Arteta refuses to confirm Aubameyang as keeping Arsenal captaincy

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was dropped from the playing squad that took on Southampton yesterday, and his role as Arsenal captain is now coming into question.

This isn’t the first time that manager Mikel Arteta has had to drop him from the team, leaving him as an unused substitute in a win over Tottenham last season, and he will surely not be happy that he has had to make the decision to leave him out of the squad entirely this weekend.

Arteta hasn’t shied away from taking decisions for the better of the team, shunning Matteo Guendouzi previously, and it can’t hurt that both times he has had to drop Auba, we have won the matches.

The boss has kept his cards close to his chest on whether he will move to strip PEA of the captaincy after the latest incident however, despite the press pushing for answers on the absentee.

Whilst giving his post-match press conference as quoted on the club’s official website, Arteta was asked if Auba would keep the captaincy after his latest punishment, but he didn’t want to be drawn in to answer.

“Let’s talk about the game,” he said. “I tried to explain why it was, and I did it frankly. I’m not going to say anything else, I’m going to focus on the performance and the quality that was on the pitch.”

I personally think it is a no-brainer. Auba isn’t just breaking the rules, but he clearly believes he is unto a law of his own. The team does not evolve around him, and as he has shown one-too-many times in recent seasons, he is no longer the superstar that we need. That being said, I’m not sure Arteta will have the balls to risk his form staying down with a bust Christmas schedule ahead, needing all hands on deck.

If he isn’t able to be the captain that leads by example, than he has no other leadership qualities that are helping the team. He isn’t the type to scream and shout orders, nor is he the reader of the game that bring shape and discipline to the side. The only leadership skills he shows as one of our experienced players is to lead by example, enjoying his football and spreading that through the team. Something we have been missing in recent weeks, and we have many more leaders in the side who can step up into that role.

Do you disagree? Does anyone believe Auba should still be captain? Should Arteta be shrewd and give him December to show he is deserving of the captaincy?



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  1. If Auba is removed, we need to finally settle on a long-term captain. Who’s your choice?

    a) Kieran Tierney
    b) Ben White
    c) Martin Odegaard
    d) Aaron Ramsdale
    e) Other

  2. Tierney would be a solid choice, maybe Gabriel, but I’ve seen nothing from White to indicate captain material.

    Personally I’d choose Tierney, but would be fine with Gabriel.

    Auba hasn’t worked, Xhaka hasn’t worked, and Emery’s 5 captains didn’t work.

    1. OT
      Love to see Tavares moved to the midfield; too talented to sit the bench.

      We need Tierney’s leadership and defense on the pitch, and no way anyone is benching Tomi anytime soon.

      Midfield of Sambi, Tavares, and Partey could really turn up our season.

      Next year I’d move Partey on, and make White the DM with Sambi and Tavares the other 2 midfielders.

      Saliba to partner Gabriel with Tomi and Tierney on the sides. That would keep back line solid, fix the midfield as well.

      Get another backup LB and RB (sell Cedric)

  3. ever since Wenger’s besmirching of the armband, due to his concerns over anyone who might usurp his monopolistic reign, the significance of the once-cherished honour has clearly waned…since he left we’ve had a captain who flipped the bird at the fanbase, then conjured up an excuse afterwards yet never formally apologized, then we simply gave it to our best and highest paid player, largely as a ploy to get him to re-sign and just yesterday, on the backs of the two underwhelming performances, a player who’s clearly on his way out on a “free” was given the “honour” and when he was subbed off it was subsequently given to a player who has barely seen the field this entire season

    these are the actions of a team that’s either clearly struggling to identify and/or develop leaders or even worse one that’s being managed, once again, by an individual who’s wholly incapable of surrounding himself with strong-minded players, whether due to his own managerial fragility or egoistic leanings…so long as this mindset continues to permeate the franchise, I don’t give a sh** about the “paper tiger” armband

    1. Is it within your grasp to post ANYTHING without referring to Arsene Wenger?
      Your ongoing love affair with our departed manager is akin to reading the thoughts of a spurned lover💔🤔

      As for the armband issue, wasn’t it UE who had five captains at one time and we know how that ended.

      Perhaps this latest issue regarding Aubemeyang, will give MA the backdoor he needs to rectify the ludicrous decision that resulted in Auba (a 31 and ten month old player) getting a three year contract reportedly worth £300,000 a week and relieve him of the armband at the same time?
      Perhaps he will then give it back to Xhaka once again??

      I believe there are more pressing problems…. especially after watching Palace beat everton 3-1!!!!

      1. I only mentioned it because it was apropos considering the subject matter…you seem to conveniently forget that Arteta was one of Wenger’s fine cops when the whole musical chairs armband issues were ongoing…it wouldn’t be such a stretch that Arteta may have learned some rather misguided lessons from his former boss…unfortunately, it appears that this was all he gleaned from his time here, as his propensity to opt for overtly negative tactics was likely picked up elsewhere

        1. It seems that every view you have, somehow revolves around a manager who has left the club over three years and approximately 20 different players ago.
          Tell me, how many captains do you believe AW appointed during his time and what relevance that has to Aubemeyang?

  4. I am as certain as anyone without firm confirmation can possibly be , that MA will now remove Auba as captain.

    Auba is the single worst choice of captain of all players who are not real youngsters. Many of our younger players eg Tierney , Ramsdale would already be far better choices.

    I passionately want Auba gone from Arsenal as soon as it can possibly be arranged. Even if we let him go on a free.


  5. I feel Tierney would be the best choice as Captain, a real leader on the pitch and one who leads by example, dedicated and plays his heart out for Arsenal.

  6. Auba has done nothing to show me that he is suited to being captain. Great goal scorer but definitely not a captain.

    As for his late return from a trip abroad then it is up to the club to deal with it as they see fit. I disagree with the idea that the club were insensitive. They might have been had they not allowed Auba to travel but I’m not aware it was a family matter/problem. It was up to him to fulfill his part of the deal and he didn’t

  7. Gabriel or Ramsdale should be the best choice

    For some bizarre reasons of mine I want the captaincy to go to someone who’s place in the team is sure and guaranteed… And that’s why I won’t pick Tierney yet… I feel Auba plays because of the armband, I don’t want a repeat of that especially now with the emergence of Tavarez

    My thoughts though

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