[Image] Arteta officially makes his decision on who is Arsenal’s new captain

There have been hundreds of column inches discussing who should be Arsenal’s new captain for the new season, and now the winner has been officially confirmed on Arsenal.com, and the winner is…. (drum roll)…. MARTIN ODEGAARD!

It is not too much of a surprise, although maybe some fans would have expected someone older, but the 23 year-old has been captain of Norway for over a year now, despite his young age.

He will obviously be wearing the armband for the first time when we take to the field this afternoon against Sevilla, and hopefully he can start off with a nice win in front of the home fans…..


    1. Me personally would have had Gabriel as captain ,I’m not sold on Odegaard and feel we could have gotten better in that number 10 spot .

      1. Agree but thats who he has chosen and thats it. I think, what i have read, he is a nice personality. We will see if he is a nice captain. Im not surprised but not excited either. Better than Xhaka!!!!!!

    2. The player who is always injured and could be on his way out if he gets convicted, Odegaard, a perfect choice, captain for his country I believe

  1. @Rashid80 and @Dan kit it doesn’t matter if you people like the choice of Odegaard or not. Your opinions holds no water as the club’s decision is made.

    1. Oh!!!!!!!!! How right you are!!!!!!! Give him a sweetie. And neither do yours because that is what they are OPINIONS

  2. I don’t reckon ode will make to be a good captain for arsenal someone older and character should have been chosen.

  3. Thinking in the past was to have the captain be someone the players respected, someone intimidating (Patrick Vieira for Arsenal, Roy Keane for MU – Ferguson described Keane as “the most intimidating individual I have ever met”).

    These days for Arsenal it’s probably a case of not only who seems to be a leader in the dressing room (which is why Xhaka got the role, but apparently doesn’t want it again) – but also who is not likely to behave badly in contract terms.

    There’s nothing more demoralising for a club than seeing its captain playing silly buggers to join some near-bankrupt outfit in Spain.

    I don’t know how they held it together to almost make the top 4 with Aubameyang behaving like a spoiled child in mid-season last year.

    It’s one thing few people take into account when they discuss how a whole season will pan out – the unknowns. Injuries, player behaviour (and manager behaviour), key on-field refereeing decisions… oligarchs being sanctioned and clubs sold – all those factors make a big difference.

    I wonder what the real odds are on Conte staying at Spurs through the whole of next season. One day they won’t buy a player he wants – and he’ll be off. I’m not sure I rate him that highly anyway, he’s had a number of dismal failures as a manager.

  4. A good choice for me, he’s settled here now, captains his national team, is young with bags of potential and seems like a decent lad with big ambitions. I guess we will have a better idea from the prime documentary on everyone’s personalities.

  5. As much as we agree or not.we are not the ones who will be working with him.so the team and coaching stuff knows better

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