Arteta opens the door for Wilshere to train with Arsenal

Mikel Arteta has opened the door for Jack Wilshere to return to Arsenal as the former Gunners midfielder searches for a new club.

Wilshere has been without one since Bournemouth refused to extend his contract with them at the end of last season.

The Englishman is still only 29 and should be in the prime of his career now.

However, injuries forced him to leave Arsenal and it has dogged his career so far.

The former West Ham man is now looking for a new team and he was recently training with Italian club Como.

However, Brexit means he would need a European passport before he can play for them and he doesn’t possess one.

He is now set to find another club that will give him a chance and one of the most important things he would do while searching for his next club is to stay fit.

Arteta was asked if the midfielder can train with his team as he searches for a new club and he said via Sun Sports:

“He’s someone that I know, that I shared a dressing room with.

“He’s so loved around the club with every person here. Our doors are always open.”

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      1. Such unfortunate naivety by those who fool themselves that this injury damaged player, now playing out his dog days wherever he can get a game, will never wear our shirt in comps ever again.

    1. Those fantasy days are sadly long gone. But it depresses me to see how SOME FANS still fail to accept present reality with Wilshere.

      1. @mark ,where did I or the article mention Ozil ?
        Weird post from you buddy

        @NY gunner
        He’s without a club because he can not stay fit ,on his best day he’s miles ahead of Odegaard,that’s a fact .

        Sigh !!!!! Back at ya mate

    1. True , as Jack HAS been around a lot of clubs, in TRAINING! Shame he cannot find a single who rates him enough to play him though, esp as according to Dan Kit “he is better than Odegaard”.

      I reckon Dans post is a decade or more too late to be true, any more.

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