Arteta simply got it wrong again against Villarreal

Arteta got it wrong AGAIN- what a surprise (NOT)

Disappointed is an understatement, but I expect nothing less from a manager that has lost his dressing room and doesn’t know which tactics to give against which opponent!

We could have easily got a result on Thursday, yet we showed too much respect to Villareal, put out a poor team with zero tactics and really looked like we didn’t know what to do!

Given that it was our best chance to get into European football, I am very upset that Arteta didn’t take his team selection seriously!

Now I am not blaming the players, because they are only doing what they are told, which judging by the game was not very much! And I have nothing against these players but time and time again I fail to see major impacts from the likes of Partey, Smith-Rowe and Saka in big games.

Yet it is nowhere near their fault if they are picked and are not given clear instructions. But for intelligent footballers who want to make it in the world of football, surely they should be able to make their own decisions and impact games, rather than follow what a manager says to the T!

There is no team that goes for 90 minutes listening to their managers tactics, because there will always be times where the expected game and performance needs to be amended to adjust to the goings on in a game.

Now it is true that no manager can fully know the outcome or set up of a game, but given an idea you would hope they could come close enough to know what tactics and instructions to give their team right?

Well not for Mikel Arteta!

And yet again it is the fans left disappointed and the players no doubt feeling empty, angry and frustrated. But who can blame them when even their own manager didn’t see this game as the biggest of his managerial career to date.”


Shenel Osman

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  1. If you cannot see the major contributions made by Saka and ESR this season you have little appreciation of what makes a good footballer.

  2. I believe Arteta knew the semi 2nd leg was crucial. It was huge. The loss really hurt him as did the loss to Southhampton in the FA cup and the home loss to Everton which all signaled the end of separate ways the team could make European football. Arteta knows after the recent protests the fans are scenting blood. Couped up for 15 months the fans are desperate to go some where wearing team colours and venting their football passion
    Losing the EL semi against Emery was a huge embarrassment. If Arsenal were to lose at home to virtually relegated WBA could see fan anger target Arteta and KSE may see the sacking of Arteta as a convenient way to deflect attention away from them selves.
    Significantly Arteta has been quick to say how he has given everything this season and that the WBA game is a must win. He knows he is on thin ice.
    Arsenal could still finish 8th and make the new Conference league so WBA is no dead rubber game for the Gunners and Arteta while WBA must win to keep their slim hope’s alive.

  3. We totally deserved to lose to Southampton in the cup.
    Arteta totally messed that team up again.

  4. You really didn’t offer any substance in your writing.

    Instead of bizarre rants, you should have pointed out the things Arteta got wrong and offer alternative options.

  5. People who couldn’t see that Villareal result was Artetas fault, do not understand football.

  6. Criticisms against Arteta are exaggerated and, in this article, very misinformed.

    What do you mean Arteta has “lost the dressing room”?

    Do players always do exactly what they are told? Did Arsenal players do exactly what Arteta told them on Thursday?

    There’s a famous saying which goes: “There are two kinds of people who never amount to much: those who cannot do what they are told, and those who can do nothing else.” (Cyrus Curtis, 1850 – 1933)

    Arsenal need players who will not only do what the manager tells them to do. They need players who will do so much more.

    Hence I ask, in the match against Villareal did Arteta instruct Auba to aim his shots at the goal posts? Because that is exactly what Le Capitaine did with his two shots even when the team only needed one goal to go through.

    What Arsenal have admitted to themselves, and which is evident in every match they play is that they are lacking in creativity and clinical finishing.

    The statistics do not lie. In 180 minutes the team did not score a single goal in open play. Moreover, clear goal scoring chances were few and far between.

    In every transfer season the club are linked with very creative players with 60 million+ price tags, which they balk at. These are the missing pieces of the puzzle.

    Liverpool spent £75 million on Van Dijk, a defender, and he proved worth all that money plus more. Somehow the money handlers at Arsenal believe that they can get world class creative players in bargain bins. That will not happen.

    The solution is for Edu and Arteta to identify the most creative players who can be dislodged from their teams, then the board should loosen the purse strings. If the club buys two such players at a combined fee of £150 million and the team is still stagnant after one season then fire Arteta.

  7. You was watching the match with a blind fold if you did not see ESR perform 😂😂😂. The guy was demanding the ball more. Than saka. Saka can’t even get into the box by dribbling his way there. He rather dive and look for a penalty. Nelson is much better with the ball and can work his way past the defenders. Just has slow pace.

  8. It is really Arteta’s fault.Tactically he was actually poor, not knowing which match to apply which tactics.

  9. As for Arteta the least said about him the better…what a disillusioned coach!…why didn’t he play Martelenni on the left,Aubamayang/Laca middle and saka on the right…with ESR behind them…what the hell at all has that Martlenni guy done to Arteta?

  10. Arteta is factually clueless. He talks the talk and some believe him. Trouble is we lose as many as we win and stats PROVE Arteta is guilty of being poor tactically and a naïve manager, unable to motivate the players/dressing room. Why do some ignore the facts. So hard to understand.

  11. We already have a template of a successful team we should always strive to replicate or surpass… the team that achieved the incredible… The Invincibles! Thus, we need a Henry upfront, a Bergkamp/Pires/Kanu behind him, a Veira in the middle of the pack, a rock of a Keown and a solid Lehman behind them to form the SPINE of the team! Unfortunately, this team has no spine, no soul, no spirit, no winning mentality, no confidence, no attitude and that is why we are where we are!

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