Arteta opens up on his immediate targets after signing new Arsenal deal

Mikel Arteta has claimed that his target is to take the club to the next level, and that getting Arsenal back into the Champions League will be a big part of that.

The Gunners are currently on course to return to the CL for the first time since the 2016-17 season, when we reached the round of 16 only to be eliminated by Bayern Munich, but we have since gone through a rebuilding process.

It was always going to be difficult to find our feet after enjoying so many years under Arsene Wenger, but we finally look to be on the up again thanks to some amazing work by Edu and Mikel Arteta in recent years, and the latter’s new contract is testament to that.

The Spaniard has just agreed a new deal to extend his stay to 2025, and he told Arsenal Media of his aims for the near future with this side.

“To take the club to the next level and to compete really with the top teams,” Arteta exclaimed. “In order to do that, we have to be playing in the Champions League. We have to be able to evolve the team, improve our players, improve all departments, generate even more connection with our fans, improve the atmosphere at the Emirates, be able to recruit top, top talent and the best people for this club to drive this project to that level.”

The boss has been consistent with his aims and what he wants and expects from the club and his players, and the above is very similar to his previous comments, although his mention of adding ‘top, top talent’ to the side is a new phrase for him. Qualifying for the Champions League could well play a huge role in helping us to bridge the gap on those at the top of the table, whilst helping us to keep ahead of the chasing pack as we look to secure consistent top-four finishes in the coming years, and this summer could well be the most important one of the coming transfer windows.

Does anybody doubt whether Arteta has the credentials to help us take that next step? Do you agree that our summer signings are likely to look rather different depending on whether we qualify for the CL or not?


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  1. Congrats to both the club and Arteta.
    Whether for you are for or against, he will now be in charge at the beginning of next season.
    I like the plan, but even so, he will only be in charge as long as he delivers.

    1. The point most fans are missing is that his target was secretly to reach Europa League which he has basically guaranteed now. Even if we end up missing out on top 4 the target for this season has been achieved.

      So from the boardroom’s view he has earned the contract and right to be given time to get us into the top 4 now. That’s the next target for next season after Arteta is given money again to strengthen HIS team.

      Even Vinai said “we’re ahead of schedule”. You can’t change goal posts half way through the season and say “oh, let’s wait until he gets top 4 now”.

      Besides, it’s just a contract and doesn’t stop Arsenal sacking him or him quitting Arsenal for another club. It’s only effect is compensation.

    2. I’m a relieved man now! Now that we have extended his contract, we can surely attract the best of players whom he wants and who want to play for our great club. No more thumb sucking toddlers masquerading as pros and fleecing our club of millions and blaming the weather & the rain! Nor will we have to put up with senile decisions from senile ones or some dubious dealings. Transparency is back. Football is back. Real players are now in the club. The next 3 years will be our golden era. Haters will have to put up or shut up. Wow! May Kroenke remain blessed!

  2. I love de way de club is growing gradually qualifying in the champions league shud be our priority and then getting the right players in the market while retaining most of our young players.i believe we are going in the right direction

  3. Looking forward to the new CF of his choice! Now I’m just waiting for the contract extensions of Saka, Nketiah and Elneny

    1. What is special about arteta’s cf?
      Are you not tired of repeating things in every article
      Maybe next season you can’t wait to see arteta’s wingers

      1. It’s been a while since Arteta was stuck with Aubameyang and Lacazette, so I’d like to see how he works with his own CF

        As for the new winger, we’d likely get one if we sell Pepe

        1. Actually GAI, it was Arteta who gave him that three year contract – so he became one of his players.
          Let’s not forget this, as we look forward to the coming seasons under Mikel and remember to judge him properly.

            1. Ken, it sometimes isn’t worth the bother. People and mainly the same people forget exactly how it is, on purpose, to try to justify the unjustifiable.

            2. So KEN, AS YOU CONSTANTLY MAKE COMMENTS WHICH ARE CRITICLE OF MA and his decisions ” Pepe,” “Laca as captain” etc, together with extremely few positive MA comments, I presume you are anti MA extending his contract, as he did today?

              Why not come clean and stop hiding your true opinion on whether or not you want him to continue, behind only critical comments

              I for just one am firmly behind MA and glad he has had a new contract. I have also said very often that he has made many mistakes.
              But unlike you, I will openly and UNAMBIGUOUSLY, nail my colours to MA’s mast.

              Will you, I wonder ? Or will you continue to hedge your bets, after two and nearly a half years of him? Which is it, KEN?

          1. Ken, there was no proof Aubameyang’s contract extension was solely Arteta’s decision. In my opinion, Arsenal and Arteta had to extend Aubameyang’s contract because he was a major part of our FA Cup success at that time

            Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke decided to buy Aubameyang/ Lacazette, whereas Arteta tried to make it work by making them his captains. They were some of the most senior players at Arsenal, so any manager had better give them the captaincies

            1. Gai, what a load of waffle, Arteta made Auba captain and then made Lacca captain, he didn’t have to do either but he did it after Auba was resigned, so he must of approved in both actions.

    2. Saka, yes, Nketiah is not good enough, Elneny two games, and fans think he is the bees knees

      1. Nketiah has shown a lot of improvement, whereas Elneny made us won against three top EPL teams in a row. Elneny is obviously much tidier and more experienced than our young DMs, so we need his experience

    3. Gai, it doesn’t seem Nkethia wants to be a second striker to anyone hence he will leave. I have my doubt if Elneny would still have the physical strength to continue next season in this his present form Arteta may prefer a younger addition to the squad. Saka must enjoy a bomber new contract.

      1. If Nketiah would like to be a regular starter, unfortunately he’s got to find another club. But I hope he stays to compete with the new CF

  4. Extending him without even seeing where we end up by the end of season? This club has no ambition at all

    1. I think for me it shows where this club is at this moment in time and how ambitious they are .
      Unfortunately standards have dropped and this is where we have found ourselves .

      1. Dan Mr Arteta will have no more excuses come next season if the wheels come off he will have his towering CF and inverted LW/RW. If fans keep using the youth project as an excuse then they have truly been duped the youth project is by design, Arteta has spent a fortune and will spend more money this summer. No more top 6 is progress or he’s still got deadwood to clear out the squad is his now, it’s time for Arteta next season to prove all the doubters wrong and I personally hope he does.

        1. So true, Kev82 about the youth project. Youth can only take you so far. We need a blend of promising youth (Which we have) with some proven experienced signings. Liverpool and City will be in the CL every year because they have great youth and proven quality. They also have great managers, admittedly. For sure though we need a proven goal scorer and I still believe Xhaka should be replaced for obvious reasons. Partey is injury prone so maybe we need two in the middle? Youth will only get better but it takes time. To reach the next level we need a squad that is next level. And maybe a manager that is next level? We will see!

          1. GunneRay I’ve said this previously a squad needs a blend of youth and experience, if Arteta goes out this summer and brings in a bunch of u21s again then that’s on him, it kinda seems like that’s his safety card meaning if it goes wrong then he can say well the squad is youthful it’s expected and if it goes right he’s seen as a genius he can’t lose. Partey obviously can’t be relied on neither can Tierney made of glass both of them if we can all see it then surely the manager can too.. he made some good signings last year but despite their age Lokonga and Tavares have been extremely disappointing I see nothing special in those two. I would agree also but it seems the majority see Arteta as the next Klopp/Pep I don’t personally but it is what it is.

      2. Time is what most if not all managerz are not given Hopefully tactically he will evolve.
        His possession style must have plan b ie go direct.Mc shd have won by a canter but were unable to score.
        I believe Spurs will start at tsunami speed to overwhelm the defence
        Thats how they beat Arsenal 5-0 in a league cup game.Be warned

    2. It can be looked at in another way.
      The club is now more ambitious than in a long time.
      Instead of putting everything behind chasing a short term profit with a quick return to the CL and no plan for how to be challengers for the PL title, the club is investing in a long term project, with the ambition to build a young hungry team, which can challenge for the PL title in a few years, and then hopefully for an extended period.

      1. But Anders, where we are today is where we should be as far as time and effort are concerned. If we get top 4, then great. If we dont it would be yet another failure. JUST WAIT. It is not ambitious at all. If we sign him after getting a top 4, then we can argue it is ambitious, anything else is NOT ambitious.

        1. @Reggie
          I don’t agree.
          We haved invested more than any club in new players this year. All young and presumably a few years from reaching their peak.
          IMO a sign of a very ambitious plan. I would also call it ambitious to stick to that plan no matter if we finish 3’rd, 4’th og 5’th. At the moment Arteta is an integral part of that plan, and IMO he has delivered. I guess the club thinks the same.

          1. But MA is talking about “next level”, AndersS. Surely he doesn’t expect to be next level tomorrow on a long term plan? If he wants CL football he will need to have a squad that is able to compete now, surely?

            1. Yes, of course.
              We have invested a lot, despite currently running with a financial loss. Very ambitious, no two ways about it.
              It will of course be an advantage to get CL, as it will help financially.
              But letting Arteta’s job hinge on whether we get it or not, when it most likely could be decided by 1 or 2 points or even goal difference, makes no common sense.
              But of course he is required to deliver again next season. For me that could be cutting the gap to the leading teams to maybe 10-12 points.

              1. AndersS what does he need to deliver next season for you to see as progress in terms of league position? Where is the absolute bare minimum he must finish? Genuine question.

                1. Kev82
                  As written above, my personal opinion is, he must close the gap to the PL winners. I would say if he gets us within 10-12 points next season, it would be good. If not, I hope it will be reevaluated whether he is the right man.

          2. Anders, nobody expects 3rd, Arteta said CL football within 3 years, if he doesn’t get it this year he has failed his own plan. It is only ambitious if he gets it and we extend his contract. If he doesn’t get it, there are no guarantees he would get it next year and that would be 4 years and no CL. We are not treating him with the same rules we treated other managers, thats where the logic falls down. It would be a failure (and no excuse acceptable) if he doesn’t get it this year, when realistically we have been favourites for a good few weeks. Forget the young team baloney people throw as an excuse, HE HAS THE PLAYERS to get 4th.

            1. Actually Reggie it seems Mr. Arteta said CL winners in 3 years according to Willian ofcourse. If we count last season as his first year and this as his second (counting full seasons) then next year we are winning it lol. All jokes aside, I agree with you if he gets CL and they give him a raise fine, if he doesn’t get CL and we are in Thursday league again then maybe options are to be re-evaluated. Currently, he is on the course so maybe the club’s data analytics team predicted CL with high accuracy for the board to give the contract lol.

              1. Reward success, Sid, that has to be the way. No CL this season will be hard to follow.

            2. Reggie.
              The youth strategy and plan is a reality. So is Arteta’s extension.
              Live with it.

              1. I’m not in favour of unbalancing youth and experience. I hope the right balance is achieved

              2. The youth strategy became more clearly defined during last summer when Arteta must have clearly taken stock and seen that the available squad had little chance of competing against the likes of Liverpool and Man City. In the previous transfer windows it appears that there was an attempt to make some relatively modest adjustments by buying the likes of Willian to bolster the squad and make Arsenal more competitive. After a season and half it became quite clear that the squad, even with some reinforcements, was not in shape to be in serious contention for a CL spot especially given what was happening at other big clubs.
                The squad is thus being rebuilt with one eye on the future. Not all the pieces are in place but it is a very good strategy. Arsenal have not qualified for the CL since 2016, so many fans really need to get off the high horses they have been riding. Whether Arsenal make the CL or not, Arteta has done enough to deserve respect and support.

                  1. I disagree.
                    All the players bought by Arsenal last summer were under 24.
                    The word “youth” is quite appropriate in a general sense to describe those players who were signed last year; which was based partly on their potential for further development.
                    All those players and several who have been core parts of the team this season would also meet a ‘’technical’’ definition of ‘’youth’’.

                    1. Stop making out they are all wet behind the ears to use as an excuse. Youths are under 18, stop making it different to what it is. They are professional footballers who are (except for the odd one or two) internationals and Premier league experienced. There is a mixture of older and younger and it was/is done by design. It is a young team, not inexperienced. By the way it is nothing new, i seem to remember a younger squad from utd a few years back, actually win the league.

    3. If you can’t see improvement across the entire club and players you are definitely avoiding it . It’s unmissable regardless of where we finish (not my hand writing).what the club did is a rational choice and the right one but shouldn’t stop us firing him if need be in the nearest future

  5. Congrats to Arteta. He has brought us to this top 4 position by instilling belief and confidence into the team and a resilience not seen earlier. Getting CL football next season is now so so important and the whole project of Arteta may hinge on that. That said, Arsenal will have to look each game by game and Leeds at home is the next challenge. Each of the 4 remaining fixtures are like Cup finals now. Also, from recent reports it seems that the Nigerian striker of Napoli, Victor, prefers Arsenal over United and Newcastle, so thats great news if we are going in for him. Also I would like the contracts of Nketiah and Elneny to be extended and for Saka to sign a long long term contract extension, he represents the DNA of the Arsenal.

  6. Yes I’m still one of those fans who still doubt Arteta’s credibility. The contract extension is wrong timing tbh. It could jinx the rest of the season and where we finish. Rash decision from arsenal to say the least. This just shows they were going to stick with Arteta even if we finished 8th so better to give him now when the mood of the fans are up than if by an off chance, we do not make the top 4. I’m still not 100% convinced by Arteta and don’t think he’s got that special something great coaches like klopp, fergie, wenger, pep, zidane, emery, Ancelotti, mourinho and co have. Techical and tactical ability during the match. We’re stuck with him now against my wish but as an Arsenal fan, I now have no choice than to hope he proves me wrong and become an even greater coach than the names i mentioned. For now, I don’t see it 100%, maybe a little but not thoroughly. Again hope he proves me wrong. I’ll be glad to hold my hands up and admit how wrong I was. Till then, not a smart move by the Arsenal

    1. If we get top 4 we can say great trust and insight by the board. If we dont, its just typical Arsenal, we should have waited, i dont see a problem to reward progress but not to take a punt. It smacks of desperation. JUST WAIT!!!!!!

      1. Reggie I don’t understand “it smacks of desperation “ . Do you mean the board of Arsenal? If so what are they desperate for?

        Sorry to be dim, but theirs dozens of experienced managers out there, so why tie up Arteta who is a rookie….

      2. Reggie just one lucky or unlucky goal or bounce of the ball can well make the difference between getting 4th or 5th.

        Yet you will stick to your 4th or else attitude, which to be fair to you, you have been saying pretty much all season. I think that attitude is nuts, frankly.

        One lucky /unlucky goal or bounce of the ball can in your opinion decide such an important matteras our managere future. It does not work that way in the real world, old son, which is why your “4th or else, no matter what else happens” attitude is crazy!

        1. A missed penalty by Aubameyang against Spurs cost Arsenal a Champions League spot and ultimately Emery his job.

  7. Congrats to him on the new deal. This shows the board trust his work regardless of where we finish in the table..

    One thing you have to give him credit for is the way he has convinced the owner in a short period.
    Mostly managers use to be the victim, but with Arteta he’s able to turn that around at the club..
    His job is safe regardless. But like someone said, the moment the result stop coming, then you should be worried about your job.

  8. Strange we couldn’t wait 3 games, he said 3 years and CL football. After all this time and all this investment, if he fails, then it is just a punt. If we get CL, i have no problem, if we dont, it was a mistake.

    1. I am still surprised that many haven’t come forward to analyze this statement of a champion league trophy in 3 years made by Arteta.
      Perhaps many remember, they just decided not to mention it because it will make the manager look like a joke.

      However there’s still a year left to achieve that, so let wait and see what next season might be.
      After all, we are just one win away from matching Liverpool wins in the league as claimed by many and now they are in the final of the UCl. Maybe next season we will have more win than them in the league and win the Ucl.

      1. The world runs on “over promises and under deliver” from every flipping builder to every politician, don’t get hung up on it, because we are not winning the champions league in the next 10 years. Now I’ve “ under promise and hopefully over deliver…😁

  9. Mr DK
    Always look out for comments and they do make me laugh 😃
    Trying to get back to 4th which we haven’t done for many a year and standards have dropped as you kindly remind us.
    Don’t worry ..contracts mean nothing in this business and no sooner the ink has dried the club could tell him to take a walk which I believe you are hoping for.
    Not sure if the club should have waited until the end of season
    to see where we finish up but for me i am happy we can keep MA and keep moving forward.
    Life could be worse and we could be in a Manure united situation
    I know where I would rather be
    And just for you DK
    Onwards and upwards

    1. Alan, I endorse EVERY one of your words. I could not have said it better. So well said!

      1. Well thank you sir
        I haven’t said any different then probably 90% of JA readers here.
        Unfortunately the other 10% are still in a grey area of wanting to beleive we are moving forward but not sure. . Hopefully i said that without putting anyone nose out of place 🤧
        We all want the same thing and that is for us to rise up again and make a fist of challenging for honors
        Beleive we are on the right track again and MA has too be given credit for that but also know mistakes will be made along the way and disappointment as well as joy will be had.
        Not silly enough to believe we will win the league next year but as long as we are progressing which we are then I will be happy
        Will never be fully happy until we have won the league again but 17 years on I have learnt to become patient

        1. Or just accepted that we will never win a league title under the ownership of the silent one ?

          1. Kev
            I have always spoken out against Silent stan and how he has run our club
            We blame managers for there indifferent results and lambast players for under performing but the buck has and always will stop with the owners in opinion.
            Former owner who sold us out for money and current owners for the way they have run our club for a decade or more.
            For now we are all in a good place
            Club managers, players and majority of fans so why dampened the mood and let’s live for the next 4 games
            I am a half glass ull person so I will always live I hope we will win the League again in my life time
            Onwards and upwards

        2. Agree AB its not like we are expecting TOO much. Most of us are coming up with sound reasons why we should and shouldn’t give him a new contract.

  10. Congratulations to Mikel Arteta on this well deserved achievement. We hope for even greater achievements under Mikel. What needs to be done now is for Kroenke to enable Arteta purchase new quality players who will take the club to that next level. We are very optimistic about the future.

  11. The amount of money Arteta has spent, results he has turned up with and the type if football we are playing doest not qualify him for contract extension. It just shows club has no ambition and how low the standards at Arsenal have fallen.

    1. Logic but we don’t see through the rose tinted Arteta glasses those who wear them see free flowing exciting football.

  12. So MA hasn’t got the time to discuss contracts with players because he wants them to be focused (even though they can and already are talking to foreign clubs)but no such concerns when it comes to himself.sincerely,am I missing something?

    1. I think the contract might have been signed long time ago, they just decided to announce it now when things are working out in his favor.
      Remember this contract has been on for a while, so I assumed he has signed it long time before the news even break out.

        1. It does make sense although it may not make sense to you. You should ask kaay to explain it to you in better detail rather than say it doesn’t make sense.

  13. Time is what most if not all managerz are not given Hopefully tactically he will evolve.
    His possession style must have plan b ie go direct.Mc shd have won by a canter but were unable to score.
    I believe Spurs will start at tsunami speed to overwhelm the defence
    Thats how they beat Arsenal 5-0 in a league cup game.Be warned

  14. Good.

    The next 2 games are vital. If we can beat Leeds and Spurs, Then top4 is guaranteed.

    Looking forward to St Totteringham’s day.

    I wish we could extend the contract of Elneny and Nketiah.

    We also have to sign a top CF in the summer.

    Haller/Gabriel Jesus/Nkonku

    Any of the 3 above is fine by me.

  15. Week in and week out it’s the same thing. We read how bad Arteta is and that he has no tactics etc. And here we are battling for a place in Europe and that with a bunch of players who were doubted and not highly rated by anyone on this platform. I can tell you one thing though, to do what he has done takes a special type of manager to do that. Getting rid of under performers. Improving the atmosphere at the Emirates stadium and going out and signing players who would fit the mold. We need to remind some of our members on Just Arsenal, there were not many managers willing to take on this project and be this bold. For the first time in ages players realize there is no place to hide. MA’s ruthlessness is a blessing in disguise. Most us knew that to remold this team would take a mammoth task and it would require time and patience. Now we can clearly see the project taking shape. If we can get rid of some more players, and replace them with the right profile then we would a different team come next season. Congratulations to Mikel Arteta on his new contract. Bigup 👍to the the board for supporting the manager and showing faith in him. It shows they have a clear plan and direction where they want to take this team. Upward and Onward.

    1. Not many managers willing to take on the project?
      1. Getting 250 million to spend in 18 months, and likely well over 300 million by Summer’s end.

      2. Complete control over the roster of players; loans, sales, even ripping up contracts and paying Auba to leave.

      3. No fear of the sack in spite of finishing 8th twice.

      4. Playing unsightly football most of the time with a slight smattering of games where we were fluid and entertaining on the pitch.

      Yeah, what manager in their right mind would agree to work under those limitations and conditions?

      Does anyone known if Arsenal even interviewed Naggelsmann or Ten Hag? Did they even contact Conte?

      Hard for me to imagine a top manager wouldn’t jump at the chance to manage Arsenal with that budget, level of control, and no fear of getting sacked for 2 1/2 years.

  16. Now Arteta has to deliver and pay back the confidence the owners have put into him.
    No more excuses. We want more progress..

  17. Dboy, do you care to name the underperforming players and tell us how they are performing with clubs they play for currently. Sometimes fans forget these players are not robots and have emotions which might hinder performances. Since Auba had left us I have never read any bad reviews about him from his current club. So is Mari, Niles, Torrera, Mari, Kolasinac, etc. Even Ozil has 7 goals and 6 assists before his issue with is club. You all think Arteta has done well here and deserves an extension but I tell in 15 out of 20 clubs in epl he would have been sacked with some his results last season and this season. If progress is losing 13 games last season and currently losing 11 with 4 games to go is progress then I don’t see it. I have not even mentioned our performance. I will praise him when the result is good and bad with good performance and I will criticize him when the result is bad with bad performance. I don’t support him but I support the club and I have been before he started playing football professionally. Goodluck and congratulations to him.

  18. Congratulations to the gaffer on his contract extension.

    This contract was a timely one and like the owners I have seen enough to warrant the renewal.
    The fact that we are ahead of schedule, there no need to linger on much further with it,

    His superiors thinking out of the box as this will be a clear indication when diving into the market, the upward trajectory will marquee incomings.

    In ending it must be noted this is not a holiday package, and the gaffer will be held accountable.

    Congrats too to the powers that be

  19. This is just a PR stuff
    Just imagine if we narrowly lose the top 4 to spurs and Arteta’s contract was renewed there will be many disgruntled fans then
    They just had to do it now while hoping for the best since the management has decided to give him a new contract regardless of the league position
    It’s all about the timing that most people are complaining about but all things considered I understand why they choose to do it now though personally I’m not for it

  20. I’m ok with Arteta extension but everyone would know that in the same way that I know those who are less than keen

    I read so much about how far the club has fallen and fallen to where? Below top4? What is the time frame? Like it or not the last Wenger years onwards until now haven’t been fantastic but it looks as though we are on an upward trajectory. The post Fergie years have been disastrous for ManU despite the fortunes spent to get them back to the top. Perhaps they should have embarked upon the same sort of overhaul that is going on at Arsenal.

    That old favourite of mine – patience- is in short supply for so many. When did we last win the Prem? How many clubs have won it in recent times without the massive injection of finance from the super wealthy?

  21. For those interested,this an extract of an article in the Athletic (today) about MA new contract.
    When Mikel Arteta was under greatest strain, Arsenal showed the greatest support. As the team toiled to a disappointing run of defeats, the club were putting the finishing touches to a new three-year contract for Arteta. There can be no doubt now about the club’s commitment to their young manager.

    In some respects, this deal was inevitable. Arteta has constantly held strong support among the Arsenal hierarchy. Even when results have dipped, their faith in him has been unwavering. When Arsenal lost the first three games of the Premier League season, leaving the team goalless and bottom of the table, Arteta received public and private reassurance over his position.

    When they lost three matches in a fortnight at the start of April, the club went further still. Although there had been discussions about a new contract for some time, this was the moment the hierarchy chose to present him with a formal offer. Arteta was taken aback and moved.

    “That doesn’t happen in football,” said the 40-year-old manager. “The belief they have in myself, the coaching staff and what we’re doing… the people that we have now owning and leading this football club… I hadn’t seen it, and I just got emotional when I saw it because I thought these guys are serious and committed, so I’d better push forward.”

    From then on, the agreement itself was a formality…..

  22. According to Arteta, the contract was offered right after our third straight loss. I love that.

    It is a sign of an owner with a long term outlook. Believe in your staff, back them in the hard times even when they’ve make mistakes. Double down on them and, more times than not, they’ll pay you back.

    1. Here the 2nd part:
      For some, presenting a contract offer at the very point when the team are struggling for results may appear backwards. After all, Arteta has not been a faultless manager — like any young coach, he has made mistakes. His handling of big stars, such as Mesut Ozil and more recently Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, has attracted particular scrutiny. There are certainly those among the Arsenal fans who would have preferred to see how the final four games of the season transpire before committing to a new deal. Some see the club’s unshakeable faith in Arteta as unwarranted, and potentially dangerous.

      The Arsenal hierarchy — including the Kroenke family, who own the club — see things otherwise. The club are now guaranteed to finish in the top six. After a season outside of continental competition, they will have Europa League football in 2022-23 at the very least. Moreover, there is a general sense of progress and positivity. Arsenal are improving with the youngest team in the league, and early indications on season ticket renewals are good.

      The specific timing of Arsenal’s show of faith may be surprising — but the club were looking at trends, not at scorelines. It’s a victory for a word that has become synonymous with Arteta’s reign: process.

      The club took the step of announcing Arteta’s new contract in conjunction with a new deal for their women’s head coach Jonas Eidevall. Just minutes after Arteta addressed the media at London Colney on Friday, Eidevall conducted a press conference of his own and was asked whether he accepts his Arsenal tenure will be defined by that most tangible of successes: trophies.

      “I really don’t look at it that way,” said Eidevall. “It’s like going to the team to say, ‘Today you need to win’. Of course you need to win, everyone needs to win. But it’s how you do things that matters, and that you find a process that works. If you’re successful with that, you will in trophies. Then it’s about having belief in that process, and keeping on doing it even if things are hard.” With both their men’s and women’s teams, Arsenal have landed on a process — and a pair of managers — that they are prepared to trust.

      The hierarchy’s decision to offer Arteta a new deal — and indeed to announce it before the season’s climax — is a demonstrable show of support. It is a declaration that the vagaries of results will not deter them from their commitment to the project. Arsenal are sending a message: not just to Arteta, but to their fans, and the wider football world.

      There is a lot of hand-wringing over managerial contracts, whereas the reality is that this new deal doesn’t materially change much: Arteta will continue to be judged on his day-to-day management of the club. If things fall into disarray, the agreement will be terminated long before its 2025 expiry.

      Communication, then, is a significant part of this. While Arsenal’s league performance suggests they have improved on the field this season, there have also been improvements off it. Since last summer, Arsenal have been able to communicate a clear vision, a clear project — often through actions rather than words. The signings of six players aged 23 or under and the decision to give the No 7 and No 10 shirts to Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe made clear this was a project focused on youth and development.

      A new deal for Arteta tells its own story: it makes plain he is the man at the heart of the project. It tells supporters that Arsenal intend to continue on this trajectory. It’s also an important box to tick ahead of a summer of crucial negotiations. Arsenal have made contact with the representatives of Saka to negotiate a new contract — he can now enter those talks assured of Arteta’s future. Similarly, prospective signings will have the security of knowing who will be at the helm should they sign. Arsenal have also tied down a manager whose own star may well be on the rise.

      Meanwhile, in the short term, Arsenal will hope this announcement provides the squad with a boost in the battle for fourth place. Champions League qualification would be some way for Arsenal and Arteta to celebrate the renewal of their vows

        1. You’re actually right SueP,you could be forgiven for believing this was a club’s statement and not an article.

          1. The strategy to achieve success was clearly outlined last summer.
            Given that Arteta was entrusted with it from then it is reasonable to extend his contract given how the season has gone so far.
            Some people are insisting that Arsenal should have waited till the end of the season. This is an unnecessarily rigid perspective.
            It is always going to be possible to review a contract if there is no evidence of progress.

  23. Seriously, some people need curb their own EGO’s and pride. The same basher / pessimist crew seem to be going through a mental meltdown just because the club just extended Arteta’s contract. One might be led to believe that Arteta has us fighting relegation this season by the somber comments from the usual suspects “Arteta Bashment crew.”

    The personal dislike and personal grudges against Arteta seem to be deeply rooted with some. They drew their red lines by December 2020 and it looks like they see nothing positive about Arteta whatsoever. The longer he keeps defying their wishes for him to fail, the players to turn on him, the fanbase to turn on him and the board to get rid of him the more p!ssed off they seem to get..

    I am not Artetas biggest fan but my goodness, Some people have got to cool down their personal dislike and grudges again him. He is doing somewhat okay at the moment, I don’t see the need to constantly be this negative towards him no matter what.

    It seems like some peoples livelihoods will never be contented or happy until Arteta is gone from the club.

    Curb your egos and pride until Arteta start disintegrating again, then you can celebrate. But for now he is doing just about okay. Lets stop with the never ending negativity, it’s draining..

    1. Fair point.

      Problem is that some people have blind faith when the inevitable disintegration starts to happen so when posters like myself state the ‘bleeding obvious’ we are accused of having an agenda or egotistical.

      And the scratched record starts again.

      What is apparent is that we all like this team, what we can’t agree on is that is MA the right man to lead it?

      I always say is it is healthy to debate, but to cut someone’s opinion dead because you don’t agree is quite childish and creates a split in the fan base.

      And as MA keeps saying… they need the fanbase more involved.

      1. ‘Inevitable disintegration’ happens under the majority of managers so that your belief that you will be proved right is virtually inevitable

      2. @Nikerless Bender
        Let me be honest, the OTT Arteta critics keep using terms like “ You are a Arteta Lover. Arteta Tinted glasses, Blind Arteta Faith” etc when referring to those that try to be positive towards Arteta. And the OTT Arteta lover might also use terms like “Arteta Haters” etc when referring to anyone that criticises Arteta. But I do think we have majority Arteta critics than Lover on here and other Gunners fans forums. Everyone in both thinks they have the Facts on their side. But what kind of Objective template can we use to try to decipher which of the two sides has more objective middle of the road FACTS on their side? Because to me we can all claim to have the true / real facts on our side, but what kind of Facts are they? Are these facts subject to personal interpretation? Can I come up with irrelevant / minuscule Facts just for the sake of wanting to confirm my own biases? It’s like this nonsense with Stats, people will bury themselves in analysis such and such stat in order to confirm their agendas / biases. We all can twist and interpret any Stat / Fact to suit our own narrative.

        I will give you an example. There is this talking about how Arteta has been financially backed more than Wenger and Emery.. Arteta has been given a £250 million fortune spend. But then when you dig deep you will find that Wenger and Emery were also as financially backed as Arteta. You might find that Arteta has been given about £250 million, wenger was given about £240 million, Emery was given about £230 million etc.. The actual Fact will show that it’s true that Arteta has been given more £10 more than wenger and £20 million more than Emery etc.. But you will consistently hear people saying “Arteta has been financially backed more than all his predecessors etc”.
        For an average joe on the street that kind of statement comes off as “Wow, Arteta must have been given £400 million more than his predecessors.” But in reality it is much more nuanced, it’s is a £10-£20 million difference. That’s the context.. It’s like a car salesman or politician rhetorical talk. Very ambiguous..

        I keep saying to people, try to be as objective and nuanced as possible. The world is not just Up and down, Left and Right, Good or Bad etc, there is always a grey zone in most aspects..

      3. @Nikerless Bender
        So you are just an Arteta cynical pessimist?
        You are just keep waiting for him to disintegrate and then celebrate with “See? I was right all along. Been proven right”.?

  24. I’m totally disappointed at the timing of this decision.

    I keep seeing the word ‘ambitious’ by fellow posters but this isn’t an ambitious decision. It is a gutless easy decision by the Kronkes.

    People are thinking that he will become a great of the game… and that we will eventually play with Pep’s ideology. Since he has been here we have evolved into David Moyes West Ham as we play exactly the same way.

    What people seem to forget is that we are not fighting for top 4 because we are tactically better, it is because everyone around us has been worst.

    I see that he has said that he wants to a ‘improve our players’. What does that mean? It can’t be from coaching as I have not seen any vast improvement in our players technical and tactical abilities and it can’t be recruitment as no elite player will tolerate massaging MA’S ego.

    So I say again… OH DUCKING DUCK.

    1. How do we play exactly the same way as moyes’ westham,we’ve outsmarted them in every fvcking way if your memory is failing you.

      1. If you paid attention to what I said is that we are set up exactly the same way as West ham.

        But, to explain in simple terms…

        4 2 3 1 or 4 5 1

        In addition, we didn’t out smart them. We just had better players performing on the day. At the Emirates we were lucky for an iffy red card and Martinelli and ESR taking their opportunities. West Ham had opportunities to make the score line less flattering.

        At the London Stadium, a bit better but we scored from 2 set peices and was lucky that Ramsdale was not sent off. Nketiah had opportunities to put the game to bed but didn’t. West Ham also had an eye for the European Game as their champions league qualification was dependent on that result and not against us.

        The two games were very close.

        So I wouldn’t say we outsmarted them but on the day we had the rub of the green. But playing football we play requires a great amount of luck as we cannot systematically break teams down.

  25. At the end of day why would Arsenal sack Arteta now after the backing in the summer transfer window it was clear it was a long term plan so to sack him and bring in a new manager to start all over again makes no sense whatsoever! In Arteta we trust!

  26. Well, this cynic views the timing a little differently.

    Man City just lost out on another attempt at winning the UCL.

    Winning that cup was a known priority of the club

    Is there a chance that Pep may be fired, or may leave Man City after another failure?

    Maybe Arsenal were taking NO CHANCES that Arteta might be offered that Job.

  27. Am affirmative we will be in the champions league…..however we need to realize Our manager, might be young but very intelligent, some fans may feel we are underachieving through him. However let’s see how he fares in the transfer window and managing the squad amidst UCL, EPL, FA AND QARABAO cups competition.

    I expect the club to set the following targets for him.

    1. Get to the quarter finals of QARABAO cup (minimum)

    2. Semi of FA Cup (Minimum)

    3. Quarter final of UCL (Minimum)

    4. Finnish minimum 4th in the league.

    5. Score minimum 90 goals across 38 league goal (instilling attacking trait in the team)…while conceding very low

    6. Appear in a cup final.

    A club on three season building process should achieve those as payoff of their building …..

  28. Just my opinions:

    I am happy about the Arteta’s contract extension. I think he will do well.

    I doubt manager shopping every year is being ambitious. It’s actually shortsightedness. And impatience as well. And also shows a club that can’t hold onto its own principles and gives in to the fans and media pressure.

    I’m glad he’s young, his mind isn’t be shrouded by “experience” because football has changed a lot since several years now, and any experience before that probably won’t be helpful as touted. A manager needs to be inventive and adaptive like Pep and Klopp, not tied to a method like Mourinho and Conte. I am hopeful that gives Arteta an edge to be more inventive and adaptive as the time goes. And he has learned from the adaptive master himself.

    And lastly, I just can’t wait for the summer transfers and how that shapes arsenal’s squad next season.

  29. Boy! I’m so glad fans don’t call the shots for clubs especially Arsenal.

    We would have ruined it.

  30. yah arteta has played agrate job to the team but he should get the way of convincing good players who are on loan autside especilly middfield he has maitland niles,gwendouzi all are stll young he added lokonga at the same place now he wantz talizmam forgetting that totalz he has NO number 11,n serious number 9 at his team am sorry for him if rely on young attacking force for champions league we shall see lets wait next season

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