Arteta says that Arsenal is “aggressive” and “determined” to have a successful transfer window

Look at the Arsenal team last season. They were top quality, which is why they put on great performances that allowed them to put Manchester City through their paces, but they unfortunately lost the championship fight by two points on the final day of the season.

We expected Sporting Director Edu and head coach Mikel Arteta’s transfer signings this summer to be of superior quality. These additions, as good as they could be, will just add a different edge to their quality, allowing them to ultimately cross the finish line in the title race and outwit European heavyweights in the Champions League.

With that stated, one cannot help but have high expectations for Arsenal’s business this summer. Fortunately, Mikel Arteta has indicated his side’s summer plans. He acknowledges that the transfer market is difficult, but with caution and aggression, they are looking for the ideal agreements given their clear vision of what they want.

Arteta was asked on ESPN his thoughts on this summer’s activity in th market: “I think both ways [players coming in and going out of the club]. he said. “There are things that we have to improve, that’s for sure and we are going to try to.

“But the market is tricky. We have been very aggressive, we are very determined and we have a clear idea obviously of what we want to do. It will come down to finding the right agreements at the right time.

All we Gooners can do is trust Edu and Arteta to deliver. We are incredibly lucky that they prioritise the club’s success and aim to elevate us back to our rightful position at the top.

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