Arteta needs to clarify who is Arsenal’s Number One as they both look equal to me

Is Ramsdale or Raya our number one?

Mikel Arteta has been pretty vague when he’s been asked about the goalkeeper situation at Arsenal, and it’s got Arsenal fans wondering if there’s actually any truth behind Arteta saying that there wasn’t a ‘set in stone’ number one or if David Raya has taken Aaron Ramsdale’s spot.

David Raya joined Arsenal in the summer transfer window on a season long loan from Brentford, with the option to buy at the end of the season. It’s been reported that this loan will most likely be changed into an obligation to buy, with the number 30 million being floated around.

For me Ramsdale is a great keeper, last season he made some mistakes but all goalkeepers do. Ramsdale was arguably one of the big reason’s we did so well last season and made it as far as we did, finishing 2nd and making it back into the Champions League for the first time in seven years. Arsenal fans and Arteta have a lot to be thanking Ramsdale for, but all of the best clubs have a couple of players in each position so there is healthy competition.

But normally it isn’t the case when it comes to the goalkeeper. Most clubs have an out and out number one choice in goal, and clubs rarely let two keepers compete for the top spot, as you want your number one to be confident and settled when in the net. So can this really work at Arsenal for Raya and Ramsdale? I don’t think so.

So far, I haven’t seen much that sets them apart, Raya is a little bit better with his feet and comes across a lot more confident and composed, where Ramsdale pulls off incredible saves and seems to be able to read what the squad is going to do next perfectly, but honestly, there isn’t much that stands out to say one is better than the other.

To me, no club spends 30 million on a keeper that they don’t plan to play and I’d expect Ramsdale to know that too. It really all comes down to the next few games. Arsenal play Manchester City on the weekend, and whoever starts could be a very telling sign as to who’s got that number one spot in goal.

What’s your thoughts Gooners? Do you think Ramsdale deserves to keep his spot or are you liking what you’ve seen so far from Raya?

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  1. If we really are a competitive squad in every position then I feel Ramsdale should return to the starting line up against City. Give him 3-5 games, if he plays well keep him in, if he doesn’t Raya comes back in who then gets 3-5 games and so on, assessing each every few games. From what Arteta said about keeping each other on their toes it feels like this is the best way forward if we are to juggle two good goalies.
    Now I’d like to see this level of juggling in the old Xhaka role, if we really are competitive squad in every position.

  2. Maybe Arteta is “showcasing” Raya at the moment, trying to prove a point. He did the same with Havertz, and does not (so far) seem at all interested in the “competition” that we heard during the preseason.

    Let’s see in the next couple weeks if Ramsdale gets chances, or if ESR gets starts over Havertz. Interesting to see how “competition” develops within the squad and managerial decisions.

  3. truth be told some of artetas decisions baffled me cause they are not reasonable. u freeze out a player like ozil and ends up buying people like viera n harvertz, u bought a keeper that u know we have tge almost exact type, u benched gabriel n play partey at right back, i think this try and error will cost him his job some day

    1. OZIL? He is ancient history and has no bearing whatever on viera, havertz or any other modern era player.
      I fail to see your use of him as being relevant in any respect.
      What you post showed me , and others, is that you have no faith in ANY of MA s decisions, which to me is not proper thinking at all.

      1. To be fair, I haven’t been able to wrap my head around the purchase of those aforementioned duo. Havert wasn’t pulling any trees over at Chelsea, yet he was made our highest paid player. As for viera, he was brought in at a time we needed a defensive cover in the middle of the park. In as much as the gaffer has done a monster job for the team, those two deals were just not on par with the rest of his performances over time . I guess you win some and lose some.

  4. Well its easy with Harvetz – he should not be starting matches!

    But Raya- Ramsdale, I agree with you. There is not much difference there. I concur with Arteta’s frustrations with Ramsdale. He knew he had competition and lost composure and confidence. Ramsdale dithers on the ball and when rushed by opposition attackers, he kicks the ball for a throw in to the opposition. That to me is a bad sign. But the new problem I identified him with this season is he appears way off his line. I think we let in a minimum of 2 goals this season due to his poor positioning.

    Next Summer we probably need to look at a goalie much better than the pair of them.

    1. I don’t see where Ramsdale has lost composure or confidence because of Raya presence. Prior to Raya taking over as keeper, Ramsdale had been much better than Raya’s performance to date. The loss to Lens completely Raya’s fault. Poor outlet that got intercepted and then got caught out of position due to Lens’ quick transition in the counter.

  5. Ramsdale is on the verge of becoming a World Class Goal Keeper. Why bring Raya?. I feel Arteta is only trying to develop Raya for Spanish National team (no offence intended). Rather, Ramsdale, the home-grown talent is also equal to the task and should be prioritized.

  6. We deserve improvement in the team. That a player achieved some goals for us the previous season doesn’t mean we should not accept a better player. Right now, Raya is more composed. And he is the team’s first choice (by the games he has played since he was introduced). If the coaching group believe Raya will improve the team so be it.

  7. We should sack Albert Stuivenberg and hire De Zerbi Or Eddie Howe as manager along with MA, so that there can be a healthy competition among managers since in MA’s wisdom you need two persons in every position for “competition”

    Ramsdale any day or any minute over Raya.

  8. 2 top keepers never work ,not sure why Arteta is trying to reinvent the wheel,obviously Raya is his new shiny toy so that leaves Ramsdale in limbo after such a solid season ,no doubt if he’s left on the bench he will be gone .
    A massive kick in the teeth for him helping us get back into the CL and was in the top 3 keepers in the league last season .
    Let’s see if Arteta sticks to his word about competition and rotation after Raya costing us in the week .
    Very much doubt it though .

  9. So, who should be number 1?

    Ramsdale, the wife of two years, OR Raya the new mistress?

    The answer I suggest depends very much on Arteta’s morals!

  10. Two bulls never rule in one pen, and the difference between players are minute.

    Raya seems a little brave and willing to take more risks with the ball at his feet

    1. Agree that there is little to choose and I also agree with Joe71 that Ramsdale got caught way too far off his line.
      I like Ramsdale’s attitude and hope he’s got what it takes to regain his place for no other reason other than he’s had the role for a while now and seems a thoroughly genuine bloke. He just needs to make not picking him a massive mistake

  11. I still maintain that it is one of the most important positions. You have to stick with your best keeper and I am not qualified to make a judgement between Raya and Ramsdale. Imo there are only two world class keepers in the EPL, Ederson and Alisson and I’ll bet they will both play this weekend.

  12. As Dan Kit implied, leaving certain players in limbo is an Arteta speciality. A reliable backup goal keeper was needed but to bring in Raya and then give him starting preferences shows a lack of trust in Ramsdale. Somehow it suggests that the manager is still looking for scapegoats regarding last season’s collapse. And he is looking in the wrong direction. Ramsdale made one or two gaffs which is par for the course for even the best keepers but there were more serious areas that needed addressing such as why did our midfield collapse and fail to regain control late in games and how to fix the problem of our fullbacks being out paced on the opposition’s counter. Anyway those issues remain and it will define Arteta’s season if he can deal with them successfully. As to having two top class keepers, it is now what it is and hopefully it won’t destabilize the team in the long run. Manchester City tomorrow. I am optimistic rather than confident that we will beat them. I would be more confident if we didn’t have to rely on the likes of Nketian, Havetz or Viera to produce, but I believe that Arsenal on the day are capable of a solid team performance and can get the job done.

  13. Regardless of who’s no1, I’m glad that we have the most competitive GK position in the league. Ramsdale needs a challenger and Raya is cold blooded.

  14. Raya is a good all round goalkeeper. It also seems that he is somewhat better with his feet and commands the box well.
    So far he has not pulled off any spectacular saves. This is something that Ramsdale managed a few times last season.
    Difficult to say if there is a definite number one at this stage.

  15. Clarify to WHO EXACTLY? What part of his CONTRACT OBLIGES him to do that?
    Aren’t jersey numbers enough for governing bodies anymore? Whoever wears number one is number one, but that doesn’t guarantee him selection ahead of any of the eleven players taking the field each match day.

  16. Football have changed there is no respect, appreciation and culture in club anymore. Its just about who can win big trophy and willing to do anything to get it.
    I really like to show big respect n appreciation to Ramsdale but Samir Nazri, RVP and Sanchez comes to my mind… remind me how they left us for money n trophy.. Do u all still remember how much its hurt us…So in the end its just abt that… its mean business nothing personal for player and club…
    First choice depend on performance not sentimental.. I hate to say this, but this is how the world it is now!

  17. There’s a reason Arteta is the manager and not you guys. He and the coaching staff look for certain things in training and they obviously feel that Raya is the better keeper. Nobody tells you how to do your jobs so just support the team and the players chosen and judge at the end of the season. Stay in your lane please

  18. As yet, I have not seen RAYA, make the sort of world class saves that Ramsdale has made so often , to win key points, throughout his Arsenal career. He made that ONE top class but rather overhyped save .

    But until he has shown the sort of regular shop saving brilliance that RAMSDALE HAS SO OFTEN SHOWN, FOR MY MONEY, Ramsdale is MY choice as our TRUE number one. I thinK he has been hard done by TBH!

  19. Dont know why everyone believes everything our manager says
    Action speak louder then words
    Since the last international break , Ramsdale has only played in the Carabo Cup while Raya played every league and european game
    So Raya’s our number one
    I don’t agree with Arteta but hes dropped Ramsdale
    He’s just wording it In a diplomatic fashion

  20. Nothing new here, par for the course. Trossard and ESR could voice similar concerns over their being left out.

    It’s Arteta’s choice, he will be proved right or excused and blame shifted elsewhere, again it’s par for the course.

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