Arteta sets the points target that Arsenal need to achieve to win the title

Mikel Arteta wants his team to win the league title this season. Last season, the Spaniard could have won his first league title as Arsenal manager, but things didn’t go as planned, and his squad failed to finish the season on a strong note, allowing Guardiola to beat him to the league title.

That said, it’s all in the past now, and Arsenal has an opportunity to redeem themselves this season and finish the way they planned to finish last season.

Arteta knows what it takes to win a league title after working as Guardiola’s assistant and being a part of some of Manchester City’s great title runs before joining Arsenal in 2019.

He has yet to win the Premier League with Arsenal, but he believes he can do it this season, and he has one strategy in mind to accomplish so.

He wants his team to collect up to 96 points. He believes that if they can gather these points as a team, they will win the league title.
“We cannot be looking at other teams when we have played 11 games,” said Arteta.

“This a long marathon and things are going to change and momentum is going to shift. But in this league, you’re going to need 96 to 100 points to win it.

“When you’re going to get them is a different story, but this is the target.

“In order to do that, we’re going to have to play so well and win a lot of matches — more matches than this club has ever won before.”

Arsenal has undergone a significant transition under Arteta. They’ve grown from strength to strength, game after game. They should win the league to indicate how well they have been playing. It will be difficult to pick as many as 96 points, but it is doable.

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  1. If we are match week 12, it means there are 26 more league games to play. 96pts would need an additional 69pts from current tally, translating to 23 wins out of the remaining 26 games.

  2. It is good to aim high but I think the winner might require less than 96 to win it this time. I say so because there are more stronger sides in the top half that are going to take points from the actual contenders. Think Villa,Brighton, Chelsea , and Brentford,in addition to other top 4 contenders.I reckon 88-93 might be enough this time. It probably will be close though.

  3. It’s good to be ambitious but that should be matched with what you are doing on the pitch. Currently, the team doesn’t have goal scorers . Jesus & Nketiah will not score enough goals to deliver us the EPL crown.

    1. It’s good to be ambitious. 96 points shall be enough to win you the title. Let’s be even more cautious this time not to drope anymore Vital points and make sure to take another 3 points from City on the return leg. We need a vital striker in January Nketiah an Gabriele Jesus cannot win ous the title.

  4. 69 more points needed at least then With only 26 to play. Not remotely on th cards.

    Realistic projection of what it needs to win the title but we are not going to get near it. REALITY!

    Not with so many sub par players, who will all play at times, in our squad.

  5. It is achievable as long as you apply a firing power-up front then we are good to go. We close the rear door to each encounter, and in doing so 100% focus is needed. One lapse like Burney’s game won’t help.

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