Arteta ready to start heavy spending this summer

Arsenal’s transfer activities are expected to step up a gear now after the Gunners signed Nuno Tavares.

The Gunners have had a quiet transfer window so far with the Portuguese left-back being the only player whose arrival has been confirmed so far.

However, the Daily Mail says his move will be the start of a spending spree and Mikel Arteta is now expected to make a few more additions to his squad before the season starts.

The Athletic reports that they will need a new goalkeeper and they are expected to make an official bid for Aaron Ramsdale.

The Englishman was relegated with Sheffield United last season, but he is one of the best shot-stoppers in England.

Arsenal could make him their number one ahead of the inconsistent Bernd Leno at the Emirates.

They could land Max Aarons from Norwich City and he is expected to join as a replacement for Hector Bellerin.

Ruben Neves is also being targeted with the report claiming that he is seen as the ideal midfield partner for Thomas Partey. He is currently valued at £35m.

They also plan to give a new deal to Emile Smith Rowe and the report says if they achieve their targets this summer, their lineup would be very different in the 2021/2022 season.

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  1. I think we are not in the need of a gk..if leno wants to go then we should try onana who is not that expensive and reserve founds to other positions.

    Neves is not the Quality we should be looking for

    1. With only Okonwaya and Hein to back up Leno we most certainly ARE in need of a gk!! Onana is joining a french side

    2. Pardon me, but isn’t this the keeper who is serving a drugs ban, and is anyway being advised not to sign for us?

      1. One ex pro saying this doesn’t exactly amount to “being advised”, Bb – If it did, imagine the damage that Paul Merson could do…

  2. Decent business so far but we still need a backup keeper, rb, dm, can and possibly striker.
    In: Johnstone(£15m) muldur(£10m) koopmeiners(£18m) maddison(£60m) ings(£20m)
    Out: runnarson bellerin torreira maitland miles? xhaka William nketiah laca?

    Muldur White Gabriel Tierney
    Partey Koopmeiners
    Maddison/Smith Rowe
    Saka Auba/Ings Pepe

    1. so how can you say it’s been decent business so far when we haven’t actually acquired anybody to fill our most immediate needs, minus a back-up at LB??? in my estimation, if these were the only incoming transfers this would be an incredibly underwhelming window…hopefully more pertinent moves are on the horizon

      1. ‘so far’ Maybe I was being generous there but it’s not like I said good or great business, anyway we are in agreement it’s not enough and if the window ends with just those three signed then that’s not good enough

        1. we’re definitely in agreement on that fact…why is it that this team can’t seem to identify it’s most pressing needs at season’s end then aggressively target those individuals who are best suited to address those prescribed needs…the fact that we have seemingly paid over the number for a defender who has literally proven nothing, as of yet, before we properly addressed our most glaring deficiencies, just rubs me the wrong way…of course, that doesn’t mean he won’t prove to be a good buy, it just means that if we really want to change the perplexing transfer window narrative that has plagued this club since we cut the ribbon at the Emirates, minus the early window Sanchez purchase, we must fundamentally change the way in which we conduct business

  3. Midfielder are must . One cam
    And one defensive . Their number one target for defensive MF is Locatelli and for CAM it is Odegaurd.
    No 2 target for DM is Ruben Navaz and CM should be Maddisson. If we don’t strengthen this 2 position then forget top 6

    1. People see him as being too similar to Xhaka Wizzy, although in reality he seems a much more complte player – I can’t see any other reason. I too would prefer rather more attacking options if I had to choose, but if I didn’t then I’d love him here.

  4. Whats worrying is our goal tally last season despite having fire powers like Auba, Laca, Saka, Pepe. So either (1)they are incompetent or (2)MA’s tactic is shit..

    We have done nothing to solve this issue.. either (1) buy a new attacker or (2)hire a new manager.. This is gonna be another dry, boring season if nothing is done.

    1. Jah Son endorsing you doesn’t do you any favours G4L as he is perhaps our most negative contributor.
      Saka is not an out an out striker and is not played for his goals, so maybe leave him out of this.
      Many fans don’t want a new striker as it is pushing youngsters Martinelli and Balogun further out of contention (a view I agree with) whilst others say that with Auba and Laca perhaps past their best we need a new established striker to lead the line. Whilst some like yourself are looking to blame Arteta for Laca and Auba not scoring, believing that they would both go on a goal orgy with a new manager. Btw Pepe as a winger who finished the season well so for me is hardly in the same category.
      Good luck with blaming Auba and Laca’s lack of goals solely on Arteta’s shoulders.

      1. It’s not about luck
        You only need to look at the numbers
        Aubameyang career
        Lacazette career Arteta’s career?????

    2. Gu4l, the problems are the lack of goals from midfield, lack of speed of progression of the ball from defense to attack and the service provided to Arsenal’s forward line by midfield. There is no doubt that the tactical attention on defense has been detrimental to attack.

  5. Leno is a good gk, he needs competition to stay woke and not feel relaxed. If not for the afcon and Brighton proving to be tough in negotiations over there players I’d go for Yves but if that doesn’t work out then I’d go for a cheaper option that has gotten nice reviews in Koopmeiners. Get the Turkish RB in since Hector is hell bent in moving on and a creative midfielder cause “The Smith” can’t play all season long and Willian hasn’t done anything other than taking home a paycheck.
    I feel Mr Garlick and Mr Edu needs to get budget friendly additions and not the 40mil plus options.

    1. Good post Ice – fans regularly praise clubs like Leicester for picking up excellent young taelnt that is “under the radar”.
      But when Arsenal go the same route with players like Lokongo and Tavares we are accused of being cheap and unambitious.
      White is apparently overpriced because he is not yet a big name, whilst Maddison at any price (for me a far bigger risk) is deemed a “must have” despite his indifferent season, presumably because of his high profile..
      Fans do not see the inconsistency of their belief that you must spend big on high profile players to be successful.

      1. Agree, there are a lot of well priced midfield options in both ACM and DM positions, but procrastination is not an option.
        It looks like one ACM option, Matheus Pereira is heading for a big money move to Saudi Arabia.

      2. Oh Guy, I appreciate your analyses 100%. We should try as much as possible to trust and support our beloved team whole heartedly. Look at what one unproven Fofana did last season and a lot more unproven lads. Lets support our team with our hearts.
        #Go gooners #Go Gunners.

  6. Arsenal are very serious on this DMF issue apart from Lokonga am sure that a new DMF and RB will come in incase Xhaka & Bellerin leaves to Roma and Inter Milan respectively even a CMF bse those are 3 positions that Arteta is seeing as a priority righ now.

  7. Some of the players we are linked with worry me a little, not all but some.
    For me personally I’d like to see strong players/prospects, who can lead and offer consistency, or the potential to quickly hit the level needed.

    GK – Woodman/Johnstone. If Leno leaves we can upgrade to Onana and make some money in the process.

    RB – Adams/Aarons/Dumfries, or if finances are low Muldur.

    CM (as I feel MA wants two 8’s to double pivot rather than a set DM, we need two options) – two of Koopmeiners, Aoaor, Locatelli, Zakaria. If we really do have money to spend then Maddison would be fantastic along with one of the other four.

    CAM (ESR needs competition, and especially with his injury record) – Sabitzer (£15m and can play anywhere in midfield or attack, his work rate is exceptional too). If he won’t join then Pereira or Goncalves could be good options, with a preference on the PL experienced WBA man.

    CF (if we find a buyer for Lacazette) – Edouard. At £15m he’s worth a shot, the quoted £40m for Toney and Abraham is poor value for money and there aren’t many other good options that suit our style. Again, IF money really is available Calvert-Lewin would be a better shout given how good some of our crosses are.
    We also need to take the armband off Aubameyang and let him just focus on getting his scoring back on track, never made sense giving him it.

    So, a GK, RB, 2x CMs, CAM, STR. I make that six more players we need in this window (which makes this dreamland stuff based on previous windows!).
    Hopefully that will be enough to get us into Europe, then next summer we’ll need an extra few bodies:
    An extra CB will be Saliba returning ready to challenge the first-team.
    We’ll possibly need another CM (depending on Lokonga and Azeez’s progress) and with european football we could tempt one of Bissouma (post AFCON)/Soucek/Rice/Philips – if the latter two stay at their respective clubs they’ll be fairly easy to attract.
    Then I say we go all out for Isak as our CF, he can battle Calvert-Lewin and Balogun to lead the line.

    Hopefully by 2022 the squad:
    GK – Onana/Leno, Woodman/Johnstone, Okonkwo.
    RB – Adams/Dumfries/Aarons, Chambers.
    CBR – White, Holding. (+Saliba can play CBL or CBR).
    CBL – Gabriel, Mari.
    LB – Tierney, Tavares.
    CMR – Locatelli/Maddison, Bissouma/Philips/Rice, Lokonga.
    CML – Partey, Koopmeiners, Azeez.
    RM/W – Pepe, Saka.
    CAM – Smith-Rowe, Sabitzer/Pereira, Willock.
    LM/W – Aubameyang, Martinelli.
    CF – Isak, Calvert-Lewin/Edouard, Balogun.

    Big squad with two solid options in each position without having to change tactics when swapped but there’s players in there who’ll still be working their way into challenging the first team (Azeez, Balogun, Lokonga, Okonkwo, maybe even Saliba). We can never rule out injuries and suspensions, and if we can go back to challenging on all four competition fronts then we’re golden.

    …Think all this sun is making me live in fantasy land! For the record, I do not expect this to happen at all, no harm in a bit of transfer speculation fun for those who are into it though.

  8. Tammy Abraham is a “hungry” player, who will prove his worth. Give Abraham regular playing time, I believe he is going to develope into an excellent striker. He is stil young and could be our best signing in the long run.

  9. Nothing differnt than previous Summers.

    Wenger countless times saying they would bring in players if they improve the team.

    How many times did it happen?

    Josh Kronke talking big 2 Summers ago when Pepe came in, anyone else?

    Josh this Summer with more big talk.

    My money would be 1 big signing like White, then bargin shopping to fill the other positions, and stuck with Xhaka and Lokonga as depth.

    Likely stuck with defenseless Bellerin this year, likely Chambers takes his spot or Tavares gets tried as RB ( better option IMHO).

    Probably stuck with Nketiah and talk of “like a new signing.”

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we bring in 1 or 2 on loan like last year as well.

    Sorry but I’ve heard big transfer talk for a decade now from Kronke, and past track record shows 1 big signing, and then more deadwood usually.

    1. Three players in with only 6 weeks of the window left – my goodness its almost deadline day! It reads like you are already writing off Lokongo and Tavares because they didn’t cost enough?
      How much do we need to spend on each before you will not assume before they kick a ball they are “deadwood”?

  10. Why are we still hunting/ showing interest for players, who obviosly don’t want to play for Arsenal: Aouar, Locatelli, Sabitzer and Onana?

    1. Firstly Web – its not clear that we ARE still chasing these player. It could be media hype.
      Secondly its not clear we ever WERE chasing these players. It could be media hype.
      Thirdly its not obvious that they don’t want to play for us. Perhaps they want to play for another club MORE. That is a subtle but important difference. Second choice if first choice club doesnt do the business is not a bad place to be.
      Perhaps they DO want to play for us but the club wants more than we offered. There is nothing obvious about your statement, Web.

      1. Guy, Arsenal need players who are fully commited to Arsenal IMO. The fact that players really want to play for Arsenal is mega important and do make a difference IMO . These players DID say, that they want to play for other clubs than Arsenal unless the media reporters are lying, naturally. It’s obvios to me, guy, we have to look elsewhere and should not watste more time on these players.

    2. It’s not obvious they don’t want to play for Arsenal though.
      Onana was happily linked with us but has opened talks with Lyon as they are doing their utmost to offer him the number 1 jersey whereas we have question marks over whether we want to replace Leno as #1, its not that we don’t appeal to him.
      Sabitzer and Aoaor have just stated their preference would be to play European football, admittedly we can’t offer that but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want to play for us should the option arise, or that our project wouldn’t be a good option for them.
      Locatelli wants to play for Juventus, that’s his priority, but if that move doesn’t happen it doesn’t mean a move to Arsenal would be something the player is against.

      If you only want us to sign players who see Arsenal as their ultimate and only priority we’d never have signed the likes of Aubameyang, Cazorla, Alexis, Tierney, and many, many other top players. Truth is we aren’t as big a catch these days, so to really get the top players we will have to convince them. We could buy players who are openly Arsenal supporters like Bissouma, Zaha, Onuachu but whilst good these players will have their own catches too, ie Onuachu has little top level experience, Zaha is getting old for a winger, and all are away at AFCON next winter.

      Which players do you think see us as their priority? Not meant as a dig, just genuinely intrigued if there are top players out there who are pushing for a move to Arsenal. Koopmeiners is one who grew up a gooner, I know that.

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