Mikel Arteta set for £5m-a-year salary if he becomes Arsenal manager

According to the Sun, Arsenal are expected to hand former captain Mikel Arteta a deal worth £5m-a-year, the Spaniard is being heavily linked with the Gunners hot-seat.

The Sun add that this lucrative salary was expected to have been offered to the Spaniard during his talks with Arsenal chief Josh Kroenke last night.

The Daily Mail claimed that Arteta’s reported talks with Josh Kroenke would act as the third and final step of the Spaniard’s interview process.

Arteta’s apparent return to the Emirates Stadium seems to be edging closer and the Sun believe that the 37-year-old’s appointment could be announced later this week.

Arteta during his playing days for the Gunners.

Arteta made 150 appearances for Arsenal during a five-year spell with the Gunners, the midfielder lifted the FA Cup and Community Shield on two occasions during his time in north London.

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With Arsenal legend Freddie Ljungberg struggling to turn around the underperforming side’s fortunes during his caretaker reign so far, it seems like a good idea for the Gunners to seal the appointment of their next permanent manager very soon.

Arteta has honed his craft under the tutelage of tactical genius Pep Guardiola at Manchester City over the last three-and-a-half-years, Arsenal fans will be hoping that he can bring a recipe for success to the Emirates.

Considering the tough period that the club are going through, Arteta’s appointment makes sense as he has an understanding of the way the club works having only left recently.

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  1. Wow, I thought it was bad when Kronke invested in club a decade ago. Then I thought it was bad when Wenger didn’t have the answer and was let go.

    Then I thought it was bad this year with Emery at the helm.

    Now thinking it’s bad no top manager seems interested in Arsenal.

    Arsenal single-handedly keeps redefining my definition of bad.

    At least we’re not a circus, that would be bad.

    1. So our club throws one of our legends into the lion’s den, gives no support, and then replaces him with someone with less experience?

      At least Freddie has 3 more games coaching experience than Arteta. Arteta did sit beside Pep for 3 years, guess that qualifies him to lead a club like Arsenal when our ship is sinking.

      This will either be shear genius or nail in our coffin. Fingers crossed mates, support and hope for the best.

      1. They think it is all over,well it is now.Artera has apparently signed a 3 1/2 year deal.If he tries the Pep G way we are in serious trouble.Seiously if he tries to play that way , and I don’t think he knows any other way,we will be relegated

        1. Pep didn’t have any major coaching experience when he took over Barcelona. When you have got it, you have got it trust me

          1. You can’t help fans being concerned.. a lot of people seem to think he’ll come in, be our saviour, and overnight we’ll turn in to Man City. Not gonna happen!!
            Yes, he’ll bring tactics with him, but our players really need to step up and all produce the work rate of Martinell 😀 Then we should be ok.. and by ok, I mean not being relegated!!

            This move could either be genius or a disaster.. and right now, I’m not sure which!

          2. @Best
            Cruyff had set up Barcelonas style of play to the point that anybody could have walked into that job… Pep had been coaching the B team, and just like Freddy.

      1. This rehearsed “Wenger was Unknown” is complete nonsense. Wenger had won the French League and the French cup, played in 1992 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final and reached the Champions League semifinal in 1994. In Japan, he added the Emperor’s Cup (1995)and the Japanese Super Cup (1996). Before, going to Japan, he was wanted by Bayern. The fact that the English press were ignorant of the man does not mean he wasn’t already very experienced at the time he joined Arsenal.

        However, no one can say Arteta would succeed or not because he is inexperienced. It is time that will tell.

    2. We are a circus, Durand, but the difference between us and a real one is that in our case the clowns are in charge! 😁😁

  2. Penny pinching board ignores the double CL winner manager with decades of experience for a man who’s only experience as an actual manager might well be that one time where Guardiola had been suspended and watching the game from the stands.
    Insulting. As if he’d have a clue on how to sort out the mess we’re in.
    I liked Arteta as a player but it was already a farce that he was shortlisted 2 seasons ago and he added little experience that could be applied to Arsenal.
    Let’s not forget that the extent of his experience is in a club where the solution to get their defense to become fluent in passing from the back, as we’ve been trying to since Unai’s arrival, was to buy an entire set of players as replacement.
    If Kroenke was ever ready to spend such money, he wouldn’t be accepting to speak with anything but managers of higher calibre, regardless of how much more expensive they’d be…

  3. Hi guys. So what experience did Zidane have when he took over Real Madrid? N with all the experience Pelegrini has why is we sh ham doing so bad? Why did Unai emery not succeed at arsenal? Experience does not mean anything, only looks good on cv. So please stop judging Arteta even before he gets the job. Everyone has to start somewhere. Board is looking to give 3 and a half years contract which means he’s in for the long term. It’s best we accept that fact and give arteta our full support.

      1. Then go support tiny tots please. There’s a lot of optimism there. I’m sure you would take offence that I referred to them as tiny tots so off you go.

  4. Arteta may appear to be a bad choice but we need to support him. Last season he took charge of a match against Lyon (a champions League match) when Guadiola was banned. Unfortunately they lost that night 2-1

    1. Are we implying that MC would not have lost had Pep been on the sideline? Elaborate this train of thoought please.

  5. We have to support Arteta at all costs no matter what. This is to save Arsenal, it is now or never. Both Wenger and Pepp have spoken highly of Arteta, so he must be something. Poch and Allegri are not interested at this point of time and Allegri would demand high sums of money for investment in players. Arteta has the love for the club, the intelligence and the ability to lead Arsenal. Wenger allowed him to conduct training sessions when Arteta was the Captain. He has leadership qualities so we as fans must support him. And anyway great CV’s do not mean necessarily mean a winning manager or else why would Ancelotti fail at Bayern and Napoli? #support Arteta.

  6. I understand a lot of fans are concerned and not happy with this decision but can we rally round this man and give him our support.
    Long live Arteta, wishing you all the best

  7. He will pull the rabbit out of the hat with these players and formation. A combination of pace, energy, grit and determination suitable for the way the EPL is being played this season. Call Nketiah back, he has the same energy levels as Martinelli. No unnecessary side-ways and back passes. His training methods will give the players confidence on the ball with quick possession football. Our tempo of playing the game will increase like the days of Farbregas under him. Watch out.











      1. And I hope you understand how our current midfield is non-existent? The personnel we are using currently will send us to relegation battle. This formation is what will stop that from happening, like it or not. 5 Attacking and 5 defending is the way to go.

  8. All I see is doom and gloom on here. Liverpool have walked this path, paid the price and now they are on top. Let’s take a chill pill please.

  9. Has anyone noticed that many (I restrain from saying most) Arsenal fans have a problem saying anything anything positive about anything done by the club?

    Why are we so full of negativity for this club that we claim to love? They want to ask Arteta to take the reins, so what? Why must some of us feel that we have the eternal right to dissect anyone to bits? We seem to love temporary fixes. Am sure if it was Mourinho on his way, optimism would have been at the peak. That in spite of the fact that he may beging to mess up soon and the cheers turn to moans.

    Let allow Arteta do a job (if he is eventually appointed) and let’s do ours as fans. Support the club and stop being the echo of the haters of Arsenal.

    1. Gunnerphilic, And pray, exactly what would YOU say is most positive about our club. The ” wonderful owner perhaps; or the marvellous defence, team spirit and will to win of all the dedicated and hard working players”. Or the fact that only us fans REALLY care and we are entitled to be upset about the state our beloved and one time honourable and forward thinking and forward planning club(excuse the horselaugh here!) is in? CARE TO ANSWER WITH A MEANINGFUL COMMENT AND VALID REASON OF YOUR OWN AS TO WHY WE SHOULD BE SO POSITIVE? I, among many others, I suggest, would be very interested to know if any real positive comment TRULY exists!

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