Arteta must ignore the fans and stick to his ethos

Arteta Has To Stick To His Ethos! By Dan Smith

Arsene Wenger once said you learn the most about a manager when things go wrong. Anyone can deal with winning games. What he said separates the great from the average is who can handle adversity? Can you calmly put out fires or do you let a little problem turn into a crisis?

It’s been a long two weeks for Mikel Arteta.

Thanks to social media it’s hard to ignore opinions from the outside. Not playing Aubameyang in the middle, not starting Pepe, negative tactics, etc. There have been many theories why we have lost 4 out of our first 8 League fixtures.

There is though the difference between politely listening to people’s opinions and agreeing with them.

Remember who our manager has been mentored by. Do you think Pep Guardiola would change his ethos based on criticism? In his first season at Man City he was told by so many that his style of football wouldn’t work In English Football, but he stuck by his principles.

Mr Wenger would rarely change his approach no matter the opposition, based on believing in his vision. Whatever you think of Jose Mourinho, his legacy will be a man who would rather be sacked than concede any power.

So the team news at Elland Road will be fascinating.

We have a boss in his rookie year, so it’s natural he will make mistakes because he’s learning on the job.

If he has identified what went wrong against Aston Villa or spotted something in training, then he should make those changes accordingly. But If I suddenly see a starting line-up that’s essentially giving in to the majority then that would worry me. Even if those changes led to a win, I’m looking past the short term of 3 points.

I believe we could have stumbled on someone special in Arteta. I fear we have a section of our fanbase who won’t give him the time he needs but that’s another story.

Each week we see our ex-captain’s strengths and weaknesses.

We know he speaks very well. We know he can organise a team to be hard to beat. We know he has the man management to get talent to follow his instructions.

What we will now find out, is if he can block out outside noise and not let it affect his judgement. For example since he returned to the Emirates, he has felt Aubameyang was best suited to start on the left. Do you change your mind just because a section of our fanbase are having a paddy on the internet?

I can’t answer that, but I know a certain level of manager wouldn’t. As someone who believes that’s how good Arteta could be, I don’t want to see him change his action plan the moment things get tricky.

If suddenly Auba is in the middle, Laca is dropped, Pepe is playing, Willock is starting. All decisions which would contradict the decisions you have been making since September, that would tell me Arteta is not going to make it.

Surely, he’s been on the phone to Pep in the last couple of weeks for advice.

Would Pep make his selections based on others?

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Dan Smith

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  1. Well sometimes you need to listen to people and see how it goes.

    If he sticks with the same frontline and we lose again today, what would be all our reactions?

    Aubameyang, Lacazette, Willian,

    Saka, Xhaka, Ceballos,

    Tierney, Gabriel, Holding, Bellerin,


    This is the selection we might see if he sticks with same frontline.

    Can this selection win against Leeds?

    Whatever team he puts out, I just want 3 points cause we are due that.

    1. Not sure I agree mate
      If you been trusted to !manage Arsenal you don’t listen to people on social media
      A lawyer or doctor wouldnt take advice off a You tube rant

      1. The exact truth and well said DAN! Football is one of the very few professions where know nothing or know little amateurs believe THEY know better than those who have studied and played the game their whole life, from early childhood, as all pro managers have done.
        Such arrogance! No one would dream of saying this to a doctoror lawyer but they think top managers are fair game.

        Well they are NOT and they will find me a formidable verbal opponent and I will, IF NECESSARY, humiliate them with words. Be warned then, all you fairweather, self entitled and fake fans!

    2. might as well let the fans run the club and choose the selection

      just like Fifa21

      the fans always know best

  2. Change for change’s sake or vice versa I’d suggest, isn’t the sign of a working strategy in progress.

    I’m still confident that Arteta can improve the team sufficiently this season

    Although some of the results this weekend went against us, and the VAR decisions are confusing, I’m still getting the feeling that no one team is the front runner for the title. Still time for a top 4 place 🤞

    1. SueP I agree but we must go out there against Leeds and fight for every ball or they will do that to us NO doubt

  3. Not so sure that Arsenal “stumbled’ onto Arteta. When he left after a decent playing career many fans wished him the best and hoped he’d eventually return in the head coaching role, and he was one of the favourites for the job when Wenger “resigned”, and got the plum job (as he should have in the first place) when Emery was sacked.
    He’s doing reasonably well all things considered and from actions reported (and some probably not) he’s obviously his own man and will not be influenced by idiots in the media (of which Just Arsenal is a member).

    1. Stumbled as in do I believe Koronke got him as his first choice to win us the League -the best we could have got ?
      No , I think the criteria was someone so happy for a high profile job they accept a lack of ambition

      1. Dan
        I assume you didn’t read the very recent superb Athletic article on the Kroenkes and their commitment to Arsenal as one of the “twin jewels in the KS crown” written by three of the best Arsenal journalists: James McNicholas, David Ornstein & Amy Lawrence. Or if you did then you’re obviously are in dispute as you wouldn’t suggest a lack of ambition.

        1. Action speak louder than words
          We finished in our worse position in 25 years
          Did our billionaire owner do everything he can to make us better ?

  4. Agree, he should of course not be affected by whatever opinons armchair managers on social media etc. come up with.
    But any good manager will surely try to change something, when things aren’t going well.
    Whether that may be training, match preparation, team selection, system, positions etc.
    So, providing we do see changes for the better, I trust they come from Arteta’s own quality and learning curve.

  5. He won’t listen to anyone else – he’s paid to do the job! He’ll go with what he believes is the best team/formation, like it or not he can’t please everyone… and it’s now up to the players to show us they can all put a shift in…
    As it’s needed now more than ever!!!

    1. That’s disheartening Sue: I spend all night long plotting formations, getting players in and out and managing the clock just to help MA. I thought I was the best manager on a couch. All down the drain I guess!

    2. Sue he won’t listen to anybody he is the manager he is paid to make decisions if they are the wrong ones it is him who will fall on the sword nobody else

    1. No more blips!! That lot down the road are already in nosebleed territory (😂) don’t want the gap becoming any bigger!!

      1. Do you think we will get all 3 points? People have been praising Leeds all season for their high-energy, attacking football. If we set up defensively am not sure how long we can hold off wave after wave of attacks. We could hardly contain Aston Villa. If we set up defensively then we better put in people who know how to defend at the back! Bellerin can attack well but he leaves too many gaps behind.

        1. Now that all depends if we turn up or not, QD!! Has our away form swapped with our home form??
          Leeds thumped Villa 3-0… Villa spanked us by the same scoreline… going to be interesting to say the least! And if I’m completely honest, I am expecting to be sat on the edge of my seat through most of it….

          Calvert-Lewin is now top scorer..we’re miles behind… as well as goals scored… time to change that!

  6. I do not believe for one moment that Arteta takes any notice whatsoever of what fans or the media say. He obviously has a clear idea of what he wants to achieve and how he can do that with the players he has at his disposal. The fans/media do not see the players in training every day, Arteta does and based on his assessment of how they perform picks the team that he feels will carryout his ideas. Any changes he makes will be to try to improve his plan not because fans think he has got it wrong.

  7. Dan I was planning to write my own article saying almost entirely what you rightly said. So much applause from me for your clear minded thinking.

    I was going to headline my own article thus ” I am terrified that our unthinking fanbase might shorten Artetas stay”. I DO believe that to be a terrifying possibility and think those who simply won’t allow themselves to see the enormous potential in him will rank up fan pressure so much that he may decide he doesnst need thsi “bullying” anymore and go to a club where his potential genious is more widely recognised.

    SOME, not all obviously, not even a majority, but SOME of our so called “fans” are harming our club and they are my enemies therefore. I declare verbal war on them here and now! They have been warned.
    I call upon all mature, knowing fans to join in this war against our own clubs enemies, masquerading as true Gooners. They are not TRUE fans!

      1. Not civil, no! I will defend our club from FAKE fans, whatever that takes. If that necessitates being uncivil, HH, then so be it!

    1. An over the top reaction, just as those who say Arteta should be sacked. Calm down Mr. Fox, no one here is anyone’s enemy. All are fans and support our club, and while I do concede that I don’t agree with the ‘assistant manager’ and ‘Sacked’ c**p, there are valid pro and con arguements which need to be considered.

      1. But demonstably Sid, “all” so called fans do NOT support the club but put pressure on a fine manager by arrogantly thinking theyTHEY, despite never playing at pro level, know better than MA .
        That is NOT what real support is Sid, whatever they profess. Actions not wrds are what counts anif you harm our club as they are doing, then they cannot be REAL fans. Think DEEPER Sid!
        And do not fall for propaganda by those who have no life experience of what REALLY SUPPORTING actually entail. And finally, Sid, no real fan would remain “calm” or even call for other real fans to remain calm when they see their club being unfairly attacked by childish fools!

        1. Sorry if I sounded rude, Mr. Fox. I am firmly behind MA too. But I don’t think that someone who admitted to not being very active on social media would be affected by fan opinion. And fans harming our club by undermining our brilliant manager(on that I agree wholeheartedly) will only happen if Lockdown is lifted and fans come to stadiums with banners, like what happened to AW, when results were bad(just my opinion).

  8. Nice to know he has an ethos coz for the life of me 10 months in to the job I don’t know what it is … Maureen has an ethos dont like it but he has spurs implementing it with results …. a combination today of xhaka starting and a loss will mean the clock is ticking just like with emery … arteta has the rest of season to show he can put us on a foreword path coz right now we are not on it

  9. We’re not winning today

    I believe most reasonable fans know that

    We need a team like WestBrom or Sheffield for a lil confidence after that Aston Villa disappointment

    Not Leeds, we’re not ready to play a hungry, determined team like Leeds yet

    Plus too many teams are sharper than us
    Gosh even Aston Villa

  10. I think the transfer policy is key here. We’ve made a few excellent signings recently who I think are a step in the right direction – Tierney, Martinelli, Gabriel and Partey and Saliba look really promising. Two of those have come since Arteta joined, but we also have William, which is more up in the air at the moment. (Not sure if I’m missing anyone)
    The way we’ve handled contracts recently makes it incredibly difficult to shift the players that need to go, which in turn makes it harder to bring in enough players with the required attitude to change the culture of the squad, which I believe has gradually become rotten over the past decade or so. It’s just going to take time.
    Undoubtedly, even if people agree with Artetas ideas, many will end up asking if he’s capable of fully implementing them, but it’s definitely too early to get on his back in my view. I believe that he would clear out most of the squad and replace them if he could, but it’s just not possible to do over night.

    1. Davi, Clear sighted sound thinking from a mature and intelligent person! If ONLY most, better still, ALL, were like you.

  11. That is to play boring toothless football without putting points on board. Keep losing to top 6, lose few matches here and there to mid table teams. What an improvement! More article and MA support comments I see, it becomes more clear we have the biggest lot of delusional fans in our ranks. Why don’t you guys just look on the other side of city to Spuds and Chelsea. See what both are achieving …Chelsea with all the transfer bans, a new unproven manager finished in champions League last year n they will this year as well. Spuds were in worse situation then us when Morinhio took over they sacked long term manager Pocha but look where they are now…they are beating all those so called world class team that we lost to, why MA supporters don’t compare our team to them? All MA supporters are good for are excuses when we play a team they become world class so we are satisfied to lose to them then after few days the excuse changes when same team lose to someone else we say oh we were unlucky to lose against them. It’s not only the board but some of the fans are as thick as the china wall. Mediocre fans deserve mediocre manager and mid table team.

      1. Remember, we’re a has-been club. No “good” manager touches us with a bargepole these days. They only say what they say about us in the media out of “respect”. Respect that we’ve never earned.
        Mourinho can say “Arsenal are the worst club in the world” a few weeks later in his press conference before spuds play us, and he’ll be proven 100% correct after the game.
        Yes, it sucks to be insulted, but IF IT’S TRUE, IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT IS IT?!?!

      2. Hahahaha..😂🤣😂😂, no one can take on John fox no one my friend….better then klopp better then pep Arteta is the best.

    1. The results have been bad bro, as has been the playstyle. But there has been marked improvements too. We dont concede 30 shots in a half, we generally were defensively good this season except Liverpool, City and Villa, we have a good crop of young players and the recruitment, particularly this year has been very good with the U23 recruitments impressing me the most. We are still acclimatizing and perfecting our style I guess, and defensive football maybe around for this season. But with MA you get the feeling that he is constantly learning and trying to play the Pep and Wenger way, we see it in small phases of play but not over the course of the entire match. I am behind MA, and I think he will address our problems.

  12. It has always been about taking our chances…. We keep asking for more chances to be created, but we can see from the Spuds that its about a single chance to win a game… Our strikers must bury the half chances, take every chance and make it pay… No more excuses for Auba and Laca.. If Laca was taking the chances given him, we would be at the top like the Spuds…

    So again, today will be about taking our chances… Arteta all the way!!

  13. MA’s playstyle has not been appealing to the eye, but this season, inspite of creating way less chances than previous seasons, we still created enough to win or draw some of the matches we lost. Those one on ones against Liverpool and City(Even if Saka had a blinder, he should have taken that chance!), 11 chances against Leicester, some half chances against Villa and so on. We need to look at players too. What will MA do if Lacazette misses a sitter? I guess currently our playstyle is based more on efficiency and we have not been efficient. The manager should offcourse find tweaks within the system to better our efficiency, whether by squad rotation, training change, or formation change but the ones in the system are responsible too. Like if someone is making a race car. The engineer has to look after the designs and maintenance for efficient running. He is the one in charge for making the car suitable to run at appropriate tracks. But if sometimes the drivers have bad driving habits, burning tyres, taking the off-road, not paying attention to the road, then it’s their fault too. So before we all pile on MA and say his ststem does not work anytime, we have to step back and think, is it so bad that it does not work everytime?

  14. This is the most stupid thing [ habe hard in all the years I have been watching football. Pep thinks he know it all. See were they are now.

      1. I think Pep has his own problems right now but can at least afford to buy his way back into the big time. Arteta is on his own here and will be fighting it out amongst the small fry. Sorry MA I can’t help you here but might get you back whenever wherever I need a number two again.

      2. The Leeds game selection was down to who was available… Not fans crying for change and Arteta changed it.. Again no planB and no creativity epuals no win just like the other L’s we took. Sad to say our two best players in that match was the post and crossbar.

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