Arteta retains faith in Willian despite calls for his demotion

The ex-Chelsea star Willian has been much-maligned by Arsenal fans this season, and to be fair, the Brazilian has hardly set the field alight since his arrival in the summer.

But Mikel Arteta refused to criticize him and says the 32-year-old does everyone right in training and seems certain that it is ony a matter of time before he gets his mojo back. The boss told “What he’s doing at the moment, the way he’s training, the way he’s working, the way he’s willing to give everything to the team is what I demand.

“Whether he’s more successful or less successful in the game is another matter, it will come with the quality that he has, but this is what I demand to every player. A full commitment and to put the passion and everything they have in every training session and when they have the opportunity to play, and so far Willian has done that every single day.”

But Willian does seem to have a crisis of confidence away from his comfort zone that he had at Stamford Bridge, and with some appalling stats in Arsenal games, it is no wonder he has come under scrutiny from pundits and fans. So does Arteta think that he has been harshly treated? “I don’t say it’s unfair because with Willy the expectation is really high in terms of the goals he can score, the assists he can create. You expect him to be in the starting lineup as well so it’s normal that people write things about him. We have to protect him, we have to support him as much as we can, because he deserves it from the way he handles his profession and the way he is with us.”

So does that mean Willian could be in tonight’s team against Benfica? “Well, he’s part of the squad so he’s got a good chance.” Arteta concluded.

Should Arteta keep playing Willian until he gets his confidence back?


  1. No, MA should acept him coming was a huge mistake and get himout this summer, whatever it takes And no more ageing rejects who so obviously lack fight and ambition. either. Lack of confidence does NOT stop you working hard. That is a lame excuse and I don’t buy it at all. Either you have character or you do not. He does not!

  2. Willian has been an utter failure, he should not start against anyone but work his self back in favour off the subs bench. There are many other players and younger players who would give us far more than him, ahead of him.

  3. I have never seen a bias coach or person like Arteta before in my life. What happened to other innocent players in the squad who are fit, training every day, young and ready to go with their passion for the team? But Arteta will not give them chances they deserve because they are not part of his favourites . And here you are defending a flop you brought upon yourself. Who cares? I hope martinelli will not demand for transfer request at the summer

    1. You want to apply for the job? You think you know better than someone who watches his players in training every single day?

  4. I get the impression that Edu was the driving force behind the acquisition of Willian , but regardless of who is culpable, team selection should be made on the basis of performance not on past reputation.Rotation is of course required when games come thick and fast but , based on his performances this season, Willian simply does not justify a starting place in the side.

  5. William adds nothing to arsenal..honestly speaking Arteta is very poor in his choice of players..imagine if he foolishly had not given ESR a chance by luck am sure we would have sold him…look at how klopp brought out anorld and other youth players to achieve his ambition..bottom line is that Arteta is just a coach that likes some players and values them more than others and soon they will cost him his job and send him back to mancity where he belongs as an assistant and nothing more

  6. This Willian saga makes Arteta and Edu look amateurish. The pensioner should be out on special leave. What a croc of a signing.

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