Arteta stopped by Arsenal fans who ask him to leave their club after defeat to Chelsea

Angry Arsenal fans confronted Mikel Arteta and attempted to stop him from leaving the Emirates yesterday.

The Spaniard had seen his team beaten 2-0 by Chelsea that evening and as he headed home after the match, some ugly scenes occured with videos surfacing online of Arsenal fans stopping the frustrated manager from leaving the stadium.

The Daily Mail reports that they shouted at him while making it clear that they wanted him out of their club for good.

The report says their loss to the Blues means Arsenal has suffered their worst start to the Premier League season in their history.

The Gunners fell to goals from Romelu Lukaku and Reece James as Chelsea finally beat them for the first time in four recent games.

The club’s fans turned on its owner last season when they joined the European Super League and demanded for Stan Kroenke to leave.

The American promised to invest in the squad when the transfer window reopened and has backed Arteta with around 150m euros worth of signings so far.

The Spaniard now has to deliver and easier opponents won’t come soon as they will face champions, Manchester City, in their next Premier League game.

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  1. One love to these fans..These are the true compatriot of mine..Arteta should show honor.His killing the club by being a tool of destruction by the kronekes and he knows fully well that this club is too big for him to manage..He better honorably leave now as our once respected captain if he has any respect for us the fan or face a life long tag of being the player that betrayed us after his service to us..My opinion though

      1. I understand completely why you deleted my reply to the vile post admin and apologise for my language.

    1. Mr Chris
      How is that you can support dishonourable behaviour? This is a club that has been respected worldwide for its values, fairness and integrity.
      In what way has Arteta betrayed you?

  2. This is uncalled for and unnecessary. Harassing manager or players like this is too far in my opinion.

    Want to send a proper message to Arteta and players?

    Stand up and walk out around the 70 minute mark.

    Don’t hiss, boo, or curse, just walk out in total silence in mass. Leave only the Chelsea fans in the stadium.

    Sends message clear as a bell, they are so poor they are not even worth responding to, just silence.

    1. Our fans are a disgrace and the fact that this post didn’t even condemn what they did says alot aswell disgraceful

  3. If this is true… then it is wrong.

    As much as I want him out there is no need for personal or physical attacks. It isn’t his fault he was thrown into a shit show of a football club.

    He needed to cut his teeth somewhere else and with new owners and board before he even entertained this crap… just to soon I’m afraid.😥

  4. No, non-violence and non-harm, Ahimsa is always the right way. To accost someone is not the way. I think it’s fair to be vocal, but not to intimidate.

  5. It’s out of order. He’s not even had a chance to integrate the new players and have a go with the new look team yet. Should at least give Arteta until Xmas to show meaningful improvement. I think it will come, but expecting a miracle against the European Champion’s & League Champion’s with a decimated team is very unreasonable.

    1. I’m no with the abuse but, come on men, whats the difference with our new players? It’s like the same team of last season. We are not asking for a win ( and god knows that’s exactly what we should, since Chelsea used to be our direct Rival) but an identity, a plan, not even a goal or a good game, but ffs at least resistance and a good clear chance..that’s how far deep we are falling but even un that scenario, arteta find the way to let us down

  6. This started with Wenger and has been going on since then.

    Once Pandora’s box has been opened, there’s no putting the lid back.

    As I said in another post, the crowd were behind the players and MA until approximately the 7th minute, when frustration took over.
    Durand’s point about walking out en masse is a very good point, simple but so very effective.

    The game on Wednesday will, I believe, be THE watershed moment for the manager… get this one wrong and I think MA will resign.
    Don’t know why I think that – probably because I see Mikel Arteta as an honest man.

    If we win, then he stays and we can only hope that the likes of Partey, Lacs, White and Saka are fit to play.

    1. To a certain extent the personal attacks on Arteta are happening here, the criticism is disproportionate, it’s like a frenzied mob chipping in to
      Attack the man. For the record I don’t care if he gets sacked, but he is our Arsenal manager like Wenger the results will catch up with them and the board will replace them. Time and time again when will we also make the players accountable for poor performance.

    1. To make a point, a non-violent and non-threatening point.

      Owners clearly are not listening to many many fans, and have not done so for at least a decade.

      How else to get their attention and address the issues at the club that have been going on for years?

      Or perhaps blindly supporting anything they spoon feed the fans while crossing our collective fingers and hoping for the best?

      Maybe “wishing” for real change?

    2. The fans were walking out of their own accord fifteen minutes before the game ended – no need for anyone to advocate anything – just a protest against what we witnessed in a non violent protest.

      1. 👍 Ken, just shows in hindsight the futility of leaving Arsenal’s spiritual home, Highbury and building the Emirates. The additional capacity will go to waste if spectators don’t turn up because of the dire football!
        Imagine Wenger with the stadium money, the teams he could have built, not having to sell players. Arsenal would have been able to retain its financial and player strength. There is no way the Club would be in the position it is in now. So unfortunate the Borough Council wouldn’t approve the redevelopment of the existing site.

        1. Agree 100% OG.
          Just look at the spuds new stadium and it is still their spiritual home… despite costing three times more than originally planned.

  7. Nobody can condone a costing the manager, if thats what happened, it should be done in the ground and in a non abusive way. The fans have a right to vent their feelings but not by ganging up on Arteta when he is outside of work. I personally hope he proves most of us wrong, i wont mind one little bit but he looks way way out of his depth and a good look in the mirror and a bit of self honesty is called for.

  8. and the fact of the matter is that, Arteta is not upto task and should leave with immediate effect.

    The message was right but how and where it was delivered is a subject of debate

  9. typical Arsenal Fan, after all this lost and drama, we go back to the same conclusion, Its Wenger’s fault.

    I dont know why? MA has 150mio and spend 1/3 of it on White while we have Saliba. Still this is Wenger’s fault. Hahahaha.


    1. Who said it was AW’S fault?
      Can’t find one post that has been daft enough to suggest that… please enlighten me!!

  10. Not a fan whatsoever of this sort of public display of displeasure towards an acting manager, which is why I was quite perturbed when it happened to Wenger, even though I was calling for him to be relinquished of his duties at that time…now if someone did this to our absentee landlord, within reason of course, I would applaud their efforts; in fact, I would be a tad jealous

  11. If Arteta has any dignity, he should resign immediately. I have been an Arsenal supporter for 41 years and had never feel so despair on the roads ahead for the gunners.
    My heart was bleeding when Chelsea scored the second goal against us, with the dump Arteta failing to see our left back is the weak link.
    Arteta had made numerous criminal mistake :
    1) Selling Martinez instead of keeping him as our no 1
    2) Signing Willian (I still do not understand why?)
    3) Singing Ben White for 50Mil when we have Saliba. I am not sure what happen to Mavropanos?
    4) Fail to inspire and motivate the players
    5) No style of play and no tactics
    6) Players get worse under his coaching
    7) Fielding player according to whom he likes instead of what the player can do. I believe AMN would be a good addition to our weak midfield.

    The lists goes on……

    He is worst manage in Arsenal history and probably EPL.

  12. TMJW- if you look at the nett spend of the Club since Wenger left, then add in the wages paid (Willian and Aubamayang contracts especially) I just cannot see how Kronke can be held accountable. He supported Emery to a point, but Arteta seems to have somehow had free use of the company cheque book. It’s the players he has been allowed to bring in that I have the issue with, not Kronke.

    1. Phil, Kroenke supported Emery to a small point in providing him with transfer funds, but in appointing him “head coach”, not allowing him to decide how it was spent.
      To follow on from Arsene Wenger’s tenure of 22 years and not be appointed manager, with restricted authority, put Emery behind the eight ball from the start.

  13. The reaction of the fans outside the stadium in not allowing Arteta to leave is totally unacceptable. This is not the Arsenal way and these are not real Arsenal fans. Our club is best known and famous over decades for its values, culture and polished tradition and loyal fans. I am not backing Arteta after the dismal performances in the first 2 games but this sort of behaviour from fans only confounds matters. Arteta clearly lacks tactical game planning and there was no show of resistance or fight against Chelsea, forget about win or lose. The point is how we play, whether we show the necessary fighting attitude, whether our players fight for the badge, the energy, motivation and the willingness to take on the opposition is what really matters. All these boil down to good management and motivation and clearly Arteta is not upto it, atleast not yet. But whatever the case may be, such acts of physical intimidation are totally uncalled for and should be condoned in the harshest possible terms, after all, Arteta is still our manager and basic human values say atleast respect him for the position he is holding. By such actions fans are putting down their own club. Yes, no doubt Arteta is going from bad to worse, but there are ways and means of protest. And also, for once we cannot blame Cronk, he has given every inch of backing to Arteta, the question is whether the purchases were of the quality we required, for the positions we required and whether they will click, the buck stops with Arteta, but the owner has done his job. We cannot continue to fault him or blame him and now it is upto Arteta to deliver. The WBA game will be crucial not only for the result but also for the approach, the game plan, the players attitude during the game vis a vis fighting spirit and positivity, the mentality and all the rest that go a long way to show that Arsenal as a team is showing some grit. Nobody expects us to beat Chelsea or City but we as fans want to see some real fight and spine in our players.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with your post. Arteta has had plenty of my support so far. I had felt it was too soon to fully judge but my patience-although wearing thin – will give out altogether if this new season doesn’t kick on. I can accept that new team members and the youngsters can take time to fully bed in and Covid hasn’t helped and this is why I haven’t become hysterical over the results yet. This is not indefinite. I agree totally with your points on the West Brom game

      1. 👍 👍 Arsenal’s “class” started on the downward slope, when David Dean was forced out the door.

  14. It’s a pity that some people can not see the light…Why would I not defend these people who are pained to see our club going down..I don’t really get some people at all..A man called conte with more Achievement than your so called Arteta resigned because they sold his players.,is that not integrity and a mind of a winner because he knows if inter fails tommorow he will be apart of their failure and Was that an insult to inter?..We should stop defending MEDIOCRITY…It’s like most fans don’t realize the mess we are in right..No! maybe when we are in a relegation battle then you all will wake up..The management of the club from top to bottom is a shamble and some fans are still saying Arsenal is not this
    or arsenal is not that .It’s really amazing to hear such people defend someone we all know has nothing to offer us..Don’t be carried away by being sympathetic over one man and a lot of people are hurting as a result of his inability to take us forward.REMEMBER PLAYERS AND MANAGERS COME AND GO BUT THE FANS AND THE CLUB ARE THE ONES TO LIVE WITH THE SUCCESS AND FAILURE OK.not Arteta or edu or the kronekes..remember that ok

    1. OK, but why act as thugs, bully boys and cretins?
      Put one of these morons in a one to one situation with Arteta and they’ll ask him for his autograph and his a selfie!!!!
      There probably not of anything more taxing for their brain cells.

  15. This fans are clueless and aren’t the true fans of arsenal, why on earth do you abuse your manager ?what do they think they were doing apart from adding salts in a wound,let’s be very careful to what we are hoping for this grate club. From Wenger out to emery out and now arteta out .I wish the list would stop here .up arsenal

  16. I think Arteta is really struggling and I’m not a fan, but abuse like that is uncalled for. Nobody here would like to be treated like that so why condone it when it’s directed at someone else.

  17. I’m sad to say it but I am no longer surprised ,it was done to Arsène Wenger and to an extent to Unai Emery who had to cancel a speaking engagement due to fears for his safety,it was only a matter for MA,we were warned that we were about to lose our values but didn’t heed the warning well not all the fans thankfully, as much as I love Arsenal and football people need to have other interests,hobbies…in life( it is not healthy )and get their priorities right.hoe did we end up here?is it a generational or society thing??

    1. siamois, the next step will be slanging off Mikel Arteta for his Spanish accent. Does “good ebening” constitute “to an extent” with Unai Emery?

  18. I disagree with those fans’ behaviours which are uncalled for. MA is here because owner employed him and has not sack him. You should go for the person who employed him and not sack him.

  19. This is bang out of order and the ‘fans’ hassling the manager is not what is called for.
    Fans need to vent their anger towards the owners, who are slowly killing our club, cos at the end of the day, the buck stops with them. Seriously, WTF do they know about ‘soccer’. Their incompetence knows no bounds.

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