Arteta pleads his innocence after Aubameyang’s comments

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has claimed that he has nothing to feel guilty about after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang claimed that the Spaniard was to blame for their relationship break.

The Gabon international has been the club captain since the Spaniard took charge of the club back in December 2019, and they were believed to have had a positive relationship for much of their time together, but things had gone sour over the last 12 months.

It is uncertain where this breakdown started, but it became known for the first time when the Spaniard dropped his captain against north London rivals Spurs last season, with Auba left as an unused substitute for the big game victory.

There has been some other issues since, although there is no official comments from either party to admit to which claims are true or false, but the relationship took a drastic turn when the manager dropped him from the playing squad ahead of Southampton in December, with him then stripped of the club captaincy in the days after.

Aubameyang has since departed for Barcelona, and has since claimed that his only problem was with Arteta, and the manager has now pleaded his innocence.

With all the information on offer, I think there is no question that Aubameyang had stepped out of line on more than one occasion, but it would be naive to believe that the manager played no part in the downfall of their relationship, and whether his decisions work out for the club will reveal themselves in the long run.

At this point, I have to believe that this situation couldn’t be helped, and that the team is better off without the distraction of Auba’s antics, and that the team will be fine without him.

Do you think the majority of the blame lies with the player, or will the manager have to answer for his actions also?


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    1. I get why this would be the case Declan, but it reminds me of the whole Wengerian armband parting gift era, which was far more about the monopolizing of power than doing what was best for the team

    2. Strange decision considering he’s leaving, I get he is one of the few senior players but we should be looking to the future.

      1. I just wish that if Arteta was going to emulate his former manager it would have been the pre-Emirates incarnation and not the latter days version

  1. Auba is gone now so it doesn’t really matter what went on, all that matters now is for Arteta to stop talking and make sure his team delivers tomorrow night! COYG 👊

  2. Technical couching and game strategy aside, Arteta on the human relationship and handling needs some attention and mending. With about 3 stars under his axe and exit, something smells of his temperament and acid stance when it comes to how to use the positive side of a star and manage the player. All Managers at one time or other will have deal with this situation between Manager and Player. There is always the risk of friendly fire where justice is not tempered with reasoning.

  3. All said and done I hope Arteta improves on his man management for the good of Arsenal football club. The club is above everything, player and manager. Since Auba is gone, Arteta must focus on the work at hand and win as many games as possible in the remainder of the season to take Arsenal to top 4. Wat matters now is only Arsenal making it to the top 4, everything else is secondary.

    1. What do you mean by improving his man management? Can you give specific examples of problems with man management? Does the fact that he has allowed the transfer or loan of underperforming players equate to being unable to man manage players?

      1. Yes it does equate to bad man management. Arteta is a football genius, but doesn’t know how to enjoy people even though they disagree with him. Continuous infringing of his rules should result in continuous little fines, and extra practices, and maybe train him in a separate field for one day. But keep it light hearted and encouraging and positive. Only narcissists can’t stand being disagreed with. Allow players like Auba or Guendozi to remain in disagreement about their one or two infringements. No two people will agree about everything. Then be nice, kind, and forget it ever happened.

  4. You have to read about the discipline problems in other clubs including Manchester United to understand arteta better. He made the correct decision. Auba had abused his privileges which was disruptive to the team. He needed to go. Arsenal is doing better at this time in their rebuilding phase. We need to be patient. We will be in the top 6 and top 4 is attainable. Let’s support arsenal.

    1. @John, I sincerely agree with you and if I may add few words, the approach MArteta adopt in managing players is very brutal and that has painted him red in our books.
      Aubayang leaving is subject to few factors
      1. He’s devalued simply because he lost his boots and Arsenal was kind of having a smooth run at the time.
      2. No matter the amount of money they saved in driving him to Barcelona, it is simply a fair deal.

  5. Arteta should be managing Robots not Humans. Yes its true that most managers on their ways up are overzealous and erratic but Arteta is a special case.

    Who is next after Auba. We will wait to see

    1. “We will wait and see “who’s next after Auba?, not me Abul, that’s not why I support the Arsenal, I am waiting and seeing our games for the rest of the season rather than tittle tattle and that fortunately starts tonight, good luck to the boys, victoria concordia crescit

      On the article “Arteta pleads his innocence”, “Arteta has claimed that he has nothing to feel guilty about”?, please he didn’t do either of those two things

      I saw the interview, he was asked about Auba, he didn’t criticise Auba, he admitted that he had made some mistakes, he said he appreciated what Auba had done for the Club, he said that he was the solution in reference to the outcome being the best for all parties (inc Auba) and he said he did it for the Club and the Team, that’s his job

  6. @David
    Prime examples are Saliba and AMN. What did Saliba do not to deserve a place in the Arsenal line up, why was he not even given a fair chance to prove himself? Why was AMN first told he is in the plans and than later not played at all, not even as a sub. We desperately needed midfielders during AFCON and with AMN probably the League Cup and the FA Cup would have had different results. Anyway, as I said all that is secondary now and what matters most is Arsenal winning as many games as possible to make a strong push for top 4.

  7. The same mistake again…..captain should be a defender or midfielder…….hope his form don’t drop after being made captain……

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