Arteta names three players with the special ability to ‘lift the crowd with an action’

Mikel Arteta has moved to single out Kieran Tierney‘s character as one he wants to promote within his Arsenal squad, adding that he alongside both Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Martinelli have a special connection with the fans.

The young Scotland international has become an integral first-team player since making the switch from Celtic in 2019, and he has quickly become somewhat of a leader in the squad also.

His leadership qualities are clear for all to see when he steps foot on the pitch, and are also present in the 23 year-old’s interviews and mannerisms, and I would be shocked if he wasn’t set to take on the armband when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang relinquishes the captain’s role.

Manager Arteta has moved to praise Tierney also, claiming that he represents ‘every value’ that he wants to see from his players.

“Absolutely there is another character in this dressing room that transmits every value that I would like to transmit to the club and our fans [and it is Kieran],” Arteta told Arsenal Media.

“Again, it is young, hungry, talented, and people with huge desire and again he has all four ingredients – and he didn’t want to talk about anything other than staying here.

“He had a really, really good season after a really difficult start at the club and I really value people that when things aren’t going for them, they don’t give up. Kieran didn’t give up, he needed support and I think the club gave him a lot of support, but he was really willing to turn that situation around and prove people wrong if people were doubting him.

“That character, I think it shows on the pitch – when anything happens that is not going for us, you don’t give up, you just raise your level, try to be better and transmit that to the rest of the team so they all believe.

“Kieran has this capacity, and Emile as well, to lift the crowd with an action, Gabi Martinelli has this capacity – and this is something you either have or you don’t have.”

All three of the above alongside Bukayo Saka will surely build the core of our playing squad for the near future, and keeping that core of players should ensure our return to being a regular top four side.

Can any other Premier League side argue to have a better core of young players to build the team around?


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  1. I really hope we get to see Martinelli let off the leash this season ,no more sillly excuses about his fitness ,coming from his own mouth last season he was fit to play more than he did.
    With him saka and Pepe we have a front line which could be mouth watering if used properly ,problem being will it be though seeing Arteta loves to play 7 defenders taking away our offensive play .

    1. Dan when was the last time we played 7 defensive minded players?
      If what you mean is, our tactics favours defensive cohesion, then I’ll agree , and I think that will change this season with Ben white coming, the coach can relax and give our midfielder freedom to join attack, we can all see how Partey is beginning to join attack in the preseason matches. I hope our defence are more reliable now with confidence from last season, this will mean we can play attacking football without having to panic about counter attack

      1. Team against Man City Adajim


        Mustafi Cedric kola Gabriel AMN Elneny Ceballos

        8 players including keeper that are not offensive minded players

      2. If we can all see how Partey is beginning to join attack in the preseason matches, why do we need to sign Ben White in the first place? I don’t recall White having featured in any of our preseason matches when Partey was beginning to join the attack.

    2. Perhaps you could provide factual evidence to support your assertion concerning the playing of “seven defenders” or did you just make up this rubbish?

      1. Maybe you could tell us who Wijnaldum signed for ? Was it Barca 😂
        For someone who proclaims to be some sort of walking football expert your football knowledge is awful.

        1. It was ment as 7 defensive players not defenders but you like to add the drama to your constant put down posts .🤡

          1. dirty tactic on his part…how would you have known…I was on the receiving end of a similar sewer job by the always eloquent yet increasingly passive aggressive Guy, just the other day…btw you were bang on regarding MA’s propensity to have at least 7 players on the pitch who’s primary responsibility was to defend…horribly negative and unattractive football

          2. If ever there was an individual capable of being deliberately nasty then you wear the crown. You clearly get a weird pleasure in using your gifted use of language to demean the most ordinary or the most well meaning amongst us
            I await a hatchet job on me

          3. you mean like the one you just did on me…how ironic…as I’m sure you know, Dan responded with the same concerns shortly thereafter…of course, I feel for anyone who has suffered a loss, as lord knows I’ve suffered more than my fair share, but that seemed to be an intentional attempt to disparage Dan…much like you just did to me with that rather capricious post and much like Guy did the other day when he intentionally tried to raise several cancel culture-esque red flags…context is especially important nowadays, please keep that in mind before doing the very thing you claim to despise…I have no beef with you, minus the whole the pro/anti Arteta gig, whereas you have made things exceedingly personal on multiple occasions…the whole thing seems like an elaborate attempt to bait those who don’t share your specific opinions

        2. When I left to attend the funeral of a member of our family Wijnaldum was on the point of signing for Barca according to press reports.When I returned three days later I was unaware that he had actually signed for PSG.Now that you are aware of the circumstances giving rise to my oversight perhaps you could consider an apology for your cynical comments or is that too much to expect from someone with such an openly hostile attitude towards our Manager .

          1. As much as I’m sorry for your loss there was no need to bring that up to try and make me look bad ,which you seem happy to do every time I post because you don’t agree with my opinions,like I said your continual bashing of fans on here and asking them about their private life and how they have no football knowledge wears very thin with me .
            Maybe if you stayed off my posts we wouldn’t have the misfortunes of having these back and forths .
            I’m sorry but no need to bring up your personal life unless it was to make me look bad .

  2. We really have creative young players who really when used properly can do pleasant job,e.g martineli who last season was not given enough chance to prove who young creative player he is.they are the players who actually do what we the fans happy to see in the pitch,they work hard,effective and we love to see young talents given chances.

  3. Tierney sounds like captain material, as many have said before.

    Think it would be a great move by Arteta; reward players for their effort and send message to veterans that nothing is safe or guaranteed.

    All the talk about “ruthless,” time to extend that to veterans and not just the younger players.

  4. Arteta has come in for so much criticsm that I wonder if he will ever get any credit SHOULD the team do well (or better than expected)

    However, Tierney, who despite not being signed by Arteta, is a success story and is valued by our manager. I find it baffling that Arteta only favours the players he signed. The fact that the youngsters coming through have been signed up on new long term contracts and that Edu has been busy bringing in new players is frequently overlooked.

    I tend not to get over excited at this stage – the transfer window has a way to run, other than I am as concerned about getting those out who won’t feature next season as I am about those yet to come in.

    It is a tricky time with the financial limitations due to Covid throughout football – it will probably not be easy for any of the clubs to do business as they have in the past.

    Until we are a few games in, we will not know if Arteta has galvanised the team and that those who had been injured, joined the team at the last minute and took a while to settle, will come good.

    What will not help matters is harping on about everything that was not right last season. At least give the team and Arteta a chance for the upcoming one. I frequently used the P word last season, and will be using it again…. this time it’s positivity because without it then I worry that the N word (negativity) will damage it.

    More players in the vein of Tierney, Saka and ESR who have proved that talent, hard work, coupled with the right attitude is essential. Whatever was going on in the dressing room under poor Emery I hope has been expunged for good.


  5. I do not often praise Patricks articles AS HE WILL CONFIRM. This is a definite exception though. No false rumours and no hype. Just sensible and to the point comments. More of the same please PATRICK.

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