Mikel Arteta needs to stop talking and start doing his job

It’s Time to Speak Less Mikel…. by Amagore

The most ironic thing about being a soccer fan is that no matter how poorly one’s team performs, or no matter the difficulties being faced by the club, one’s love for their favourite football club keeps growing. The resumption of football action around the world, particularly the English premier league, has brought something to help manage the stress associated with the biggest threat to humanity in the form of a disease called COVID 19.

Before the pandemic forced the EPL to take a break to avoid the widespread of the disease, something interesting had just been witnessed by the Arsenal family. After a streak of poor results under the tutelage of one Unai Emery, the Arsenal board decided to bring the club’s association with the three-time Europa league winner to an end. Unai Emery’s departure saw the club appointing a former player who left the club to join Pep Guardiola’s coaching staff at Manchester City. The journey to Manchester was one that ushered Arteta into the world of football management, having been touted as a future coach during his playing days.

On his first day back at Arsenal, Arteta did not hide the fact that he was back for some serious business. His attitude and posture presented a young man who believed in himself and his abilities to help change the atmosphere in the club’s dressing room. Having been part of the Pep Guardiola’s coaching team, Mikel’s arrival gave some of the Arsenal fans hope that the club would possibly be able to pick up the pieces and start performing competitively. However, a comparison with his predecessor suggests that there’s no progress since Unai left…

Maybe Arteta needs to be given a chance to bring his own group of players who will suit his style of play if ever he has one. In my opinion Arteta has been living in a glasshouse where he can see the desired things outside but unfortunately, he can’t lay his hands on them. I am not sure if Arteta will be given the financial backing to help him recruit his preferred players, but if the recession due to COVID 19 is anything to go by, Arteta may be forced to admire all the beautiful flowers outside his glass walls without plucking them out.

Arteta has suddenly come face to face with the effects of having a depleted squad due to injuries, particularly in the defence and midfield. The injuries to Torreira and Xhaka, who are currently the spinal cord of the team, has left him with no choice but to use players in unfamiliar territory which has left the team exposed and without a balance.

The continuous absence of Ozil due to the so-called tactical reasons makes Arteta a joke given how much the club is paying for Ozil’s services. Snubbing a player who is supposed to be the playmaker and giving a flimsy excuse about tactics, means Ozil is not good enough to deserve such a huge pay cheque – or Arteta is just a novice trying to find an escape route as he tries to manage the relationship with Ozil..

Arteta seems to be shooting himself in the foot the same way Unai did. We all know how cold the relationship between Unai and Ozil was, despite the former trying to paint a different picture whenever he spoke about Ozil. Arteta has betrayed himself by keeping Ozil on the bench even when it is clear that team lacks creativity.

In view of the team’s performances against Manchester City and Brighton and Hove Albion, Arteta needs to look at himself in the mirror and pinch himself one more time, like he did when he was appointed to be the Manager ,and wake up to the reality that something drastic needs to be done to get the desired results. The game against his mentor presented an opportunity for the world to see if he had really learnt something from Pep. The result was proof of how far behind Arsenal are in relation to complete sides like Manchester City. The game at Brighton was an opportunity to help regain the confidence, but unfortunately it was game that ended with tears for all Arsenal fans as the team succumbed in the last minute of the added time.

It’s high time Arteta learns to speak less and let his actions and the team’s performances and results speak for him. Mediocrity should never be a permanent feature for a football club of Arsenal’s stature.
Wake up Arteta and give us your identity.

By amagore @ZimArsenaldesk


  1. You can only work with what you’ve got and Arteta hasn’t gotta lot to work with has he!

  2. Enough of nice men in charge.From father figure Arsene to big brother Mikel, nothing has worked in our favor over the last 5 years. Arsene won some FA cups, good, thanks but that was what he was paid millions. Did he land us a title or UCL? No. Even a simple team like LC won a title!
    We need one ruthless character like Simeone who works on a tight budget, loses every year his core players, but still stands up to the Spanish football powerhouses.Forget the boring football, he brings about pride and results.And would kick out non performing assets.
    Would the board want him? No because they enjoy their comforts.
    Would the players want him? No because they would be shoved out for non performance
    Do fans want him? I doubt as some like licking Ozil and Xhaka and the like.
    So since majority wins, accept mediocrity and humiliating defeats.

    1. you may be right. Also needs to be a ruthless assessment of the rest of the management group. Some type of dynamite is required for sure…

    2. Simeone is the most expensive coach in the world. In what universe does Kroenke care enough about Arsenal to hire him? Also, big brother Mikel dropped Ozil, so he’s not exactly as nice of a big brother as people think. Funny the person who writes the article thinks this highly of such an inconsistent player who is only better than WIllock.

  3. Both the coach and the players out. How Nketiah and Lacazette and Nelson plays ahead of Martinelli tells u that u have no coach.

  4. It’s high time management gets puts under the microscope now as well. We talk about Kronke, the players, now it’s Arteta in the hot seat. Yet management escapes the scrutiny for some reason.
    What does Edu do exactly? Sure he got Martinelli, but he can’t seem to get a chance for game time. Neither Raul or Edu have addressed the real concerns at the club, and don’t seem to be doing so.
    Clear up the Luiz saga by saying no extension, put Mustafi and Sokratis on the market list. Perhaps it will get players attention and get them out of their comfort zone.
    Despite all the changes with players, managers, and top brass, nothing has changed. Perhaps it’s time Raul and Edu should be called out too, finally.

    1. the centre back situation says it all – we have been weak there for ages and we keep making some very questionable decisions…

    2. And put Ozil up for sale or loan, pay part of the wages, free up space accommodate a willing amr

      1. Don’t think anyone will take him. I would just pay him and let him stay at home.

        Maybe they could agree to half-salary or something as it would save a little money.

        Realistically, we just have to wait through 2021 for that to sort out…

      2. We’ve been trying to offload Ozil for a long time. Prior to Covid-19, no clubs were seriously interested because nobody (in their right mind, anyway) would match his hugely inflated wage packet. Now we’re got the implications of Covid-19 to factor in, there’s no chance of getting him off the books – other than Arsenal buying out the remaining part of his contract, which is the same as piling up £millions in the middle of the pitch and setting fire it.

        1. You’ll be pleased to know Fenerbahce
          are hoping their fans will raise €3m to help sign Ozil…

          1. @Sue
            Ozil to Fenerbahce is Fenerbahce’s version of Benzema to Arsenal. A fake yet strangely persistent transfer rumour that pops up every year like a stubborn weed in your garden. Probably at this point the Fenerbahce management is so tired of denying the Ozil transfer rumour they just let it go on window after window.

    3. Durand, as I have said since Emery was forced out, Arsenal can’t keep churning through managers, when the basic issues are not being addressed.
      Emery asked for certain players and he was not given those particular players, but not even players of that type or that played that particular position. Emery’s lack of English communication skills was always going to be an issue not only with players, but with supporters and the media in getting his ideas across.
      A head coach who can’t develop his own playing squad is doomed to fail. A similar fate awaits Arteta if he is not supported in the transfer market.
      The Board and senior management have been virtually unchanged during these recent years of rapid decline in Arsenal’s league position. Poor scouting, recruitment, contract and financial management are the responsibility of these people, who appear untouchable.


    Is it difficult to try this?

  6. We can’t lose our temper over millionaires and a billionaire who don’t give a crap.

    He hired an assistant coach with no head coach experience and you still there expecting change anything!

    That shows you have not realize the pb, still expect. No my friend; Arteta does his best with no experience!

    Kroenke is killing this club, we will finish between 11th and e 15th spot.

    You just can’t see it, expect Arteta to make a change!

    It is not Arteta but Kroenke.

    1. Mogunna, after reading “you have not realize the pb, still expect” I’ve come to realise I need a glass of whatever you’re drinking mate 🙂 Cheers! This team drives you to drink!

  7. We are one of those teams who get the results their way but wont take advantage.
    SHU losing
    Man utd tottenham draws
    Chelsea possibly losing
    And everton losing will be good for us but i dont want liverpool to win…..

      1. I never want Liverpool to win, Shakir!
        Where was the ‘thank you, Arsenal’ from Everton?? 🤣

  8. There is some thing i like from Man U , Chelsea & Liverpool ,they bring all the there good players without hiding first team players for fake reasons that tactical reasons when we are loosing important points lets accept currently that Ozil ,Xhaka are our spinal cord in midfield ,lets not reason stupidly that tactical reasons

  9. An article on NN – ‘Arsenal fearful Leno could miss a year of football’….. please tell me we’re not going to go for Karius 🙏🤪

  10. Arteta does need to instil the discipline back again that they were beginning to show before Covid struck. It seems that whilst they were on lockdown they forgot it all.
    I own up to not watching the warm up games so can’t comment on how they all performed but Arteta chose his two squads on that and training. The fact that Ozil was not used is hardly a snub as he had been ever present beforehand. None of us are privy to relationships at the club but it must infer something wasn’t right with how up to speed Ozil was after the lay off. I am reliably informed by some on JA that without him we don’t win so the sooner he is back the better.

    Having only had the job such a short while – largely trying to erase the bad practices of the past, Arteta needs our support not our condemnation

  11. It’s funny how three managers have shied away from Ozil and seem for reasons obvious to many fans. Yet not tot the author of this article.

    Ozil, as talented as he is, doesn’t show up for every game and disappears in the big games.

    A manager’s job is not to field the team with the highest salary but rather to field their best team.

    I love Ozil’s skill but I can not deny that he doesn’t often put a shift in and I am on board with managers wanting to see their players apply themselves in training.

    We were unlucky against City. Arteta didn’t start Luiz for obvious reasons and until he came on we were not exactly shown all corners of the pitch. We also clearly missed Xhaka.

    The Brighton loss was terrible but Arteta called it as we all saw it, so why do we want him to stop talking? I thought his post match comments were refreshing.

    I hav e faith in Arteta not the team he has been handed.

  12. This Arsenal has made me cry over the years since before my second son was born, now he is 15 years and he is a very good soccer player and a big fan of Arsenal. I have come to the end of crying every week and denying myself of eating sometimes. Still the board are so stiff and so selfish to the game and the fans of this great club. Would you say ohn W. Henry was wrong when he said, he don’t know what they smoke in that club??? Suarez was going to win us league, so many players wanted to come to Arsenal before going to their various clubs and ended up winning trophies. Now here is Dayot Upamecano, Thomas Partey, Philippe Coutinho. You will still speak your usual language and allow these players pass you by. If you continue like this, by next two seasons you will be languishing in the relegation zone if not struggling in the championship. I am stepping aside.

  13. Enjoyed reading the article an all the comments. In my humble opinion kronke and board are to blame for everything. Özil been dropped is a board decn that any new manager has to oblige. jus like as emery an lunburburger the snake made. The club keep using his atittude an salary as reasons for gettin rid of ozil, an bcoz they know he wont leave they use this as an excuse not to spend big! Chelsea have sigbed ziyech an werner, an will sign more players… arsenal are.gona go with youth. Arw we no longer a bigbclub?

  14. What did I just read! Simultaneously slating Arteta telling to pull his finger out whilst listing the issues he’s facing that are out of his control, issues that every manager in the world would struggle with! Very poor writing. You either don’t think he’s right for the job, in which case state your reason why, or you think he’s dealing with a very difficult situation with the players given to him. Make up your mind!

  15. Some of you on this blog call yourself fans, You lot are unbelievable. We knew the squad was shit before Arteta took over and he had a massive job to do. This is Emerys squad not Artetas. Emery let Wilshere leave for nothing because he wasn’t in his plans, we could have lied signed him up to a 3 year deal, then sold him after a year if his fitness didn’t pick up.

    Then the Ramsey situation, ok that was Gazidis fault for not giving him a new contract instead of Ozil way back when. Then the new administration for not sorting out his mistake the start of the season before last.

    Emery asked for players like Lichsteiner and signed Luiz for 8m. He sold Monreal and kept Kolasinac when Montreal was the more competent player. Teirney was a good bit of business but Emery wanted us to buy Kurzawa not Tierney. Emery was complaining that he wanted Zaha and not Pepe, we shouldn’t have bought any of them. 72m or 80m plus for Zaha could have bought 3 decent midfielders which is where 80% of our problems lay. No cover for the defense and no creativity, is that Arteta’s fault. Unfortunately you can’t polish a turd and we have a long list of players who are not good enough.

    We cant lay into a manager whos had what 10 games and lost 2 one of which against a full strength rested City away. The losses and draws are down to the terrible squad of deadwood he has to deal with. No doubt he knows the qualities of someone like Martinelli he probably wants to see what the others offer whilst rotating the sqaud.

    Until he’s had an uninterrupted summer transfer window, time to build a team of his players. All whilst shifting Sokratis, Mustafi, Luiz, Kolasinac, Miki, Xhaka, Ozil, Lacazette and unfortunately Auba cause we need the cash.

    The team needs to be stripped back to Leno, Tierny, Bellerin, Saliba, Mari, Chambers and Holding(decent sub backup), Torriera, Guendouzi, Nelson, Saka, Pepe, Martinelli and Nkethia. Build around these lads and we’ll be onto a good thing but its going to take time

  16. we never were a big club unfortunately, maybe we were for 3 seasons. But what 3 titles in 40 years, thats not a big club we have over achieved. Then the BIG spenders came in and stopped any clubs over achieving

    1. I really agreed with your post except the addendum
      We have been a great club for decades
      It isn’t all about the here and now
      Try telling my parents that Chapman in the 30’s didn’t make Arsenal great
      The double in’71
      We will return

      I did totally agree with your first post

  17. Well said James. Most of our highly paid ,experienced players have let our Club down during the past 5/6 years.It is time to completely restructure our squad by bringing in a group of talented young players to replace our group of mediocre non performers.It may take Arteta 2/3 seasons to build a team which can challenge for a top four position but I feel our fans would be more likely to get behind a side based on young talent rather than the present group of bang average plodders.

    1. Grandad
      I always enjoy reading your contributions
      We both think Arteta has what it takes but my fear is that lack of money to improve the squad and impatience from the supporters who always demand instant success may well scupper his plans. Let’s hope he is given the time to create a New Arsenal in the way that Liverpool’s owners did with Klopp

  18. Arteta has a free-pass from me until the end of the season. I don’t think anyone could have achieved anything different with this squad. Emery failed, Freddie failed and MA looks to be failing already. He must be allowed a few signings before we give up on him. Even then, he signed a 3 year contract so it’s gonna be a really long 3 years if we start an Arteta Out movement now. He may be fired with a year to go, I just don’t think he can be fired right now. Who would even take over?

    1. It is ridiculous to judge Arteta on the few games he has had in charge. There were promising signs once he took over and we had one disappointing result against Brighton after the restart. Hardly reason to doubt the guy.

      Any reasonable fan would have included an expected loss to City and after two quickfire injuries of two key players, the result was always going to be a loss.

      Our concern should be what we can do with this squad during the summer window. How many can we sell? Who can we bring in? Can we get rid of problem players?

  19. Arteta’s Time to be judge should come after this season, if you want instant success it won’t happen… Be realistic people we are not the arsenal of old…. Wake up

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