Arteta says: “No-one is undroppable” but Aubameyang is showing his hunger

There is no doubt that Arsenal and Aubameyang are not in a good place at the moment, with the Gabonese hitman having scored just one penalty in the ten League games since his only outfield goal against Fulham.

To be fair, the team as a whole has not created many chances for him to get on the end of, but when he has had chances they have not been converted anyway.

There has been lots of questions asked about our captain’s 2body language” and some fans have suggested that maybe Arteta should be trying out making changes to the Arsenal front line, the boss seems convinced that Auba couldn’t be trying harder… “No one is undroppable,” Arteta told “At the end of the day, we have to find the right players to win football matches. But we cannot forget what Auba has done for this club and what he has done in recent months, not years ago.

“As well, I see how he’s training and how he’s behaving, how much he wants to turn this situation around. When I see that type of hunger, it’s about supporting the player as well as the status he has in the team because of the performances he has provided for this football club.

“Listen, today and this week, the response that I’ve seen from the players and the reaction I saw from the players after the match, I cannot be any prouder. Because I know how difficult it is for everybody at the moment.

“After losing a derby you can be completely down and I saw a completely different team, a team that wants to fight, that has a big belief in what they are trying to do and they want to push themselves and push each other harder and harder.

“Auba was one of the main guys there and today he was walking around the place with an energy that wouldn’t be associated to a team or a player that is suffering at the moment and that is for me the way we have to approach it.”

It seems incredible that just a couple of months ago, Aubameyang was leading Arsenal to beating Man City and Chelsea in the FA Cup closing stages, and Arsenal were on top of the world.

Where did it all go wrong?

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  1. Ah yes, the infinite energy, verve, and spirit the players show in training. Where Xhaka is Pirlo, Willian is Pele, and Auba still scores for fun. Getting tired of the talk when none of it seems to translate to the pitch where results matter.

    I look forward to the youngsters playing; lesser competition, but they play exciting football that is enjoyable to watch. When is the last time the first team was enjoyable to watch? Utd away?

    Thursdays seem to be the exciting day to watch Arsenal play football.

    1. “Xhaka is Pirlo, Willian is Pele” 🤣🤣 that tickled me!! 👍

      Yes, Utd away!! And I’m glad it’s Thursday – which speaks volumes!

      1. Actually quite sad, where I look forward to watching the younger players play football over the first team in their sorry state.
        Yes the competition is less, but we should win convincingly and we usually do. What’s more, the youngsters actually show the hunger and desire to play, perhaps they should be given more chances in the PL.

        1. I think we all do, Durand. The backwards/sideways passing is limited.. we play some good stuff and more importantly we actually score goals!!!
          I agree with you, they should be given a chance. I just wonder maybe MA doesn’t trust them enough?

          1. Not sure what MA has to lose by playin the youngsters.
            1. Get played off the pitch; that’s already happened
            2. Not score goals? can’t hurt any there
            3. Midfield not perform? it’s not doing much currently with Xhaka and Ceballos

            Not sure I see a downside to giving the younger players a chance. We’re 4-1-6 so a game or two of the youngsters may wake up the U-35 players we have.

  2. So today is the day all Arteta fan boys will be out in force as we with thrash a lower third tier team and all of a sudden we will be best in the world with Academy players ever.

    1. No today is the day that Arsenal fans come out seeing it’s match day and as a supporter that’s what we do .

    2. Genuine question, not having a go at you Moshan. Why do you constantly feel the need to create straw man arguments (no one on here is saying Arsenal is the “best in the world” if we beat Dundalk) and belittle fellow Gooners who think Arteta should be given more time as “fanboys”?

      1. @Trudeau, no offence taken. Because the same so called Arteta fan boys gave fans like us a stick and called all sorts of names branding me even spuds when we questioned Arteta’s tactics, type of football we were seeing and signings we made. One thing I have learnt on this site is you post you view with out engaging anyone but if ppl don’t agree with you they start to have a dig at you. Now with time if my views or concerns are proving right then I am entitled to have go at them then but I agree with you I think I should be better then them so from now on I will restrict my self to tactical comments nothing else.

  3. Auba should play tonight just for confidence wise maybe grab a goal or 2. Then come Burnley he may be ready to go again…

    Just a bad patch for him and shows now what has been said all last season long is he carried us and this proves it.

    Hes Captain so up to him how he reacts to all of this!

  4. “Its about supporting the player as well as the status he has in the team”….. “as well as the status he has in the team”…… but Arteta you just said no one is dropable? Now talking of supporting a player because of his status. What happened to supporting a player because of his form and not status in the team? What happened to supporting Elneny? AMN? Smith Rowe? Even Nelson and Pepe? Why was the in form Elneny dropped for out of form Xhaka who has status in the team? Out of form William with status doesn’t seem droppable, same goes for out of form foul throw master Bellerin with status.
    I see favouritism and player power. With time Arteta will be a great coach but one thing I think he was previously praised for and has failed to live up to is his man management. Guendouzi binned, Ozil binned, Sokratis binned, Torriera binned, Saliba binned. How much is that being wasted in transfer fee plus salary? Should I add people like AMN and Pepe to that list? Arteta seems to have an OCD. I think faster than the results, Arteta’s undoing will be Arteta himself. He needs to loosen up a bit, stop favouritism and stop bending to the pressure from fans too. Above all he needs not be a yes man; e.g Convincing the players to take the salary cut to save jobs only for redundancies to happen, not even including Ozil in the squad, succumbing to getting Partey over his first choice Aouor.
    Arteta’s inexperience is fishing him out. When the going gets tough the tough gets going. For the sake of Arsenal and our league position I just hope he is able to come out of this test period stronger.

  5. I have never rated aubameyang anyway,he only scores tap-ins&lucky goals,our last great striker was giroud who scores scorpion kick goals&great headers

    1. SMH, surely you jest. You realize Giroud never scored 20 league goals right?

      I’m off, I’ve heard it all now.

  6. Again I say, let’s watch the game and see what happens – who is substituted and when etc etc

    The game hasn’t even finished and some fans are already on MA’s back.

    I do hope Balgun and Azeez get some proper playing time.

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