Arteta says the January “market is extremely difficult”

There have been numerous Arsenal transfer rumours regarding midfielders and strikers, as those are the two positions that are most urgently in need of strengthening before next season, but, despite the ongoing talk about Vlahovic, Isak, Guimaraes and Wijnaldum, there simply doesn’t seem to be anything concrete in the air at the moment.

I am sure that Arteta and Edu are doing their damnest to get someone in urgently, but as Arteta said in his press conference yesterday, it is extremely difficult to get quality players halfway through the season as they are still needed by their respective clubs.

Arteta said when asked about any possible arrivals this month: “What I really want this month is that we have as many players as possible fit and healthy and that we do the best and maximum with those players. After, we have a strategy of how we want to evolve and improve the team, and whenever that is possible we are going to try to do it. We all know that this market is extremely difficult.”

Arteta’s main problem, as has been pointed out many times since the defeat to Nottingham Forest, that although our first XI are extremely hard to beat, when our backup players are brought into play, our performances drop drastically.

Obviously we can all hope that there are moves going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, but Arteta’s words are hardly going to leave Arsenal fans full of confidence….

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  1. “Arteta’s main problem, as has been pointed out many times since the defeat to Nottingham Forest, that although our first XI are extremely hard to beat, when our backup players are brought into play, our performances drop drastically.”

    This is down to failing to get into Europe and thus leaving our reserves with almost zero game time, match fitness and experience.

    1. When will you ever blame assign blame to these players too?
      Every of the blame you’ve been laying so far has been on the manager.
      It’s funny how since it’s Arteta, suddenly the manager should be blamed for a bunch of B team players inability to play against a Championship side.

      Under Wenger he had players he hardly started in league games and Europe, under Emery it was same and they allbplay the kids against inferior teams in the cup league.
      Arteta did the same, the players on the pitch performed woefully against a team we all agree we should’ve won.
      So let’s blame the manager for not giving Cedric 30 minutes of game time in the league, for not giving Holding 45 minutes of match fitness time, Patino for not having 30 minutes of league time to build fitness.
      Let it go man, Geez

      1. The first paragraph is quoted from the article son. Where did I blame Arteta? I think you are a bit delusional, everything ok Eddie?

        I simply said it’s because we failed to get into Europe so we have less games which equates to less game time for reserves.

        I think you need to let it go man lol! Read properly next time!

        1. Nah mate, seen you laid the blame on the manager in a lot of previous articles since we lost that game.
          And yes I’m doing great, How are you? I hope everything’s fine on your end and you’re okay too?

  2. Written in big letters on Emirates stadium it reads “We don’t buy stars we make them”
    Arsene Wenger spent more than a £billion on players and another £billion on salaries in the 14 years after his last title win. In just 3 and a half years Emery and Arteta between them have spent £450 mill on transfers and another £450 mill on salaries. So since our last title Arsenal has spent £1.5 billion on transfers and £1.5 billion on salaries. £3 billion enough to build 4 more Emirates stadiums. And remind me again of how many titles we have won since 2004? Right now only 2 of the 30 man Arsenal squad (Saka and ESR) are actually of our own making. So maybe the sign should be changed to read “We don’t make stars we buy them”

    1. Out of complete interest sake….at what age does a kid have to be, to be of Arsenal’s making?

      If they join at 16, is that too late? What about at 11 1/2 years old? Or at 8 years old?

    2. “We dont make stars we buy dwinding stars” was the caption for the Wenger years once arrogance set in. Mikel is tasked with flushing out and hiring some real talent. I always said an an enquiry should be initiated against the Wenger and Raul signings. Oh! Wenger can be aboslved, he earned 10M a year as participation fee in the UCL, not mentioning his monter salary.

  3. Fabrizio Romano said Juventus are still waiting for a new midfielder before sanctioning Arthur Melo’s loan to Arsenal. It’s an underwhelming signing, but better than nothing

    We seem to take a very risky decision by loaning Pablo Mari out to Udinese, after Holding’s bad performance in the left CB position. Holding could grow in that role, but he needs time to adapt and Xhaka has to play in front of him

    1. Sorry? Arthur Melo an underwhelming signing on loan?
      Just a dry loan?
      Another recency bias.
      Arthur Melo is actually Juve’s best progressive carrier and passer of the ball from Midfield and their best player at beating the press but his off the pitch lifestyle and Allegro choosing to play football in a different way means he’s on the bench more.
      Have you actually watched him play or you’re saying that based off social media?

      Arthur’s flaws are his defensive capabilities. Other than that, he’s always been a very good midfielder, his best games came from a Barcelona team always passing the ball around. At an early age, Xavi likened Arthur to himself.
      All of the ingredients are there, he just needs a manager that can help him maximize it.
      Also it’s just a loan signing.
      If he doesn’t need time to adapt to the league, it’ll be a great move because he’s calm on the ball and easily beats high press.
      I’m looking forward to this one

      1. If he were one of Juventus’ key players, they wouldn’t have been sending him to Arsenal

        One of my friends who’s an avid Barcelona fan said Melo could only pass the ball around like Andre Gomes, yet he couldn’t offer anything special. Both Gomes and Melo were good for ball retention, but they couldn’t carry the ball like Partey nor could they split the defenses

        The good thing about Gomes is his aerial ability and strength, which Melo doesn’t possess. As I said on another article, a loan move is good to properly evaluate a player and Melo would likely work harder to prevent another disappointment

        1. You’re a funny fella, You’re talking about the same Juventus that let Henry go…
          The same Juventus that let Cancelo go just how many years ago?
          Juventus don’t care how good you are, if you don’t fit what the manager is doing they’ll bin you and that’s exactly Arthur and Juventus right now.
          Allegri doesn’t care about keeping the ball.
          That Arthur doesn’t have anything special says it all.
          Like I asked, have you watched him play or you’re choosing to go by what folks say?

          1. Henry was an ineffective player at Juventus, similar to Melo. That’s why Juventus let them go

            Whereas Cancelo was sold because Man City’s offer was very good

            I haven’t watched Melo play yet, but I believe in someone who’s watched Melo play for two seasons than the ones who just watch his YouTube highlights. Eurosport Italy’s Carlo Filippo Vardelli made an article about Melo as a dancer, not a fighter

    2. If it’s Arteta that wants Melo he must have seen something about his skill set that he likes. But I am only giving him a benefit of a doubt. Not sure he would be better than Guendouzi

      1. I just hope he can make good decisions faster than Lokonga. I don’t think he can make a lot of interceptions like Guendouzi or make plenty of successful tackles like Torreira

  4. Our academy has shown great scouting instinct and have produced excellent talent over the past few years which the senior team’s hierarchy haven’t capitalized on:

    Gnabry, Bennacer, Reine-Adelaide, Mavididi, Szczesny, Musah, Kamara comes to mind..

    Overall we’ve garnered just a fraction in fees for what their worth really came to be. Our loan system was extremely poor but it seems to have changed over the past 24 months. Most of our players are doing well out on loan and selling Willock for big bucks was great piece of business.

  5. Kroenke should fund the 75 million pounds asking price to get Vlahovic and get Arthur.


    Martinelli. Odegaard. Saka.

    Arthur. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. White. Tomiyasu.


    1. then in summer another 150m to sign another 3 or 4 players?

      where will our first team players play then?

  6. Do Arsenal really need to do a new top midfielder signing this Jan window? What of the top midfielders of Xhaka, ESR, Lokonga, Odegaard and Partino who are at the club playing? And the clubs midfielders Partey and Elneny will return to the team after completing their Afcon assignments.

    It is true that both the midfielders Lokonga and Partino performed bellow per for Arsenal against Nottm Forest in the FA Cup that looked to have cost Arsenal a place in the 4th round of the competition. But these 2 midfielders are said to be match rusty going in to the match to play. But to me, this is not a tenable excuse for their poor showing against N Forest. The duo midfielders simply failed to step up their performance in the match. Have they not been attending Arsenal full training sessions regularly? If they are, then what are they playing?

    The signing I think Arsenal need most to do this winter window is that of a new top quality striker of proven 30 League goals or more per season scorer at the top level of the game. Does Dusan Vlahovic fit the bill for Arsenal this Jan window? If yes, then let Arsenal give it whatever affordable takes it will take to get him signed. And sign him this winter window as soon as they can get the deal done.

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