Arteta pleased with first year but recent form is “taking the gloss off”

So we have now had Mikel Arteta in charge at Arsenal for one whole year, and although things have hardly gone well for the Gunners on the pitch in the last couple of months, we must admit he did start the year in a very positive way after taking over a team in disarray after Unai Emery left in a cloud.

And Mikel is right that it has been one of the strangest years ever since the coronavirus caused unprecedented upheaval to the whole world, never mind just the footballing calendar in the UK, which Arteta was obliged to point out on “I think it has been one of the most challenging years in the club’s history for many, many different reasons. I think we have made a lot of progress and implanted a lot of positive things that have worked really well. We have gone through structural changes right across the club that has obviously shaken the club, big time.

“I would say the highlights of the year is the two trophies that we have won together, and the most disappointing thing is that we haven’t had our fans with us to take us through this difficult moment. I think it could have been a really, really positive year but the recent form in the Premier League is taking the gloss off what we have done in the calendar year. But we have to accept that our Premier League form in recent weeks is not good enough for this football club.

“I know, and I realise, how difficult the job is in normal conditions when you get to a club that goes through what we have had to go through in a year, and on top of that we have a pandemic that is affecting the whole industry. The way that you can even live your profession and then do what you want to do normally is even more challenging. But this is what we have.

“At the same time, I am telling you I love what I do, I feel so lucky and privileged to represent this football club and the circumstances and context that is in this moment are where they are, and we have to face them because there is no other choice.”

The Cup win and Community Shield were welcome distractions to Arsenal fans after a very gloomy 2019, but right now we are unsire even if Arteta will still be here when another year has gone by.

This is definitely the most challenging period in his tenure, and we can but hope that the Boss can turn things around very quickly and prepare us a for a successful 2021.


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