Arteta promises Lacazette talks at end of season

It would appear that Mikel Arteta’s clear out of all the older and underused Arsenal players is nearly complete, and with Alexandre Lacazette’s contract finishing this summer, it was thought that our oldest remaining player (one month older than Cedric) would be looking for one big final contract before he retires.

There is no doubt that there will be many suitors considering he is still playing at a very high standard, although his prowess as a goal scorer seems to have waned, but he more than makes up for this with his work-rate and myriad assists.

Mikel Arteta has been asked many times whether Arsenal would offer the Frenchman an extension, but the Boss admitted yesterday that they would not be making any decisions until the end of the season.

Arteta told “Yeah, we have discussions as you know and at the end of the season, once we know where we are, we will make a decision all together. I don’t want anyone to think about something else that is not that. The decision, we agreed, is to do it in the summer and we’re going to do it as soon as the season is finished.”

The fact is that, if Arsenal finally guarantee European fotball next season as seems likely, Arteta will need a much larger squad to handle all the extra games, and with quite a few players expected to move on anyway, it would he helpful to have one less player that needs replacing.

One thing is for sure, Arsenal fans are guaranteed to have a very exciting summer transfer window!

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  1. Lacazette does well on the pitch when he plays standing instead of falling most of the time in the BOX expecting referees’ whistles for fowl against opponents.Every time Laca plays standing, his assists are perfect. Let Arteta take note of this caution to him. Assists for goals are equally goals instead of wasting scoring opportunities.
    Laca should know this fact.

  2. Can’t fault his work rate and the team have performed better with him playing but could do with some goals from him.

  3. Giving him a new contract is what is best for business cos a player of his quality is gonna be very useful come next season especially in cl and to ease pressure on the incoming striker who will compete with him for a starting role.

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