Arteta says Liverpool “were better than us for 90 minutes”

It did seem pretty obvious that Arsenal’s 10 game unbeaten had to come to an end sometime, and there were very few fans that expected it to be extended at Anfield, where Liverpool haven’t lost a game since March, and the Gunners haven’t won up there for the last 10 years either.

But, to be fair, Arsenal did start the game well, and held Klopp’s men at bay (with extra thanks to the heroics of Aaron Ramsdale) but once Mane finally got the ball in the net in the 39 minute, the customary Arsenal collapse came to pass.

This is how Arteta’s described the first half in his after match press conference: “We competed really well in the first half – they had their moments, we had our moments. We were really compact and used the ball in the right way to create some situations. We had a goal disallowed and then we conceded a goal from a set-play. In the second half, when we had to build some momentum and start to grow [into] the match, we threw it away in the first 15 to 20 minutes. We gave every ball away in very dangerous areas. We had [them under] no pressure. They punished us, we lost control of the game and they had all the momentum.”

So we went into the dressing room feeling the pressure, and Liverpool were on the front foot straight from the restart. Arteta was asked if he thought the inexperience of his new young team could have contributed. “I don’t know.” he continued. “I’ve seen some of the biggest teams in the world come here to this ground and collapse. It can be – in certain moments I think we were a bit [insistent] when things were not working or when we lost some balls, we had to mix our play much better. But we didn’t and that’s it. They were better than us for 90 minutes and that’s the level. They’ve been together for six years and today you could see the difference in the moment that we lost control of the game.

“I think we threw the game away in 15 minutes, doing exactly what we didn’t have to against the best team in the league. They were attacking us in short counters, where in two or three passes, they have their wingers going on the inside of your full-backs. It’s something we should have done better. We didn’t. But that’s the reason. At the moment, they are better than us and we lost the game.”

I’m not sure if Liverpool are currently “the best team in the League” at the moment, as Man City and Chelsea may have something to say about that, but right now those three are in a League of their own for the title race.

All Arsenal can do, is accept that fact and try to beat all the other contenders for 4th place. We are still in 5th at the moment, so we just need to pick ourselves up and resume winning ways against Newcastle next weekend.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. To my non overreacting mind , I applaud the last two paragraphs in particular- but find no fault with anything else in Pats article either – as those paragraphs perfectly sum up the fact that those three teams are in a league of their own right now, but we are as good as any other team below them.

    We are playing for fourth place essentially, as are many other clubs and that is our realistic AIM this season.

    Oh and a cup or two would not go amiss!

  2. Getting embarrassed every time we play a top 4 team is getting us knowhere at all. If it wasn’t for Ramsdale, yesterday could have been 8 plus to 0. How can anyone make excuses about we are not to these teams standard and try to make out we are fighting top 4 is ludicrous. We are an average team at best with an average manager. No more!!!!!!!

    1. Yesterday’s game showed that Arsenal are not at Liverpool’s level. Recent performances indicate that we are not at Chelsea’s or Man City’s either. There is not going to be any easy or quick way to bridge the gap to those teams no matter how much you rant and rave.
      I disagree with you about the manager. I don’t believe he is at the level of a Klop or Guardiola for example but in my opinion he is a very good manager.
      The younger players still have much to learn when it comes to playing at the highest levels. The squad also needs strengthening in some areas to consistently compete effectively against the best teams.
      Arsenal still have a realistic chance of making the top four despite yesterday’s setback.

      1. Yesterdays game showed we are nowhere near Liverpool and are not any better than last season or the season before, despite massive investment.

  3. Some people don’t want to accept the fact that our manager is not good enough and thy will do everything possible to defend him . Didn’t we spent more money than all the teams he mentioned. With him in charge the best he can do six or seven place on the table. Because that is his level give him all the money in the world and he won’t achieve more than what he is achieving

    1. @Frank I am with you if anyone think Arteta is or will be a good manager for us should think again. Mikel Arteta is not good enough period

  4. No one cares that we lost to Liverpool, we care about how we lost.

    No fight, soft underbelly… repercussions for anyone, our clubs the perfect place to get given a pay cheque without having to earn it or do anything really.

  5. When you put up a disgraceful performance, you get a humiliating defeat.

    Arteta is an average coach, I don’t see him giving us the top 4 we so desire.
    More reasons why we are consistently losing the ball yesterday was because we want to play safe. I am sure this is the instruction from the manager.
    In fear of death, Arteta and his team are dieing of fear.

  6. There is no doubt that we were second rate against Liverpool. We lose our nerve against the ‘big boys’. Is it the players or is it Arteta? At the moment Arteta has improved, but this type of result is lacking in courage and will eventually point at Arteta. Not good at all. With the Spuds signing Conte and Man Utd seemingly getting Zidane, Arteta looks such a little tiddler fish in a big ocean full of sharks and big fish.

    1. Anyone who knows about coaching will know our shape is vulnerable in defence and lacking in attack. We will go knowhere big playing as we do.

  7. If you think the manager was the reason we lost and our players are better than Liverpool players, how many of you can boastfully say any of Tuchel or Guardiola would have beaten Liverpool yesterday with same squad.
    Forget about west harm result, that’s just one of, any team can have bad day, besides, the mentality of players, when playing westharm isn’t same as when playing arsenal

  8. We cannot deny the fact that Liverpool totally outplayed us. Had it not been for the heroics of Ramsdale, the scoreline could have been 7-0 or 8-0. There was no plan B or nobody to give a game changer from the bench. Arteta has to do something and something fast, because the Spuds and WestHam will compete strongly with us for the 4th place. The other thing is that it is one thing to lose and another thing to lose without a fight and that is what happened.

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