Arteta says Arsenal didn’t take their chances and Brighton were more efficient

Arsenal fans can’t deny that we had reservations about our chances of progressing in the League Cup after we saw Mikel Arteta’s confirmed team last night. Obviously the most important thing is to win at Wolves on Saturday to make sure we stay top of the League during the World Cup break, but it would have been good to go into it still in every competition.

But Arteta clearly thinks that Arsenal should have put the game to bed after going 1-0 up, and he thinks our backup players did their best, except for putting the ball in the net. The boss told “The view is that the result doesn’t reflect actually what happened on the pitch. I think it’s clear, but there are two things on the pitch: those are the boxes. They were much more efficient than us and that makes the whole difference, because in the moment that we were clearly on top of the game when we had the chances to get away with the game, we conceded the goal and that changed the game.

“Losing is [disappointing], but the way the boys tried and played, and the amount of changes that we had to make because of the congestion and we have to protect the players and give them chances. I’m really happy with that, but obviously, we wanted to continue in the competition and unfortunately, we are out.”

The start of Arsenal’s problems came about when Danny Welbeck was 1 on 1 with our young keeper Karl Hein, who slipped over and ended up giving a penalty away, but Arteta doesn’t regret giving the rookie his place in the team. ” I think he deserved the chance. He’s the first goalkeeper of the national team at his age and I think that’s something that is not usual. He totally deserves his chance and if I had to play tomorrow again, I would play him again because you only get experience when you’ve played football matches. Karl has that and errors are part of football.”

Oh well, I guess our reserves had to lose at some time, and at least it was only the League Cup. The only regret is that the backup players now can’t get some extra games after our long break…


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  1. EfL is a distraction to us this season, so am actually glad we are out. After a very long time We hav the opportunity to challenge for PL title or qualify for champions league. I dnt want efl in our way. Imagine having to bring on martineli, jesus, Xhaka it’s a risk. We dnt need dat

  2. This seems to be a regular thing that Arteta is saying about being 1 up and then failing to take good chances to score that 2nd and 3rd goal and kill the game off. Is it because mentally our players haven’t got that killer instinct or something else.

  3. Embarrassing result in my opinion and shows that some, not all, of our second string aren’t good enough. Brighton are no mugs and in fact are a decent team but they made changes too.

  4. Brighton players play not just to win but to prove that they can also be good enoguh for the bigger teams. So they have a greater sense of commitment.

    Arsenal players don’t seem to have that same sense of commitment. That’s why Brighton is posing a greater problem to the big teams. They are going to pose a big problem for our trip to their home ground.

  5. Fabio whoa whoa Vieira seems to be getting written off by sections of our fanbase. Come on people, he’s brand new to PL football and he is still only 21y of age. On top of that Arteta has him training in many positions all across the pitch rather than letting him train in his comfort zone in his natural position. Not all imports hit the ground running as you well know, so give a kid some slack guys, wait til he gains match-fit experience and isn’t being asked to do too much when positionally trained. That’s all folks___now you have a great day

  6. One take away for me was the performances of these reserve players. They lacked sharpness which is a consequence of all the time on the bench and not playing.

    The coaching staff is woeful when it comes to their development. Lokogna been here over a year now; has anyone seen any improvement or growth in his game?

    Vieira looks to have gone backwards, and training him for multiple positions has hurt him and the team. Too lightweight for midfield, he seems a 10 and little else.

    Some need a loan or sold outright; riding the bench is not helping them or the club. It doesn’t speak well of the coaching staff either, who should be developing and training these players to get them ready.

    Unfortunately, they clearly are not ready.

  7. I didn’t see the game but if we were beaten by Brightons first eleven then the defeat is understandable because Brighton are a very good side (who can beat anyone on their day) and ours would be ring rusty for not playing. IF it was Brightons second string, then questions need asking how their second string can be better than ours because it plain should not be. Our squad is not as good as some but it definitely isn’t as weak as some are trying to portray. We started the game with internationals and players that have been involved in big competitions. I didn’t get the goalkeeper, was Turner injured?

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