Arteta reveals his conversation with Smith-Rowe “September will be very different.”

Emile Smith Rowe has yet to play in the Premier League this season, though he has been on Arsenal’s bench for their first four league games.

To his fans, this isn’t very pleasant because there was so much anticipation after his fantastic summer, which included playing in the U-21 Euros and helping the England U-21s win it, as well as shining in pre-season games against Barcelona and Monaco.

For those who are frustrated that the 23-year-old isn’t getting enough minutes, even with Kai Havertz’s struggles, as Emile Smith Rowe can also play left side No. 8, Arteta has already hinted that there’s no need to panic since he has a plan to give the Hale End graduate the playing time he needs after the international break. The Arsenal boss pointed out that Emile Smith Rowe has a role in his squad even when he is not playing, which is why he could not allow him to leave this summer.

“(On what role Smith Rowe has on his team) The role like everybody else does,” said Mikel Arteta via

“To try to give his best and make the team better.

“I had a conversation with him, and it’s important to understand where he is.

“The first three or four weeks were always going to be tricky for all the clubs.

“You see all the rumours and players who are not happy in every country, because it’s one game per week for a month, and everybody has a new season with huge aspirations; there are not minutes for everybody.

“September will be very different.”

After the international break, Arsenal have a tight schedule for the rest of September; they will play Everton, PSV (in the Champions League), Tottenham, Brentford (in the Carabao Cup), and Bournemouth. When the league resumes, Mikel Arteta should honour his word and give his number 10 a chance to play. Hopefully, we’ll see Emile Smith Rowe get plenty of game time to prove his worth.

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  1. It was always obvious to thinkers that ESR will play a significant role in this season.

    Why so many fans make far too hasty judgements is a puzzle to me.
    Esp when thatplayer is already Prem proven, as ESR certainly is.

      1. @HH

        Unsurprisingly, you didn’t answer my question the other day. You keep accusing me of dodging questions, yet this is what you do all the time!

        So to end our disagreement once and for all on the two topics you accuse me of contradicting myself.

        1 – I have actually stated on this site that if a good offer came this summer for Partey I would cash in given his injury issues and only 2 years left on his contract. You accuse me of ignoring Partey’s injury record. You are the accuser, so please show a direct quote from me and from what article where I said I would keep Partey despite his injury record.

        2 – You accuse me of putting Arteta before the club, which I have never said once, and would never say. You accuse me of ignoring Partey’s injury record. You are the accuser, so please show a direct quote from me and from what article where I said I would put Arteta before the club.

        You keep accusing me of lying, so this is your chance to expose me!

        1. Okay I will prove to you and I will find you in other articles. By the time I give you proper reply this article will be buried.

    1. Ok Mr. Thinker

      As someone who has said himself that Havertz has underperformed that leaves zero logical reason why ESR hasn’t at least gotten 10 mins in 4 games.

    2. @Jon Fox,could you explain to us non thinkers,what made it so obvious(to you that is) that ESR would have an important role to play this season?

      1. Siamois I will be glad to aid your request to learn to to think, so here goes.
        We are in four competitions this season and have hopes to go a long way in the CL as well as the other three comps.
        We spent heavily this summer to give much needed squad depth. Therefore, using simple easy to work out logic, I worked out, all by myself, that using such as ESR in many games will be necessary.

        It will aid players to rest reduce the chance of strain injuries fromoverplaying and is the whole reason WHY we have a deep squad in the first place.

        Logical thinking is rather easy actually, so I recommend its use to you.

        1. @Jon Fox:the reasons you gave all make sense and seem logical.having said that,we don’t know what MA will do despite his statement.

  2. It’s time to play the kid while giving Havertz a break.
    In football it’s not about what you have done a year or a month ago, its about what you do now, what you did yesterday and what you are going to do tomorrow.
    The player has to have the mindset and the contribution has to be now to the team to make us better and win games.

    I think what he needs is like any player, he needs clarity, had I been in his connection, I would have done everything in my power to get him to Brighton or Villa on a season long loan.

  3. I don’t deny that esr will get game time but that might be a hard one for him if he plays in the cups competition without prior minutes on his legs as it sharpens his mind and also competitiveness. Hope he’s given time and space like khai to regain his game old self.

  4. Let be clear I’m not 100% Arteta, having said that, this is a massive season for us. The way I look at this is EMR has to understood that, it all about the squad, of which I don’t believe it where it needs to be to battle at the top end of the prem & CL plus account for possible injuries.

    I have always thought ESR is leggy towards the last half hour & wasteful. Against the top top sides, you can’t risk him. Therefore give him minutes if not in the prem every other competition.

    He has to convince Arteta of his durability, stamina, and carefulness with the ball.

    The reason I say this is because I don’t want him as an impact player coming off the bench.

    I want him to keep his sht tight & show us the progression,

  5. The inclusion of ESR in the starting line up will happen sooner rather than later for 2 reasons. Firstly, the form of Havertz is not encouraging and soon he will be on the bench giving ESR the opportunity to start on the left midfield. Havertz needs more time to adapt to the Arsenal way and can come off the bench to make an impact and if he performs well, Arteta might consider starting him in later matches. Secondly, with the CL beginning this month, rest and rotation will be required for players and ESR will surely start matches since the depth of the squad will come into play. I am confident, given his talent and potential, ESR will come good for Arsenal this season and for the seasons to come.

  6. I want to be blunt about this..Arteta can play whoever he likes, however much he wants, and not give a hoot how fans, and former players feel but, he can’t tweak common sense and logic. That assumes everyone else is stupid and he’s infallible. Dangerous and shallow mentality that is. He’s the coach and hopefully will own up to his mistakes when, and not if, it turns out he’s abusing his authority.
    If ESR will only play when the schedule is tight, and provided he brings the best of himself to improve the team, are we getting the best of Harvetz? Is he an improvement on Xhaka? Why is he getting opportunities not available to other players?Nwaneri would come into the team tomorrow and put him to shame having never played 45 minutes of first team duty. Problem is, when he does play ESR, he’s going to tweak the team and play people out of position, putting undue weight struggles on players doing well in their positions. Watch this.

  7. So ESR has had no playing time so far and when he does play what are the expectations and results?

    If he isn’t productive will he get benched again for several weeks?

    Or will he get multiple opportunities despite productivity like Havertz for example?

    I’m interested to see if there is competition for positions and game time like Arteta has repeatedly said.

    We have quality depth now, so no excuse to overplay the same 13 or 14 players like we have seen before.

  8. I keep wondering why fans are agitated about giving Kai H time and time again at the expense of ESR or others who have the POTENTIAL of performing consistently. Arteta remains then coach and when results are bad, he gets fired and while results are good, he gets praised. I know that at some point IF Kai refuse to improve, the coach would drop him.

  9. ESR will have to work on his off-the-ball game If he improves there and becomes a fighter then there’s a good chance he can make the left 8 role. Looking at how different Kai is from all our other players suggests to me that Arteta has something in mind for that role, physically tough or dominating might be part of it, and it’ll be tough for Emile to change Arteta’s mind

  10. So what Arteta is saying is, I dont think you (ESR) are as good as what i have but you can play in the lesser games. Arteta does not think ESR deserves a start over a non performing Haverz.

  11. Rowe deserve his chance cause he has prove what his capable of doing for the past year if am Arteta all this experiment dat his doing is time to stop it’s cause us Fulham match. Am true gunners fan smith Rowe don’t deserve to be on the bench but Kudus to his patience because if he leaves this summer it’s could one of our loss

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