Arteta responds to Jurgen Klopp’s claim that only Man City are in the title race

A few days ago, Jurgen Klopp was asked about who he sees challenging for the PL title, and funny enough, he ignored Arsenal as a title contender. The German only mentioned Manchester City as a team guaranteed to compete for the PL title, saying as per Liverpool Echo: “We need points and a lot of them,”

“Yes, a club the size of Liverpool has to be successful. Otherwise the club has to find different solutions.

“Nobody besides maybe City can have the real target to become champions again this year. All the other teams fight for the Champions League and that’s what we do as well. The earlier you qualify for the Champions League, the higher you are in the table… if you are second and in striking distance to first then you might have a chance. I don’t know who will be there.”

Ahead of the FA Community Shield, Mikel Arteta spoke to the media on Friday and was asked about Klopp’s claims regarding the title race. In response, the Arsenal manager made it apparent that it is clear how to compete for the league, implying that anyone can do so, saying via, “Well, I respect that. Obviously they [Liverpool] have shown consistency over the years and they merit that respect from everybody for what they’ve done.

“If you want to challenge for the championship, you know the total points you’re going to be needing, and this is unheard of in this league for the last 100 years. So that’s the standards and if you want to be there you know what you have to do; it’s very simple.”

Even if the Gunners did not win the league last season despite being at the top of the table for 248 days, you cannot dismiss them as a genuine title contenders next season. With the transfers Arsenal has already made (signing Declan Rice, Jurrien Timber, and Kai Havertz) and the ones they want to make (adding David Raya and another one or two stars), this Arsenal team cannot be overlooked. How do you go about doing that?

It is obvious to me that Arsenal and Manchester City are the two clubs to beat in the 2022–23 Premier League season. That is not a prediction; it is just a fact.

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  1. That’s just standard Klopp, already telling everyone they are the underdogs and pleading poverty and trying to get proll ppl r to support them. The truth is far from that. The arrogance will be out, the stupid fist pumping to the crowd, that nasty look on his face and anger. He’s fooling no one. Think top 2 will be City and Arsenal in whatever order. Next 2 will be United and Chelsea. I’m afraid scraps for the rest.

  2. This season will be Arteta’s first managerial task to focus on UCL, so he might have some problems at juggling EPL and UCL. I think he could only win one of them if he sacrifices one major competition

    It will be easier if he can have another experienced CF at his disposal, so he won’t have to rely on Jesus only

    Romano said Inter will focus on Balogun after failing to sign Scamacca. That might be why Balogun barely played in pre-season

    1. Wow going by your last statement, Scamacca is seen as a better player than Balogun 🤔 and some fans want Balogun to be our striker this season 😱……

      1. Inter were successful with towering CFs, hence the pursuits of Lukaku and Scamacca

        I think some fans want Balogun to stay because he’s been trained with Arsenal system for many years

    2. A year ago Arsenal had a look at Scamacca in Serie A, he was on fire scoring goals for fun, but he wasn’t without baggage , he now finds premier league defenders a different proposition barely scoring three goals, though injuries may have played a part.

      He must now return to his old stomping ground in search of easier opportunities ,for any hope of returning to the Italian side.

  3. Klopp is only making the losers’ statement, one who has lost hope and confidence of achieving anything meaningful

  4. MA must stop talking now, it’s getting too much. Show us on the pitch.

    Go read the BBC comments on the article about his recent statements, every is getting tired of it.

    1. Alright dawg, he’ll only get to “show us on the pitch” during match days only but prior to that comes interviews and press conferences where a lot of talking takes place, you don’t expect him to skip his media duties to please you and your “tired of it” with it or ignore, simple as reciting ABC.

      1. Very obvious what I mean but I’ll explain it simply and slowly for you son.

        It’s what hes saying not that he’s talking. If he’s going to talk rubbish than rather dont. Floating his own boat about not feeling good enough cz he came 2nd but then realizing he is good enough….yawn.

        Ignore me or deal with it 🙂

  5. I don’t really like Klopp’s personality. it disgusts me at times. I think Pep is a smarter and more humble person that’s why he is more successful.

    Klopp saying only ManC is in the title race is not humility, as people have already said; he doesn’t really mean that, but wants to put the pressure off himself. That is not being smart or humble that is being sneaky.

    And rightly so, Arteta and his players should not comment on winning the title. It only adds unwarranted pressure on the players.

  6. Parallels to when Sir Alex Ferguson’s Man Utd were dominating the early years of the Premier League era spending the most money but credit to Arsene Wenger for not having the same mentality as Klopp as he came into Arsenal and took 3 Premier League titles away from them.

    If Klopp said Man City is the only team that should be expected to ‘win’ the League that would have been made more sense but they should not be the only ones expected to challenge for it.

  7. How can you refer to his response regarding our tittle collapse and the fact that “almighty city” are the only one in the tittle race by default as boring?? Given the fact he gave his opinion on said issues and we have witnessed a couple times via AON documentaries,xhaka,ramsdale and odegaard revelations on how MA makes use of a heart break to bounce back against opponents (Newcastle,Brentford and Tottenham to name a few) just like has done for the past few years proving doubters wrong by higher place finishes,i’m confident we will continue that trend given the fact we’ve get a grip whenever a manager/player speaks on what spur them on, at least we can have something to hold on to rather than just staying quiet and keeping us in the dark ahead of games.

  8. What Klopp said is spot on, City are the overwhelming favourites and any team challenging for the title will need an awful lot of points and Arteta agreed. To call him a loser is ridiculous, he’s won all three domestic trophies plus the Champion’s League, UEFA Super Cup and World club championship while at Liverpool. Credit where it’s due!!! If MA achieves the same for us he will become a legend – particularly in winning the elusive UCL.

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