Arteta must pull off some big transfers or Arsenal are in trouble

Quiet transfer window may cost Arsenal! 

I personally knew we wouldn’t have an overwhelmingly busy transfer window this season, but by this point I did at least think we would have added some decent players to our growing crop. 

I am not saying the ones we have got hold of are not decent enough, but yet again the Arsenal board and Arteta have let us fans down big time by promising something after a less than impressive season, and up to now delivering nothing! 

Unless they can pull off a couple of decent and strong transfers before the window shuts then we may have to prepare ourselves for it to be another poor season. 

I highly doubt they can pull off big transfers with the lack of European football, but that has not always meant we are unable to attract players.  

Although, with the players we have at the club and the new additional transfers, it doesn’t fill me with much positivity or hope that this season is going to be better than the last. Top bookies like are currently offering ridiculous odds on Arsenal to just get into the Top Six, never mind us actually winning something.  It makes you think, when you realise that we were always short odds on to be in the Top Four with Arsene Wenger in charge, and we managed to make it for 22 years in a row under Le Prof.

And I know players do not make a club, it should be about teamwork and passion amongst other things, but we all know that certain players can boost morale and make a team believe, and to me this team doesn’t believe. I am only basing it on the pre-season and our one defeat, but it will be a miracle if we get through the season and end up in a European spot. 

I guess with the team Arteta wants to try and build it seems to be a work in progress, and maybe not being in Europe this season will be a blessing for us that only time will tell.  

But if we fail yet again and finish low to mid table than surely it will only be a matter of time before we have to say goodbye to Arteta, his team and a lot of the current crop of players. 

 There are still two weeks left of the window, so maybe I can still be surprised, but I doubt it….


  1. NY_Gunner says:

    Before he does anything, Mikel has to cop on and figure out what style of play he wants his team to play…IJS

    1. Durand says:

      NY Gunner
      Agree with you about style of play. Arteta is married to the idea of creating from the wings and has been stubborn about it since he took over.

      This explains a lot why midfield lacks creativity; their job is possession & recycle the ball and get it out to the wings.

      Add to that his 11 men behind the ball, and it explains why build up is so slow and indirect

  2. Biscuitbum says:

    The goalkeeping situation is in complete disarray. Last night Leno proved to be a liability again, and many pundits are saying that he is being targeted by opposing teams due to his poor kicking and distribution. The back up situation is as clear as mud, with no-one certain who would be on the bench. Runaarsonn was rumoured to be on the bench, with some suggesting Okonkwo, might be the back-up. In the event it proved to be Karl Hein. After Okonkwo’s horror show against Hibs, he was announced as the third keeper, presumably with A. N. Other as second choice, but any thoughts that Arteta had that they were in the market for a cheap back- up keeper, has to be binned. The new man HAS to be of sufficient quality to be able to supplant Leno as No. 1, which to me rules out the likes of Sam Johnson, or Freddie Woodman, both back-ups with little or no PL experience. Unless we make an audacious bid for someone like Pope, who wouldn’t come cheap, we may have to fall back on Aaron Ramsdale, who might not be the choice of some fans, but who would be IMO better than Leno.

  3. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    these kinds of “seminal” transfers should always been conducted out of a position of strength, not desperation, which is no longer an option for us…he seems to have learned all the wrong lessons from his former boss and our former manager….at least Wenger earned his smarmy sense of arrogance through his hard work and with numerous successful campaigns, during his pre-Emirates reign, whereas our current manager-in-training appears to be under the belief that he’s entitled to act accordingly purely based on osmosis, due to his connection to both Pep and Wenger…the very fact that he had a cheeky smile on his face when asked by an interviewer about the somewhat mysterious illnesses of both Auba and Laca, spoke volumes to me, as it reminded me of when Wenger did likewise when things were starting to go sideways with Sanchez

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