Arteta must get some credit for his management as Arsenal beat Man City

Arteta’s impact subs

Arsenal walked away winners against Manchester City on Sunday night, with a game that played out like a chess match, Arteta made all the right decisions at all the right times. Bringing on impact substitutes who ultimately won Arsenal the game. Some great management from the boss and I left City and Arsenal in checkmate.

After complaints of pain in Leandro Trossard’s hamstring, Arteta was forced to make an early substitute at half time, bringing on Gabriel Martinelli. Martinelli has been missing from the match day squad since he picked up a hamstring injury against Everton but looked ready to go. In the first half we looked a little nervous and weren’t producing enough balls down the left wing, but Martinelli coming on changed that, although it was a forced change it was the best change we could have made.

From the moment the second half whistle was blown we looked like a completely different team and Martinelli was a huge reason for that, bringing a lot of pace and determination down the wing. After 75 minutes things had started to die back down a bit and we couldn’t break through the Manchester City midfield or defence. Arteta again looked to his bench, bringing on Tomiyasu, Havertz and Partey.

Partey also hadn’t had minutes since he picked up an injury in training over the last international break with Ghana and we haven’t seen him play for Arsenal since we drew against Fulham and he was used at a full-back.

After Arteta made those subs, the whole game felt different, all bringing a lot of energy and you could tell they were coming on to win the game. All four substitutes were apart of the lead up to the goal that ultimately saw Arsenal win the match.

In the 86th minute Thomas Partey made his way up to the halfway line and spotted the run of left full-back Tomiyasu, whipping a looping ball onto Tomiyasu’s head who headed the ball down to the feet of Havertz. Havertz, with his back to the goal controlled the ball and passed it into the feet of Martinelli who was hovering just outside the box. Firing a curling shot that hit City defender Ake’s face and deflected into the back of the net, winning the game for Arsenal.

Arteta deserves his flowers, making all the right decisions and at all the right times, bringing on the right players to bring some energy the Arsenal fans were crying out for, and in the end, made the difference. A first win against his old side, Manchester City, for Arteta and a first win for Arsenal against them since 2015. The sea’s look to have changed and there’s a new big boy in town and his names Mikel Arteta.

What’s your thoughts on the impact subs Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. As we blame him when we lose a match or lost title or poor performances, the credit also goes to him for the successes and good performances. Just hope we can play games with more fluidity and attacking intent while keeping defensive solidarity. Quite a time there was big gap between defense line and midfield which opponents can exploit. May be presence of Partey will help us improve our overall performances, but he should not be deployed at right back. Being closest rival to city we got to take some points of this fixture and we did this after very long time, so hope we can continue to better this fixture on regular basis.

  2. Credit to MA for starting Rice instead of Havertz as number 8 and Jorginho as DM, then rightly bringing Partey on as DM. Taking Havertz out of that midfield shows that MA learns from his mistakes. Give that man a cold one

  3. Apart from the fact, we won the game, I thought it was wonderful to see, we weren’t dominated by City like in so many games before this.
    It was a cagey game, both teams with a desire first of all to close the other down.
    That speaks volumes for how far, we have come under Arteta.

  4. Tomiyasu’s run into the final-third and Partey’s long pass to him must’ve been the result of Arteta’s instruction

    Arteta must’ve known that Man City spent their energy to press us and to play from the back, hence Havertz’s hold-up play in Man City’s penalty box

    Arteta once again showed he had many innovative tactics under his sleeve, by leading us to a rare victory against Man City, after waiting for eight years

  5. Of course, Arteta does deserve credit for the win, however, it was a bit fortunate because he was forced to make the Troussard/Martinelli substitution, The triple substitution worked but it was predictable. Where he let himself down was starting Raya, nobody will convince me he is a better option than Ramsdale. The best move Arteta made was to leave Havertz on the bench for that alone my support for him has strengthened even more.

  6. Yesterday reinforced my voiced conviction that Havertz would be more useful to the Arsenal team as a target man than a midfielder.
    I also think that Jesus needs to be told to be less selfish with the ball. He holds too long to the ball even when he could best release it to a teammate. That’s why Rice could be seen throwing up his hands in frustration when Jesus, from the byline on the right, decided to go on his own when he could have played it to the midfielder for a potential tap in. Football is still a team game you know.

    1. Absolutely correct,
      He holds Balls for too long,
      What we need I winging is co-operation not been selfish in given passes
      Jesus need toe guarded

  7. I hope this and the CS triumphs changes fans ridiculous view towards substitutes, the game is evolving! subs are very much part of the match. just a matter of the right attitude towards the role from the players knowing fully well it does’nt guarantee a starting place in the next match. credit to Mikel,his coaching crew and the players, Job well done,COYG!!!

  8. Arteta has the credit just as I don’t waste time to criticize him. That being said, it is just obvious that Harvertz is better from the bench. In my opinion, I think Jesus is better as striker than Nketia while Nelson is a better right winger in the absence of Saka. The earlier Arteta stopped relying on Nketia the better. Nketia is the only weak link.

  9. @Stephanie
    I disagree wholeheartedly!

    When you constantly criticise a manager which has only lost 1 out 11 competitive games and led the team to joint top in the League plus won us the 1st trophy on offer then it becomes subjective, with hate being the prime emotion.

    Obviously Arteta is doing something right. He is not perfect but deserves more praise then criticism.

  10. Regarding the game, I think Jesus should learn to release passes on time. Though he is a good passer, I don’t know what came over him in the match as he already got past Gvardiol, but he still wanted to get in through Ake and Dias I think.

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