Arteta says it was a “very harsh result” against Leicester

Arteta praises his boys and so he should!


Although it is never nice to lose, I do believe that our boys can come away from the Leicester game with their heads held high.


It was a goodish performance from the boys that deserved more than what the game gave them. If we deserved to lose, I would be the first person to say as much, but I don’t feel we did deserve to lose, we were just unlucky with the lack of finishing.


It seems as though Arteta mirrors this as well and speaking to the Arsenal website after the game he said:


“To be fair I was really pleased with the first half, the way we pressed, the aggression we showed against a team that are very capable of breaking that pressure and creating chances against you. We were very effective against that, we were on top of the game, we restricted to nothing, we had the right opportunities to attack good space and create some chances. We scored a goal as well on a set piece, I don’t know how it was disallowed. Then after that in the second half against a really low block you have to be patient and not make any error because this is what they are waiting for: they just need a moment to catch you on the break or with some space and we made the decision when there is no pressure on the ball to try to attack that space and they scored a good goal. After it was difficult in the last 15 minutes, even with three strikers on the pitch we didn’t manage to have enough continuity in our play and we gave too many free kicks away, we didn’t put the ball as often as we could in the box. But credit to them for what they have done but I think it is a very harsh result for us considering what happened in the game.”


Yes the loss is a tough one to take because we performed better and deserved to win or at least get something out of the game, but it is not the end of the world and I am sure Arteta will take out the positives and move it into the next games we have, as well as analyse where we could improve.

Do you think it was a harsh result?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Arteta is right, it was a cruel blow and a very frustrating one.
    It’s gonna get worst before it gets better, that’s for sure, but In Arteta We Trust! Coyg!

  2. Yes, he is right but need to know ur players bf say u want to use them, our strikers better in leg than head, square place is better than a cross for our team now, mattinelli is not yet back.
    I thank God for giving him opportunity to transform this team to this stage and I also pray that God will crown this effort bcoz I could not see the reason why we didn’t win that game

  3. We just have to find a way to win these close games. Liverpool Leicester and Tottenham found a way to win close games and surged to the top. We stay mid table like City and United who we play next. Arsenal has deadly strikers Auba Laca Pepe Nketiah Saka. These guys have to step up. We simply must find a way to beat MU and rejoin the leaders.

  4. No point in crying over spilled milk, or in our case a poor var decision! We had plenty of time to score again but didn’t! They took their chances. End of…
    Harsh or not, we still lost! *Wailing* 🤣🤣
    It’s done and dusted, need to start thinking of Dundalk….

  5. What Arteta said is correct but goals win games.
    LC had only one shot and they scored. Arsenal had 5/6/7 shots but couldnt score because they didnt have the luxury of time and space like Vardy .
    Arsenal and indeed most teams have problems playing against teams that defend deep.If you go through the centre ,a massed defence is there.
    Arsenal must attack with speed and down the flanks as well. Run at defenders with the ball .
    Anyway Arteta is paid to solve the problem.

    1. We simply don’t run at defenders, very rarely anyway. Jog up to the defensive line, pass wide up the line and then usually pass backwards, on the odd occasion put a cross in.


  6. You must be ironic goonerboy and that is cold!

    Yep, we in deep shit and it may just get qorat with next 5 fictures : Man U, Villa, leeds, wolves -& Spurs!

    So a title for an article saying “no worries we only few points from top.

    Yes indeed, 4 points away with 9 points outa 9 games.

    We also 2 points from 15th spot Man U we play next,& 4 points from 16th spot.

    It was not harsh but as another article titled : Arteta should take full blame & responsabilty.

    Saw great comments in it; on how he picks team and tactic for it; which sums a game’s result & display.

    Arteta actually praised one player after lost; Luiz!

    An article’s title encourages to keep back 4, even if we lost.

    It is not about back 4 or not but 1 player in our center defence.ruining it and our game. Logic, as it is usually where it starts from.

    Until this man keeps picking Luiz, we will look clumsy & crazy as we do each time opponent gets ball in our 40 meters; scary we all are when it occurs so often…

    We have many options in middle and attacks, and in central defense as well.

    How can any CB can be benched over Luiz? Even on 1 leg Saliba way better, he was leading a central defense in Sainté forming a pair with a kid who now plays for and taking over at Leicester , fofana if I’m correct. But Saliba can’t be on, being ahead of him for years in Sainté?

    Let’s cut this short; Arteta is a good assistant coach, but has no brain which make a coach’s value and reputation.

    He has the spirit an assistant puts into players at training and before games but no brain ; can’t pick team & tac tic which makes top coaches, respect they gain.

    Of course the poor overall management is causing all our sadness and can’t blame Kroenke.

    We have the team, but no captain on our ship! We look that way overall; lost in a Football ocean.

    Dude talks about arsh, game was arsh for us, not for Leicester.

    If he keeps Luiz, it will take longer for a solid pair to adapt and build up confidence; take games.

    Watch next games, he won’t change that, Luiz had top coaches, he plays Arteta as a fool for that; he sees him as leader extended his hair to keep it up!

    5 next fixtures will possibly see us fall further down than 9th spot we in if season had to end today; 2 points from 15th spot !

    That is arsh, not result our reality with coach stating this too.

    If after 9 games we have 9 points, we can be 20 points in 20 games.

    Let’s see how many we get in next 5 games; we might be 14th with 14 games and points.

    Considering we 2 points away from 15th, it would be great to have 5 points in next 5 and land 14th.

    Not ironic but reality and makes sense considering 5 fixtures ahead , 5 points means 5 draw, or 2 and a win; wont be so bad.

    All above us beside Man U who will with a win, to beat & draw will keep us at same or close distance.

    We do have the team to at least win 3 or 4 and draw 2 or 1.

    As long as Arteta picks wrong team we won’t stand a chance to climb back!

    Unfortunately, being honest with what we see and at today (9th) , 9 points in 9 games, nest 5; realisticly, we can only expect worst to come ahead of us.

    He can go on and Pick Luiz,, have LW, play Willian as a 9 to both bench Laca & nketiah, bench Nelson and play Pepe, bench Niles or Elneny who do well as DMs but plays Ceballos to defend all game long. Just so he can keep Saka in, even as a midfield and keep in Auba, same way plays him as a LW!

    It does sound totally nuts but what we seen as the world and if course every team does; not our board nor our wannabe coach.

    A coach is valued, rated from his tac tic first, which takes to pick right team first.

    Bellerin – No Luiz – No Luiz – Tierny.
    Niles – Partey
    Nelson. Auba Saka

    Subs: Pepe, Nkethia, Ceballos,
    Elneny Willock…

    Of course we have options where Ceballos plays behind attack Auba Laca Saka which sounds like a hit already!

    But we do not have a coach who can put right 11 nor at right position.

    Hope someone can really manage this at the board, strongly advise him in a supportive manner to play right team without Luiz as CB. Let him understand that players where brought in for this CB issue and must be in team or he will not remain making same mistakes next game!

    Then stop buying players to not use them as Saliba or waist as Pepe but invest in a bloody coach as Allegri to do the job they considered Emery not good enough for, go for a better one and not cheap options since Wenger left; a top coach, special, is only way to better than or replace Mr Wenger!

    1. Honestly you have spoken some sense in your analysis but its harsh/unfair to rubbish MA overall job so far and the fact you considered MA’s qualities to move Arsenal FC forward I strongly disagreed with you. As Arsenal fan it is saddened and disheartened for this great club to have landed in this kind of situation after LA Professor ‘AW’ retirement… but am convinced MA will give us team winning trophies with patience considering the club management (Kroenke family teaching AFC to hunt fish rather than given of fish we clamour)

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