of fan we could have. Wenger dragged our club into the abyss, which we are still suffering from, and you backed him on it. Shame on you!

                  6. Still evading the question TMJW – you stated that the Arsenal bosses – that’s the key word that you are trying to side step – bosses…would be angry if he was re-instated.
                    All I wanted to know was WHY would they be angry, if they had nothing to do with the decision, which you have always said was purely for footballing reasons…up until now of course.

                    It was such a simple question generated by a simple statement you made, why are you trying to bring all sorts of other pointless and irrelevant issues in to the conversation?

                    So, just to be clear, you are now saying that Ozil was dropped, not only for his playing ability, but also for his salary, his personal thoughts and his reaction to the clubs treatment of him – now that seems to me that you are advocating a conspiracy from kronkie down to MA…isn’t that what Dan has said all along, that you denied of course and why he wrote this article?
                    At least we have cleared that up.

                    I’ll pass on your thoughts of me as a fan, as it’s water off a ducks back as far as I am concerned.

                  7. Bosses will be angry with Ozil for obvious reasons. Name me a boss who would be happy with an underperforming overpaid employee damaging the businesses reputation, causing a loss of revenue to boot!

                    I have just written an article on this subject, which hopefully admin will post today. I can see you’re using your spin again. As I have said before Ken, you should really should have gone in politics. You would have done great during the current scaredemic!

                  8. Well TMJW, the bosses must be having a meltdown with nearly every one of our players underperforming to date this season.

                    Not to mention the manager, the scouting system and the political statements from Aubameyang on a reported £300,000 a week and one PL goal, a penalty, to his name.

            2. Exactly Ozil played a vital role in our 2-0 against Man U in Emirates Jan 1, he played some other good games i can’t remember

        1. The thing is, TMJW seems to have a problem remembering what actually DID happen in the past Dan. along with a few others on here.

          Everything I countered QD with on his misleading post was correct, but when it comes to Mesut Ozil, it seems accuracy doesn’t count.

          1. I think the problem with fans like yourself Ken, is that you do not understand what constitutes a quality performance.

            E.g. You constantly backed Wenger, whereas I would say 14 years straight of not even being competitive in the league, was really poor. So one can tell that I clearly have a grip on reality, and your opinions are biased and agenda based.

            Just a quick question Ken: If Auba only scores say 10 goals this season, and lets say only 5 next season, would you say he’s performing good or bad?

            1. Well TMJW, as I have attended most home games for quite an while under many different managers and teams, I have always been in touch with reality with regards to the Arsenal – my agenda, which I most certainly have, is to see my club play attractive, entertaining football and by doing so, win trophies and ensure we participate in the CL every season by finishing in the top four.. even with kronkie as our owner.

              Let’s remember your view on “reality” was to back Unai Emery up and until about two months before his sacking – so please don’t tell me that you know what “quality performances” mean!!
              If we finish second to Leicester this season, would you say we were or weren’t competing – just wondering how your opinion on “quality performances” would rate on that one, let alone 20 years of top four finishes – if MA achieves that, would he be a failure as well?

              As to your question, which I will answer, despite you not answering mine as usual, it depends.
              At the moment, Aubameyang is living on scraps, because he has no chances or assists to feed off.
              He has lost his wonderful attitude and smile as we grind away with our defensive tactics and I feel for him every single day.

              That is despite his obscene and grotesque wage, which is bleeding our club dry.
              I don’t consider this in my critique, of course and neither do I blame him for accepting this ridiculous contract for three years. The club was stupid enough to offer it to him and he accepted.

              IF, however, the club decide to play in a way that supplies Aubameyang with the chances and assists he was getting when he won the golden boot (you decide who was doing those two things) and he still only scores five goals, or even ten while not defending like Gabriel, attacking and covering every blade of grass on the pitch like Partey, then we should drop him from the squad and get this “worthless thief, blood sucking, mentally frail, lazy, dross of a disgraceful human being” out of the club, no matter whether we have another goal scorer to take his place or not… you know it makes sense for footballing reasons!!!
              He should also keep his political views to himself, as our club has a strict ruling on this and will distance themselves IMMEDIATELY in order to preserve our identity.

              Hope that answers your question, now how about going back and answering mine?

              1. Well that’s where we differ then Ken, because for a club like Arsenal, the number one priority should be that we are competitive, and not just making up the numbers. Which has been the case in Europe and the league for as long as I can remember. I love attractive football as well, but what good is it when you’re getting thrashed most times you face a decent opponent?

                Haha, the Emery one again. I will back anyone at Arsenal until they start failing. You complain about me backing Emery for maybe for few months too long, whereas you backed Wenger something like 10 years too long! Slight difference there.

                As per usual you give your round the houses political style answer, but got there in the end.

                1. TMJW, we have been making up the numbers in the league for at least twenty of the last twenty of the twenty two years by being in the top four every season by playing attractive and attacking football.

                  You are quite correct that a club like The Arsenal’s number one priority should be that we are competitive…so how do you think this season has gone so far?

                  You say I backed AW for too long, but he did exactly what you are saying a club like Arsenal should be doing – being competitive…how a club like Liverpool must have desired that consistency over the two decades and how we crave the same consistency today.

                  As for the UE support only being a couple of months, what about the talk of relegation from the beginnnig of his last season? That was never a possibility during the ten years you say I over indulged on AW and it could, possibly, be rearing it’s ugly head again under MA, unless we get some tactics and attacking football in place very quickly.

                  What did you think of my reply regarding Aubameyang?
                  I guess you must have agreed with every single point I made, as I only used the criteria and words used when the name Mesut Ozil is raised?

                  Finally the thrashing, humiliation, bashing, call it what you like scenario you love to bring out – have you actually done any homework on this?
                  What % of games under AW do you think this occurred and how do you think it affected the table at the end of the season?
                  Your latest claim about MA’s time under AW and how he suffered many such defeats is a wonderful work of fiction, along with your claim that we have never had a defence since the time of The Invincibles.

      2. Wow guys I’m personally a Liverpool fan but I like follow other clubs and I never tjo I’d say this about you but… You’re actually boring to watch these days😐. I agree with Dan no Manager in their right mind would completely leave MO out of their squad. If u look at the assist records he has you’ll see that he’s probably the best midfielder you’ve had all deacade(even better Arteta himself).

        1. Don’t tell lies Mali, we all know your just a Ozil fanboy!!!

          Seriously though, how long ago was it you thought that way about our club?

          Your views on the Ox and who got the better deal would also be interesting.

    1. If the player would have at least under performed in in the latter games before he was dropped for footbaĺl reasons, one will definately understand and follow the coach’s logic. But it appears the under performance occurred during training which this makes it difficult to fairly assess as fans. The coach however er would have given him a chance to demonstrate his observations that the fans are not privy to.

    2. I think he retired from the international team as far as I recall. But I may be wrong. He deserve to be given a chance unless I compared favorably with current no 10.

    3. Quantic dreamer. Ozil is a creative midfielder who creates chances for strikers. He might not be able to get it right everytime because he puts defence on high alert and will target him for that threat. Unlike our defence at the moment who invites opposition strikers for tea in their own box.

  7. Sorry, I dont think Ozil is the answer for Arsenal.
    He wasnt when Emery was in charge and he isnt now.

    Arsenal may have played better last spring than they are now, but a new coach often has that effect. Arsenal played well enough without Ozil to win the FA cup, even though the positino in the league was disappointing.

    As for why Elneny and not Ozil, the answer seems crystal clear to me, Elneny works his nuts off and does what the coach wants him to. Ozil doesnt.

    At his best Ozil was wonderful, but that was ages ago. His performances havent been that good for several years now.

    Then there is also the fact that even if Ozil is the answer now, then we would still need to find a different answer as his contract ends in the summer. I cant see Arsenal offering Ozil a new contract on the kind of money he will demand to stay.

    Im sorry, but unless Arsenal free up space in the squad, then I think Ozil has probably played his last game for Arsenal.

    (By freeing up space in the squad I mean selling at least two foreign players, more if they buy another. I believe Arsenal can still add a two or three homegrown players to the squad.)

    1. ozil may not be absolute answer to arsenal current problem….lets call a spade , spade….total exclusion of ozil from the team is unjustifiable,…..i can tell u categorically that even coming from bench would have been of great value to the team……his creativity is incomparable in the team of now, the board should have a rethink January…..

  8. What change will it make? i vouch for Ozil, but! is his slot the problem? what we have here is a system Arteta has introduced and it doesn’t matter the change in formation, we still play the same system, he build the system on 3:4:3 and 4:3:3, and even if changed to 4:2:3:1, the system is played on a way that, if the full backs or wing backs attack their slots are filled by the 2 holding CMs, therefore maintaining balance, which still indicates minimal bodies attacking, because it’s the balance maintained, the movement becomes predictable because you are playing a SYSTEM of slotting gaps and letting the width be your main and ONLY outlet, Klopp figured it out when they beat us in the EPL game 3-1 and since then all keen managers have followed suite, if you follow, MA has changed formation but the system is the SAME, you’ll notice the players movement doesn’t change, with and without the ball, whether pressing or not! no doubt leaving Ozil out was a mistake, but even if he’s integrated in the SYSTEM what will he change? check all games (EPL) after! Liverpool’s EPL loss, we are riding on luck! not dominance, and be keen on strategies used by our opponents managers, e.g Villa, Leicester, Leeds,Wolves and even the lucky win against Utd, i say lucky because Ole figured us out and they came out a different team in the 2nd half, if it’s not for Pogba’s reckless tackle who knows the outcome.. and this at the back of them playing the same players in an actually hard game in the ECL mid week, MA needs to change and,
    1st, change the SYSTEM which is tiring, predictable and ineffective
    2nd, play players in their natural positions
    3rd, stop favoritism, all players need to earn their slots
    4th, talk to Bould for assistance, he knows those players better and he’s the reason the difference of language barrier was noted when he went back to the under 23s, he felt not utilized and yet he’s the one who instructed them on how to play on UE’s 1st season, before he was fired on his 2nd for MA to come in, he honestly needs help! he can start by asking Bould who knows that team better, or else honestly, watched the Wolves game till halftime and didn’t bother for the 2nd because if it was a result we got, it would be out of luck, not of how well the team has been built to actually play and win games, that’s my opinion 👊

    1. He simply changes this
      Sunday we needed a goal
      You can’t tell me Ozil wouldn’t be a better option then a Reiss Nelson ?

      1. But I dont think Ozil would play on the wings at his age in a physical league like EPL, would he? Nelson was there due to Pepe’s suspension. Atleast aim the gun at someone who can play at Ozil’s position and has been ineffective like a Ceballos, not Nelson or Elneny who play different positions and actually have performed decently, lol. Otherwise your article makes a fine point, Mr. Dan and I completely agree with it.👍

        1. My point is if you had Ozil you wouldn’t have to bring Nelson on at all
          Your only making that change as Nelsons you next attacking option

            1. The Ozil hate always cracks me up. Ozil is a player with one single role, create chances, which he was one of the best in the world at until Emery came. Emery was a terrible man manager and decided Ozil had to contribute to unimportant shit he isn’t good at and also blame him his own inadequacies. The immediate effect was his returns went and stayed down.

              Pos – year- Goals – Assists – Key Passed/game (position)
              2nd – 2015 – 6 – 19 – 4.2 (1st)
              5th- 2016 – 8 – 9 – 3 (2nd)
              6th – 2017 – 4 – 8 – 3.2 (1st)
              5th – 2018 – 5 – 2 – 1.9 (13th) —- Emery
              8th – 2019 – 1 – 2 – 2.1 (7th) —-Emery/Arteta
              14th – 2020 – 0 – 0 – 0 – Arteta – 6.5 key passes per game for the WHOLE TEAM.

              The fact is we aren’t creating any chances and we had the best player in the league for chance creation but decided because of politics and one particularly stubborn manager to throw him out.

              I hope Arteta turns it around, though, because I actually rate him and this season has been hard because lots of teams are extremely dangerous. We just need to move the free-flowing Europa gameplay to the PL.

    2. Make sense Donald…. Have always said this here….i took time to analyse our game at home against Leicester where we first introduced the 433 formation and I said it was even more defensive in the way we set up…. It’s definitely not about the formation for Arteta…. It’s the set up… much as it’s not a bad way to set up where your wing back are your attackers/creators but then you need to have players who are suited to this style for it to be effective which we don’t…. In this set up you need tall forwards who can head the ball well and hold up the ball well as well coz the creativity will come from crosses from the wing backs which we don’t have such forwards and also you need good trickery wing forwards as well to help with build up plays coz the midfielders are always going to drop deep to cover the spaces left behind by the full backs….inverted wing forwards more preferably so they cut into the midfield while wing backs attack the by line for crosses and vice versa…… Even our wing backs are not as good with crosses like Liverpool who play this system….. You may say liver pool don’t have tall forwards but they have trickery wingers who have good eyes for goal…. Case in point why Firmino doesn’t score much coz he is not good aerially but he makes up for this with his hold up play bringing mane and Salah into play and running behind him…. Also they press higher than us and win balls in midfield which we don’t do and can never do coz our midfielders are most times wide when we attack leaving spaces in the heart of midfield…. As this is the case… We are always going to be dominated by teams who pack there midfield…. Case in point wolves who play a 343 system but they switched to 433 against us so as to dominate us and they did in the first half and when game was won they reverted to their 343…. So in essence what am saying is that Arteta needs to change this system coz it’s not suited for our players…. Play to our strength and when we play better team than us who are going to dominate us on possession no matter what we put in midfield then you can use this current system….. He needs to change this approach…if he doesn’t, bringing back Ozil won’t solve it although I think it might help team spirit coz I felt team spirit is also affected after that decision coz we can’t be just this bad suddenly….
      And am of the traditional approach of 4 11 3 1 or 4231 which is what suits our current players most even more suited now that we have partey who can boss the midfield in terms of winning back the ball….I mean of what essence is partey in the team if he is going to be dropping deep to cover spaces left by belerin and Tierney when he should be in the midfield breaking play and intercepting just to start another counter attack which he is very good at…. While Ceballos or xhaka play the box to box role of Ramsey which also helps overload while attacking and overload when defending as well…. although I don’t think xhaka cuts it in this role for me…. He is better suited to this current failing system…. No wonder he is number one on artetas team sheet….I will pick either Ceballos or elneny for this role and the last Man in midfield which is the no10 can be anybody amongst Willian,willock, and Saka… Even to an extent lacazete if he won’t bring back Ozil who in my opinion is still our best in this position…. Then you can rotate the centre forward btw laca and auba depending on the opposition…. When you okay a team that drops deep you play laca and when you play teams like Leeds Brighton and all that who press high up the pitch you play auba….. Isn’t it nice to have options in attack like that coz I think we lucky to have this two good forwards with different type of play and very good at it and at getting goals….we should be making the most of them… the wing forwards is where we are lacking great deal of quality as pepe has flattered a lot to deceive and the likes of Nelson ain’t up to it yet….yes Saka is a shining light but I don’t think he is ready yet for the constant pressure which if we are not careful might affect the player…. And Willian…. The less I say about him coz he has bin disappointing….so if am to advice the board who always micro manages money….we should be investing in wing forwards who can cross effectively with both legs and get goals as well and intelligent just as Saka in team play which Pepe obviously doesn’t have…. Then we can bring back Ozil to the team instead of continuing to banish him and waste money to buy a new number 10 when we would still be lacking quality in the wings which should also be a means for assist and creativity in the final third… in short I will drop my starting 11 for the totenham game which I believe we should play with our current system coz it fits playing the big teams case in point our past performances and another 11 going forward against mid table teams….
      Against totenham……
      Xhaka…..elneny….. Ceballos….
      ….I played laca ahead of auba coz we have to hold up the ball better coz you are never gonna get spaces in behind of a morinho team so auba will be useless….he can come in in the second half depending on the way the game is going if we need goals…..

      Against mid table…….
      Belerin….Luiz…..Gabriel….. Tierney
      …………….. Ceballos………….
      Saka…….Willian/(hopefully Ozil)……pepe
      ………………..auba/ laca……………..
      Note……auba plays against highline teams and laca against low block teams…..
      And no more high attacking wing backs system… favour of the more attacking through midfielders type of play where wing backs only offer help with crosses and be very defensive aware ….not just attacking fully hoping midfielders cover in their spaces left behind…..
      Am sorry for the long text….I hope it’s educative ……if Arteta doesn’t change things….am afraid I will join the Arteta OUT bandwagons…..smiles…..
      And I will be dropping why no 10s shouldn’t just be judged by assist as it’s bin frequently done here on Ozil by the likes of jon fox etc…. It’s much more than just the assist…. But that’s a story for another day mmm
      Dammy from Nigeria…..

      1. Well said Dammy… The manager lacks a bit of creativity and playing the same format every time gives the other teams a walk over advantage over Arsenals.

      2. Well said Dammy I don’t think anyone could have said it any better. You now your team well. Up Gunners, COYG!!!!

  9. Let’s face it, Ma is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t!

    The fact is (and we all knew it) we needed someone like Aouar this season who could deliver more attacking and creative football. Yes we got Partey (who was half of the problem solved) but we still needed to sell to get him. The owners did not free up cash to solve the biggest problem. As it is, we still have Xhaka (who we all know is a big part of the problem) and for now we are still without Partey who is injured. Is it any wonder why we are struggling to score from open play when most of the time we are passing sideways or backwards? Even when we do go forward, we play out to the wings with “hit and hope” crosses that are most often useless! The foul throws from Bellerin just have me dumbfounded btw!

    I know a lot of us Arsenal fans have different views on Ozil and, we are all entitled to it. I however believe he should never have been excluded from the squad in the first place. Was it MA’s decision did the order come from above for political or personal reasons? None of us know for sure but one thing is certain, Ozil was still a very viable option given our circumstances. I also believe it sent out the wrong message to both players and fans alike. Just like the sacking of Gunnersaurus (who is being payed by Ozil himself btw)!!

          1. GunneRay, if MA had let Xhaka join Hertha Berlin as he wanted to, the reported £35,000,000 might have persuaded kronkie to find the rest of the money to buy the player he wanted!!!!

            Make no mistake, he persuaded Xhaka to stay, as both men admitted and the laughable reason by Jon Fox for the reason he did this, the best we had, is just ridiculous – whay has this to do with Ozil?

            Well, if we had sorted out the midfield, none of this argument would have reared it’s head – until MA finds a way to produce the tactics that sees our forwards getting chances/assists, this will happen.

            I do agree with Grandad that Dan used the wrong players to counteract MO.
            It has to be Ceballos who one needs to question, both for his role and his loyalty to the club – always insisting that RM is his dream destination…while I leave the Xhaka situation for everyone to consider regarding the role MA had in making him stay.


              To that extent, I am laughing but your view is the one that is laughable and deluded. Any person who still thinks this long ago busted flush can improve our team is in cloud cuckoo land. It would help if he even cared but he does not , except for his wage.

    1. Reggie, if you want drivel, I give you Xhaka, Ceballos, Laca, Pepe and Willian for a start. If Ozil is singled out for not bringing much to the table then what do they bring? You can then add Mustafi, Holding and Kolasinac who are all bang average!

      There is your drivel!

  10. Dan it’s not whether Arsenal play Ozil. He is way better than what we have though. It is Arteta….the way he wants football to be played. He is really inexperienced and PEP’s ideas are not transferable without PEP’s players. Watching our ‘ducks out of water’ players is sad. It’s Arteta who has to change. He is so over-controling of everything it is like like seeing a man with OCD. He holds grudges because of that OCD….and grudges will taint any team. Arteta must change. If he can’t….bring in Potch and Arteta should go…..quickly. He is passionate but he is not good enough yet.

    1. Sean, are you sure it is MA who has made all the decisions? We just don’t know. I do accept though that most of those players do not look like they are playing for him. But then, they didn’t for Wenger, Emery or Freddy!!

      There is an underlying problem at the club that has more to do with the owners and the hierarchy! Maybe too many fingers in the pie?

  11. Who are the registered players for Arsenal bcoz Arter is short selection everyweek and who are injured and also why register a player on longtime injury list allow them to heal and get fit. Why including injured soldiers on the list of those going to the battle field when fit players are available. It’s better to reduce squad numbers and save on wages if some players can not be registered.

  12. Leaving out Ozil was a big mistake by MA and he is paying for it. If possible it is better he brings him back, because no one in the current team has the match changing abilities the German World Cup winner has. Arteta should have realised what he was doing when he decided to exclude Ozil from the match day squad and should have put his foot down because he had no viable alternative to the no.10 position that Ozil occupied.

  13. To the guys saying Ozil has no role to play again in this team,why are we struggling badly with creativity??if u think any major signing is coming in January,u’re dreaming.

  14. We have a Arsenal Fans Club in our area, this week we been in a hiding infact the last three weeks has been hard for us to be in public or openly discuss football due to our dismal performance, we are now known as the hard, strong, hearted fans ever known and people wonder how do we enjoy watching Arsenal playing football that way without having a heartache. We now wondering that this season we might be fighting relegation for the league, I know as fans we have the strong guts not think of that now as we have always believed in our team, but guys this season let’s brace up for the worst, I do not see ourselves out of this messy easily.

  15. Well written Dan. I do agree with your assessment and only hope for Arteta’s sake, he wakes up to correct his failings. One thing is clear, the current squad is not living to expectations and are costing the team 3 EPL points weekly. Many fans are alluding to the fact that the team is unevenly divided along Arteta’s decision to leave Ozil out of the squad on what is increasingly looking like a poor decision to make on behalf of the big guns at Emirates. If it were to be true that the current debacle at Arsenal is as a result of Ozil being left out of the team, then kudos to the boys for looking out for one of their own. I want to continue to support Arteta but not when he continues to accept ill construed responsibility on behalf of someone else. He needs to man up and come out to tell us the truth or just bring Ozil back and tell us he was wrong. If Ozil performs and we win another trophy, he should be given one year extension to his current contract. I know this last statement will bring the beast out of the many critics of Ozil. Remember though, Ozil has been wasting away his skills for 6 months. What a way to reward him and his true fans. Let’s just hope Arteta wakes up in the nick of time.

  16. Well-written and thoughtful, Mr. Dan. But the re-introduction of MO will not solve all the problems, if we play the way we are playing under Arteta since june. MO needs the play to go through him, and we don’t do that now. There are also questions regarding match fitness as he hasnt played since a friendly against Villa I think. So I guess if he plays and we don’t improve, it will be the same old debate. He will be good as an option, but unless an injury happens or someone like Mustafi or Kolasinac is sold, I dont see him being reinstated. Also, it would be nice if you stop comparing players like Mo Elneny and Reiss Nelson to Ozil and portray them as his competitors for a place in the squad because frankly, they are not. It just shows an obvious bias and nothing else. The correct comparision in my opinion wuld be someone like Ceballos, a midfielder who was supposedly Ozil’s replacement, or Joe Willock, who plays in a no.10 position. Other than that I think your article puts forward a valid point.

    1. Don’t agree sid
      The comparison is obviously valid to the point I think you choose not to see it
      You name a 23 man squad so a manager needs to ensure that squad has balance
      You pick Elneney ( 4th choice D M / holding player ) or sacrifice him for creativity
      Say if Xakha starts with partey
      That still leaves you with ceballos , Wilock , Mniles , luiz , Chambers who all could play where Elneney plays

      1. Well, if we only see this season, Mo Elneny has been somewhat of a first choice DM because of the amount of games he played there. Chambers is injured still, Luiz at dm is an experiment we have not done, MNiles can’t buy a game in midfield(don’t know why), so if our eventual plan is to shift to 4-3-3 (I doubt MO can play in the 3-4-3 defensive formation without sacrificing his offensive output), then the correct comparision would be a midfielder who is seen to be our creative outlet, like Ceballos or Willock. And I don’t think Elneny was selected as a 4th choice DM based on his opening day and friendly performances. So it was others who blocked MO’s place, not Elneny, in my opinion.

        1. It’s hard to say if he’s first choice
          I would have to wait to see when everyone is fit
          I think he’s blocking a spot that could be given to Ozil
          As It’s unbalanced

  17. I’d reinstate him for no other reason than it would stop all the conjecture about whether Arteta made a mistake or not. But that won’t stop those who want to be proved right by any success or failure on his part.
    If he is reinstated and does well then I’d be delighted as I support Arsenal first and foremost and garner no pleasure in seeing the team having this sticky patch

  18. guyz when we won FA was ozil there in sguad rem arsenal was scoring goals and where was the creativity from. was it not from the same players we are saying they lack creativity.its only that auba after big money is relaxed probably planining for his futre and he has got what he was looking for MA is good with only big teams and lacks what to do with small teams

  19. I don’t think he’s ordered by the higher ups. The club owner seem to adopt a laissez faire attitude and give autonomy to the manager. They give Arteta a target and he would be evaluated based on that, so it’s quite unlikely for them to intervene. They wouldn’t risk bad performances on the pitch that could lead to lower profit. Even if the conspiracy theory is true, it’s costly and time consuming to replace manager. It would be easier to terminate Ozil’s contract and pay off the rest of his contract.

    I think Ozil is frozen because Arteta has been very clear that he demands the players to work hard when they’re out of possesion. For example, we’ve seen Ceballos stuck in tackles and the emergence of Elneny. As we all know, Ozil cannot defend, or worse, he refused to follow instructions. Arteta tries to build a culture and everyone should be treated equally without exception.

    Second, based on what I observed, I noticed several unprofessional behaviors like the time when he strolled when getting substituted or when he kicked his gloves in front of Freddie. The man also had a bust up with his country. So, it’s entirely possible that his exclusion is because of his attitude.

  20. Fantastic, Dan 👍
    It’s all about the money, money, money and how much we save each time he doesn’t play..
    I’d love to see him reinstated… but can I see it happening? No… which is a shame.
    We’re in a rut, and it has been painful to watch, yet the most creative player on our books doesn’t even get a look in! You couldn’t make it up….

  21. To disrespect young Nelson and Elneny is uncalled for and shows a lack of respect for two guys who always give their all on the pitch unlike the subject of your article.If you wanted to draw an analogy with other midfielders perhaps you should have used Xhaka and Ceballos who have been totally inept this season.I usually enjoy your pieces Dan but do you have to continue to flog this particular dead horse?

    1. Well said Grandad, flogging a dead horse and a player that isnt ever playing for Arsenal again, he is definitely not the answer, the solution or the cause. I honestly thought his last 18 months he was a waste of a place anyway, he wasn’t creating, he wasn’t scoring and he wasn’t interested.

    2. We finished 8th
      This season we are in 14th
      We have lost 5 games already
      Many fans are bemoaning a lack of creativity
      So topic is relevant
      The other players hav nt proven me wrong
      If we were creating chances , I couldn’t say anything

  22. The dude is yesterday’s news. He is NOT going to magically unlock anything, and offers Zero resistance against the opponents defensively, I did not say he does not run around.

    The slow ponderous play he brings with him is a straight jacket to our transitions.

    Stop with these articles, this guy is not playing for anyone, ever, at a high level again.

    1. What?like we don’t have slow ponderous play when he is not in the team PAL? Is that what you are saying?


    It lets you down so much; though not nearly as much as this idle man has let down our club for many years now. But all comments from all of us are in vain, as the decision is made and we all surely know that it is never going to be undone.

    Even you and his other fan club member surely cannot think he will ever BE reinstated , no matter what you all think or write. It is all in vain. He will never wear our shirt in a game ever again and you KNOW THAT, as well as anyone.

      Remember THAT COMMENT PAL?
      And you feel you have the right to criticise others after THAT?

    2. Arteta is not experienced manager and not a team player. Ozil is hot experience and mature than those players he has been using. You can not have everyone in your team just saying yes boss.

  24. There is a nerdiness in me that demands the facts that I cannot shake. Football, I feel, should not just be shouts and screams – there should also be some facts. Ozil and Henry are the 2 most achieved footballers to come to Arsenal – ever. Both won the World cup and were among the top 3 best performing; and both are ranked in their area of specialty. Ozil has the 4th most career assist (253); and Henry is ranked 27th best striker.

    I make no apologies that if I could not find a striker at Arsenal I would put Henry on my bench to play 30 minutes at age 35. I would do the same with Ozil – if I had the vacant spot we call our creative midfield.

    Now, whether or not you like his pay check, thinks he does not run or look exerted enough, have a problem with his political stance, do not like his religion, thinks he should have sponsored one less children’s hospital so the Kroenkes could get the money – I do not care.

    If he cannot make the bench – somewhere in the dressing room someone who has an IQ over 105 is going to figure out that there is injustice and is going to be affected.

  25. Can’t help people who just do not see the truth!
    When he played his best futbol he assisted .67/90, his worst .1/90
    Guess which was was in year 2011 and 2018?

  26. Finally, a story that is much closer to what is happening. The owners have it in for Ozil and Arteta betrayed his #10. With that sort of back stabbing, the team is no more, as Ozil team mates like him.

    It is Team + Ozil vs. Kroenke + Arteta.

    I suppose Arsenal will be relegated and then will lose market value…

  27. I never agreed with the decision of leaving Ozil out. It was wrong from day 1. Ozil remains the best creative midfielder and most talented midfielder in Arsenal if not whole EPL. There’s an agenda behind his exclusion. And the results are against that agenda

  28. I agree with your article 100%. Sadly it is alll too late. Ozil at 50% is better than the midfield today. They make Aaron Ramsey look like Ronaldo.

  29. Do you really say tha Arteta should sacrifice his career for Ozil? You are not a real supporter of Arsenal. How can the Manager choose Ozil over Arsenal?

  30. No one seems to mention if Ozil comes in ..who goes out.. because are already at the limit of 17 overseas player for the PL

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