Arteta praises Gabriel’s ‘character’ after shocking home invasion attempt

Gabriel Magalhaes had to fight off three attackers as they tried to enter his home and steal the keys to his car, and the manager was asked to comment on the incident.

The Brazilian was confronted outside his house as he returned home from a night out, with three attackers demanding the keys to his £45,000 Mercedes, but the defender managed to fend them off, and one of the criminals has already been charged because of it.

One of the three must have lost their hats during the incident, with DNA from the hat leading police to a known criminal Abderaham Muse.

It remains to be seen if the defender will need time to recover, or whether he is in the right frame of mind to play, but the manager has praised his character for how he dealt with the shocking event when asked to comment during his pre-match press conference.

“Obviously it is not a nice thing to go through when you have family involved and they are trying to access your house,” Arteta is quoted at as stating. “Gabi showed a lot of character, you see the reaction he had straight away. Credit to the boy. After that he was fine. Obviously he was shocked, there were a few things he wanted to change in his life to try to prevent those things happening and the club gave him all the support that was needed to try to forget about the situation, learn from it and move on.”

The defender showed great instincts to fend off his attackers, but I would imagine that he could well have had some sleepless nights from all the emotions, with possible fears about his family or their home being targeted again.

It wouldn’t be a huge shock to see him start the upcoming match on the bench, but we hope he is in the right frame of mind to compete, as he would no doubt be a loss to our line-up if he wasn’t available.


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  1. @Patrick it happened in August when he was injured and not playing and the criminal got 5 years in prison last month. He has played 10 times since the incident and whilst we all have sympathy for him, why would he “not be in the right frame of mind now and on the bench”? Looks to me like you don’t do proper research before writing these articles.

    1. Agreed

      also, hes from brazil
      here we get robbed, with a rifle on our face
      a guy with a f*cking bat, could never had bother him

    2. Like, I am also just hearing about the Gabriel’s incident, as it was never made public, until recently. So, I wouldn’t blame the writer of the article 🤔.

  2. This sort of foot in mouth amateur comment shows how very little Patrick knows about our club.

    This terrible incident was widely reported as to happening back in August and an inhouse writer OUGHT to have known this!

    It reflects very badly on Patrick and makes him look a real amateur.

  3. Jon- I’m hearing this for the first time. Are you suggesting that means I know very little about our club?

  4. I am also hearing it for the first time. Great of Gabriel to fend off the 3 goons, must have been terrible emotionally. Fantastic of him to take things in his stride and be cool and composed and give stellar performances for Arsenal week in week out, even after the horrific incident.

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