Arteta proud of his players improvement despite Man City defeat

Last night’s 1-0 defeat to Man City may have been Arsenal’s 29th game away at our Top 6 rivals without a win, but to be fair we are used to being beaten easily, especially by Man City at the Etihad.

Many will say that City were weaker than usual without De Bruyne to lead them, but the fact is that the stats indicate that we were not as poor as some of our readers think they were. City only had 58% of the possession, and the Gunners managed 11 shots on their goal, only 2 less than the amount Leno had to deal with, and we actually came close to scoring a few times.

A lot of Arsenal fans may not be happy anyway, but Mikel Arteta knows how hard it is to win at the Etihad, and feels that our team put in a very spirited performance against his old side. “Well obviously I’m upset because we lost the game,” he told after the game. “but I have to say that I’m extremely proud of the players for the performance they put in, and the type of game that we were able to play. Where we took the game, what we were able to do, how we were able to restrict them… and for me it was the attitude of the team, to come here and do what we did today… I was there for four years, I’ve seen a lot of teams come here and it’s very, very difficult to do that.”

And did he like the hard work and attitude showed by his team? “Yes, but the courage as well that we had without the ball and with the ball to play, and create the chances that we created. But at the end of the day, when you come here and create three or four big chances you have to put them in the net.”

Last time we went to the Etihad we had a very tough dayand lost 3-0, so does Arteta think this shows improvement? “I’m very encouraged because I see the progress every day.” he continued. “I see how united they come in, I see the chemistry that they are creating them, how much belief they have in what we are trying to do. To compare the two games, I don’t think it’s fair because we had two very early injuries [in June] and we played 45 minutes with 10 men. So it’s difficult.”

I am seeing a lot of despondency amongst our fans this morning, but I would just like to say that the fact is that in the 8 competitive games we have played so far this season, we have only lost the 2 games away at both Liverpool and Man City, who were far and away the top two teams last season. Is that such a bad record considering we are still in the early days of Arteta’s reign?

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  1. We have improved but need more creativity and pace through the midfield and up front. We are much better defending these days but our attacking, playing out from the back is woefully slow. I’m not despondent just a bit disappointed with our forward play.

  2. I know results are probably all that matter, but I’m despondent not because of the result. It’s mainly because of the rather uninspiring way we have been playing lately

  3. I agree with your sentiments Declan.With Partey on board, I hope Arteta will encourage our defenders to push higher up the pitch and tighten the links with our midfielders.The trouble is , there is a lack of pace at centre back which is why Luis and Holding feel obliged to drop off rather than hold a higher line.Every area of the team needs to improve and our front three must provide more runs off the ball to create more options for our midfielders.The lack of pace in midfield can be corrected by using AMN in that area but whether he has the technical ability to retain possession and be creative is another matter.

  4. A 1-0 away loss to Man City is a creditable result. Most teams will struggle at the Etihad. A win v Leicester next round and Arsenal will be 2nd. Empty stadium football has created a level playing field. Every game is like a training session in a morgue. It’s like permanent pre season football where the results are meaningless. Arsenal Aston Villa Everton and Leeds could be the top four. There have been so many bizarre results already. It’s a season like no other. Covid has been the best thing to happen to Arsenal’s title chances since 2004.

  5. That wasn’t eleven shots on target though was it, I can think of four at the most including two that Ederson made great saves from, but for most of the game he had an easy time of it. Another team recently had runners who got beyond City’s defence & scored five. Did nobody at Arsenal notice this?

  6. Yes Mr Arteta, we are all proud of our players, but there is something lacking
    They must SUSTAIN their winning Spirit. They cannot depend on Aubameyang’s goals alone. That is demanding too much and giving him too much pressure.
    Look for a way to put Nketiah to start with Auba at the same time
    Let Lacazette learn to Chang positions like SAKA /AMN have successfully done. Try him at the 10 and he will shock you.

  7. Forward line was out of shape particularly willian and Abumeyang.Willian has’nt shown his high attributes since Folham match.looked as if he is exhausted and distracted.Even Abumeyang since he signed the contract,he has’nt shown his clinical skills.I think Arteta’s capable to maintain these weaknesses, whether they are physical،technical or psychological.I’m very optimistic, this season we w’ll be successful.

  8. Well Admin PAT, congrats on writing a realistic article and suggesting to those who think we are not good enough – most fans judging from many “woe is me” comments – how wrong they are.

    You only suggest it in your Admin “sit on the fence” way of course but I, being upfront and honest, will say it loud and clear. I realise Admins cannot be so blunt and to the point as I am, of course !

    We are massively improved and I was proud and heartened by the performance at City, in stark contrast to all the juvenile moaning minnies I have been laughingly reading. POOR SUICIDAL ENTITLED LITTLE KIDS!

    I recognise the great quality of this manager and given a couple more windows and the chance to get some remaining deadwood out and better quality in, which I know will happen, I can hardly wait for the near future!

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