Arteta now believes that Arsenal can win every game this season – “They are good enough to do it”

After Arsenal’s collapse in the last few games of the 22/23 season where we allowed Man City to overtake us at the business end of the season, Mikel Arteta was specifically asked how many points Arsenal needed to aim at to surpass City last season, and he said that the Gunners would need around 90 points at least to have a chance.

Of course he was absolutely right as, despite Arsenal getting as high as 89 points, Man City won it yet again with 91, two points ahead of the Gunners.

So, the boss was asked by ESPN if he still thought Arsenal would need over 90 points again to win the next EPL season, and his answer was a little different to last year. He said: “One-hundred-and-fourteen [the maximum points available] wins it and then you start from there. You know that the margins are really, really small and tight and the competition is going to be even harder than the previous season.

“You go game-by-game, earn the right to win every game, that’s all we can think of, and try to improve our players. And make them believe they can do it because now they are good enough to do it.”

Of course most people will call him a joke for even suggesting that Arsenal could go Invincible and also win every single game, but then again I seem to remember a certain Arsene Wenger being laughed at when he said that his tem could definitely go the whole season without losing a game…..

I am now looking forward even more to our opening game against Wolves, and after that watching everyone waiting for Arsenal to finally drop points.

Until then we can still believe, can’t we?

Sam P


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  1. Next season will be more difficult than last season because the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, United, Spurs, Newcastle and aston Villa will strengthen and make it more competitive. I think the loss to Villa at home was the turning point last season so we must avoid such setbacks if we are to make a serious title challenge again next season. The goal will of course be to win almost every match either home or away and we need not fear any team given how close we came to winning the title last season.

    1. Nearly each and every season the same is predict but it never comes to fruition.

      I remember in 2021/22 season when we choked and let Spurs finish in 4th ahead of us. Many predicted that we would find it difficult to come anywhere close to top 4 the next season because the likes of Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, Spurs, Brighton, West Ham, Newcastle etc would improve while we got worse.. Many said that we had missed our one opportunity to get back in the top 4.

      Then again in 2022/23 when we choked and let Man City come behind and win the title. Many said that we had missed our only opportunity to challenge / win the title. And that the we would struggle the next season due to the likes of Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, Spurs, Newcastle etc all improving.

      Then 2023/24 we improved ourself while all the other teams did not.

      Now the same predictions are being made for the 2024/25 season.

  2. I have been informed that Arsenal are waiting to sign a German International. Arsenal scout attending tonights German match. I hope it’s WIRTZ.
    My next dream buy for Arsenal would be one of these 3. Wirtz, Musiala or Kvaratskhelia. All are versatile players that can play anywhere in attack.

  3. With one or two good and right signings we can compete effectively next season. From the coach interview yesterday he mentioned outlining what need to be done to fix why we couldn’t win the league last season. He also mentioned himself and Edu working on signings. I think I trust him to sign quality player. Calafiori
    a defender will add to us positively if signed. Arsenal did well last season first because of good defence and them midfield and forward.

  4. I think it’s all about of building the strong team that can do the job successfully for Arsenal to win the title.
    In this wise, Arteta SHOULD use this current summer transfer window. To build a distinct Gunners team that will not only win the Epl title next season imnbeaten. But as well win the quadruple unbeaten too next season.
    For Arsenal to achieve these near impossible feasts next season.
    Arteta will NEED to build a unique strong Arsenal team that can achieve the feasts. By signing at least 4 new top lass quality players in a defender, winger, DMF and a striker.
    And add them to his current team for an upgrade to do the job for Arsenal next season unfailingly.

  5. We have a great team but are so close to having an amazing team.
    I think are current Squad is the best squad we’ve had in 20 years
    So I am hoping MA makes the 3-4 signings to complete our team (versatile LB, DM and CF or Winger, back up GK)
    Our First team defence is set.
    1. Raya,
    2. White,
    3. Saliba,
    4. Gabs,
    5. Timber
    We just need a versatile defender for rotation and backup for Raya assuming Ramsdale leaves
    For midfield:
    6. Rice
    7. Odergaard
    We need a DM
    For forwards:
    8. Saka on right
    We can cope with Martinelli, Trossard, Havertz but I would prefer we get another quality forward preferably CF

  6. I think Arteta is going for an even solid defense than last year. And he will definitely get a forward who has blistering pace, maybe a winger if not CF. Also he will get a DM that has the Xhaka like passes, but more agile and defensively astute.

    If we get all these, much more solid defense, a stable spine in the midfield, and pace in transition, I think invincible dream isn’t that far fetched. In terms of mentality, we have some really tenacious players now, who are no longer timid. If player like Calafiori comes, that’s a huge upgrade in mentality in our squad, the guy is a mentality monster and to have such a defense line, as Saliba, Gabriel, White and Calafiori, that’s enough to make teams sweat hard to even get a shot at goal. You can be invincible by not allowing enough goals as well, you don’t have to outscore. I think Calafiori can be a huge differrence maker coming season.

    Yeah, I think it’s not that far fetched that one can’t dream. And speaking other teams, the only team I will be worried about next season will be Spurs and Newcastle. Not joking, I can’t understand what Chelsea’s plans are, their recruitement has been all future prospects. Man U, is well building up still, Liverpool, a new management takes time to settle, so I don’t understand all this fear mongering on how Arsenal will have a tougher time next season. I think the people who downplay how good our starting XI players are the Arsenal fans themselves. Everyone is afraid of how stable this XI is, you don’t break such defensive records as we did last season without composure. And to add to that team with further more quality, I think Arsenal will be a force to reckon with coming season. Teams will have a nightmare facing Arsenal defense.

    If last season has shown me anything, it’s that Arsenal fans can actually dream about greater things now.

  7. Not without a top goal scoring striker. Get real here we won the community shield in 2020. I would go as far as saying this season should be his last chance (Arteta that is) and if he does not bring in a Toney like striker he will have nothing at end of season again.

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