Arteta says it “is a point gained” after Brighton “made it tough for us”

Arsenal looked totally unco-ordinated during the whole of the game at Brighton and we rarely looked to threaten to score. Chances were few and far between, and Mikel Arteta sounded extremely frustrated with the performance after the game, implying that the Gunners were lucky to even come away with a point from a rainy day on the South Coast.

Arteta made it very clear he was not happy in the post-match conference: “I think it’s a point gained because I don’t think we deserved anything more than that. If we did deserve that point it’s because we defended really well the last 15/20 minutes. But in general we never felt in control of the game, we struggled to break the press and get good sequences of passes in the final third. They made it really tough for us.”

Brighton did indeed play well, considering that they finished in 16th place last season, and sold Ben White to Arsenal. Arteta agreed that Potter’s team frustrated his players. “Yes, because the way they pressed if we had made better decisions with the ball there were bigger spaces to attack and we had a real threat to do that. But we weren’t bright enough to do that and we didn’t show enough quality on those duels to break that press and then become really dangerous in open spaces.”

It certainly sounds like Arteta wants to have some very serious words with his squad before our next match against Crystal Palace after the international break, but our next three games are all at the Emirates so hopefully the home crowd will spur them on to play with a little more enthusiasm.

Well at least we are not going into this international break with a defeat under our belts, but it doesn’t sound like anyone is happy with the performance…

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  1. Surprised he didn’t blame the players ,as he likes passing the buck when not going well ,but takes the plaudits when it’s all roses .
    It was Brighton FFS not Barca ,where as our standards fallen to .

    1. Yes it was Brighton who right now are actually way better than Barcelona who have been thumped 0-3 at home to Bayern and 3-0 at Benfica in the CL while in the league have drawn at lowly Cadiz drawn at home to Granada and just got beat by Athletico. Brighton right now are flying, were at home and had torrential rain to assist them.
      And in case no one had noticed Brighton was second equal at start of play.
      Let’s see who is higher at Boxing day and let’s see who is best at the Emirates 9th of April
      It’s all about the long game.
      In terible conditions we strugled but survived.
      Brighon failed to convert and will pay as we gradually catch, overtake and pull away from them by Xmas day.
      You were all talking relegation when went 0-3 and were rock bottom 20th.
      I preached 5th/6th place even then.
      Now we have taken 10 points from 4 games meaning only Liverpool or City who play each other tomorrow can match
      We are going to be 6th/7th by Boxing day and 5th/6th by May which is absolutely on target
      Get behind the team.

      1. @fairfan
        In your opinion, how many of those Brighton players who we faced yesterday would get into the Arsenal side we played?
        I think ZERO
        Now explain why you seem to believe we are progressing under this clown Arteta.
        Talk about “The Process” and tell me what I am missing.

        1. 20th after 3 games.
          Top ten 4 games later.
          7th by Xmas 5th/6th by May.
          12 deadwood out by July 31.
          6 new players in and Saliba back from Marseille.
          4/5th next season.
          Win the league the season after ie 2023-2024.

  2. The main focus is to build a new squad capable of challenging the Prem and Europe but we’re at lest 2-3 years away from that. For the first time in years I can see what the club is trying to do building a squad of young talented players starting to gel, but Its going to take time and we’re going to get bad results along the way. In times where its easiest to just get on the «Arteta out» bandwagon I choose to keep faith and firmly believe we’ll see the fruits of our labour in years to come.

    1. That’s my hope too.
      Not a great day – I raised my expectations too quickly. However, for all their pressure, Brighton failed to score. Ramsdale’s save courtesy of a replay was stonking so it could have been much worse

  3. “The 0-0 draw at the Amex Stadium signified another record broken by Arteta. As per OptaJoe on Twitter, Arsenal have now scored the fewest goals at this stage of the season for the first time since 1986 in their history”.

  4. If I remember correctly Arteta when took over said he is there to fix the issue of fan connect & players giving their 100%. This was for a squad which was getting at least 6th place until then. And after that we slipped to 7th , 8th & now around 10th. Arsenal’s creativity & attacking MF is tooth less & depends on 3 youngsters who have never done it before( of course they are talented & great )There is no experience to handle tough situations. Since Alex , Ramsey & Giru left we are not able to fight in the final 3rd. In spite of spending 150m + those players have not been replaced yet.

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