Arteta needs to come clean over Aubameyang disciplinary details

Aubemeyang absence is a cloud over the club!

It’s been an ongoing saga in the last few weeks and it doesn’t seem to be changing as yet.

But the question is when, if ever, will Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang be seen in an Arsenal shirt again?

All we get from Mikel Arteta is that he demands “respect” and if he doesn’t get that he takes action.

Fair to him, all everyone wants is to respect and be respected, so we cannot be mad at him for standing his ground.

Yet after the last two years of being in a pandemic, if Aubameyang really did breach disciplinary rules because his mum was sick, if he really did arrive to training a day or few hours late because he was visiting his sick mum and came back late, then surely us fans should be told about it. Surely we deserve that much right? Rather than being told it’s a disciplinary issue and that’s it!

And it might be selfish but that’s not fair on us fans!

They speak about fans needing to be more involved and they can’t be a club without fans yet they cannot even give us a tiny bit of true information about why players are absent!

This is something that really annoys me! If a player is injured just say his injured! If he is leaving, then say his leaving, if he broke the rules say why! The longer the fans are in the dark the more the fans will distance themselves!

In Aubameyang’s case as for a lot of people, family is important and number one, and he too seems like a family man.

It’s never nice having a sick loved one, or even the thought of potentially losing a loved one. But if it is to be believed that he went for his sick mum then surely Arsenal need to take a look at themselves and re-evaluate their values at the club! Because their treatment of him is poor if that is his reasoning for being absent!

So they stripped him of the captaincy, fair enough, but to isolate him for this long for visiting his sick mum is disgusting. Unless he attacked someone and beat them up that’s a different story and this sort of punishment would be fair BUT HE DIDN’T (as far as we know)!

He did what any normal human being would do, but they wouldn’t be sacked in a normal day job would they!

Nobody really knows what anyone is going through but surely Aubameyang would be absent with good reason!

Covid has surely taught us even more so that life is too short and nothing lasts forever. Life is put into perspective and regardless of what illness if any his mum has Arsenal should be more lenient and allow sick leave for personal reasons as other clubs and workplaces do!

So he misses a few games, it’s not the end of the world. What’s a few games compared to precious family time.

Whatever the reason is, us fans deserve more clarity because then and only then will there be more understanding around the issue! The more Arsenal hide the reason and skirt around it the more suspicious it looks!

But I bet if Arteta was in the same boat he would spend every minute with his family and let everyone know the reason for his absence! I find that’s always the case if the shoe was on the other foot!

Football will go on forever but lives do not! Maybe Arsenal should take that into consideration where their players and their families are concerned! Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. On Arsenals official shop they have done a Xmas photo with Auba sat next to Arteta in Christmas jumpers 😂
    Unless that was done weeks ago .

  2. Fans have no right to know details. For all you know Aubamayang might prefer the details not to be public. After all club and player met and have an agreement. How about fans just keep their noses out of club business. Watch and support are fans’ only requirements.

    1. Silent Stan, Broadly speaking yours is also my firm view! All citizens , no matter who they may be, are entitled to a major degree of privacy and that is always my guiding principle.

      We fans have no more right to know precisely what happened from Auba to make MA act so decisively, than the club has to know about OUR private business.

      We would not like it if OUR dirty landry was washed in public, so what gives us the right to expect the club should tell us all the details of what went on!!

      They have not done so and have acted correctly in this matter. I for one applaud them keeping it private.

      I rather suspect Auba also appreciated it too. After all, he could have, had he wished, issued a full public statement of all the facts. But he has not done so.

      Privacy is good and also ETHICAL policy!

  3. Since Arteta has put Auba on ice, Arsenal have been in exceptional form. We’ve scored 14 goals in 4 games. There is no cloud. Family is important but you can’t provide for them if you don’t turn up to work with a few exceptions. Very well paid footballers being one of those exceptions. I understand your points but if you’re given leave and don’t come back when you’re told too for yet another occasion then thanks but no thanks.


    1. Very well said I totally agree as I think a majority of Arsenal fans do! He has been given multiple chances and was captain not acceptable no matter the reason

    2. Welwyn Gunner Could it be, do you suppose, that our better form without Auba has been down to us having eleven full out tryers on the pitch instead of just ten!!?

      To clarify, I have been consistent for decades – and well before JA was even thought about – in WARNING ALL FANS against idle and unmotivated players, however talented they may have been ONCE UPON A TIME.

      I always live in the present, unlike so many dreamers where Auba is concerned and which applied equally to Ozil too!

      1. Aubameyang earns enough money to pay private nursing staff to get his mother to.him sooner than him travelling there and back, but in hind sight he went to France came back late, and had to train alone due too covid regulations, thst realy should be the end of the story, but it seems like dummies were thrown out the pram, his agent not happy posting his twopence worth and then we have what we don’t want, another Ozil type episode, we as fans wanted more discipline, now we have it we’re not happy.

  4. Arteta and Arsenal gave Auba extraordinary permission to visit his sick mom.
    The problem seem to be Auba didn’t live up to his part, causing problems with the Covid rules and yhus disrespecting Arteta, his teammates and the club.
    Not the first time either, Auba has shown disrespect.
    Stop questioning the club’s values on this.

    1. So we should just accept whatever the club tells us, even though it may not make any sense at all??
      We should just be robots with no emotions or empathy towards our players??
      MA seems to have problems dealing with certain players and appears too rigid at times.
      He completely sidelined Ozil, froze out Guendozi, Saliba, Mavrapoulos and Torreira.
      It’s a rather disturbing pattern which we should be worried about as fans.

  5. A very compelling argument BUT from only one side of the argument.
    Lots of Shenels point are highly pertinent, but to get THAT ALWAYS IMPORTANT BALANCE, which all properly thought through articles need, THE OTHER SIDE of the case NEEDS to be put as well.
    Without going into such detail as Shenel, I make ONE key point against her argument for her and aothers to consider and it is this:
    millions of Gooners worldwide will have agreat many different opinions. The club has a need to attempt to keep all fans onside , so to speak. Once chapter and verse as to detailed reasons for Aubas ban are aired publicly, then all Hell will possibly rain down from all sides.

    I ask Gooners do they think this will make thr club more united or more divided!!??
    I know which of those I think and is why I agree with the club not choosing to wash its dirty laundry in public. It is a long and well held truism that some things are best kept private.

    It is also a moral question of whether or not you believe , as I DO, that all humans, no matter who, are entitled to as much privacy as possible , given their relative fame. In essense, we do not OWN other peoples lives and history , which includes players and managers!
    I make another, though lesser point too, which is this one: had Auba chosen to have to make a fully complete and legally unchallengable public statement as to the reasons why he was thus punished , then HE could have chosen to do so.
    Thus far he has not. You may choose, as I HAVE DONE, TO FULLY CONSIDER THE REASONS WHY HE HAS CHOSEN NOT TO DO SO!!

  6. Irrelevant write-up. Auba was wrong and Arteta did what was right by punishing a compulsive rule breaker. Had disciplinary problems at BD, his national team and now at Arsenal.

    1. not much thought went into this article tbh.

      next time you face disciplinary action ask your employer to tell all your colleagues why.

  7. This article shouldn’t have been published.

    Must management seek permission from shareholders before punishing an erring worker?

  8. Private discipline matters are private. The press has a job to do but the have to respect “none of your business “ as well

  9. Wasn’t he also pictured getting a tattoo the day before he was due back. Seems at odds with being at your mother’s side….unless you’re going for matching tattoos. On the flip side if he had 14 goals in 14 games then I fancy it might be different

    1. The manner in which you slipped the number 14 twice in in the last sentence…. &#Creative. He wears jersey number 14 too.

  10. This club has a woeful history when it comes to club-related transparency…now some will say, and rightly so, that most clubs rarely air their dirty laundry, so why would it be any different here…I would suggest that, unlike most, we’ve constantly propagated the notion that we were fundamentally different, in that we were the rarest of gems, a big club with a “family”/small club environment and mentality…as such, if this were a truthful depiction, it would only make sense to assume that the cultivation of a more honest relationship between club and fanbase was a top priority…unfortunately this was not the case in more recent times, while at least not once we moved to our new digs

    so although this organizational ideology might have applied during the early days of the Wenger/Dein partnership, once the ribbon was cut at the Emirates this adage was simply co-opted by those hoping to explain why we supposedly couldn’t afford to build a new stadium while likewise continuing to pursue trophies…as per usual, another cake and eat it too narrative by an organization that clear lost it’s moral compass when it moved from the Highbury

  11. As we have never been told what went on with Ozil, I doubt very much that we will find out what has gone on with Aubemeyang.

    In both cases, the two players and the club decided to keep the details between themselves….. at least that is the case at this precise moment.
    I think we should accept this situation, no matter that, as fans, we would like to be informed.

    Just one other thought from the article – I was always told that one had to earn respect and not demand it.
    My question is, does MA seems to be doing that, or is he demanding it?

    1. Looking at the excellent team spirit within the dressing room and the level of commitment on the field, Auba apart, when he played KEN, I suggest the answer is way MORE than simply obvious.
      Respect for MA from all, save Auba , is magnificent and huge.

      Only a percentage of fans still doubt. But, as with the vaccine deniers, there will always be those who refuse to see the clear and mounting evidence and thus change tack accordingly. Sigh!

  12. I don’t know what to say other than that, if the club had publicized everything in a bare fashion like a section of fans, writers and pundits suggest, the angle would be why didn’t the club handle it privately?
    If the club had kept it totally private, it would be how dare they? And more.
    Now, the club simplifies and creates a balance. ..yet, it’s not okay.
    Why does it have to be right by you to be right??

    I ask the writer, why do you feel the need to validate the clubs manner of handling it’s affairs, especially this one??

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