Arteta strongly backed to win the sack race

Arsenal’s recent slump in form, which has seen the Gunners score just two goals in their last 7 League games, and those were from a corner and a penalty, has drastically reduced confidence in whether Mikel Arteta can turn their form around.

The Gunners are now in 15th place in the table with 6 defeats in our first 11 games, and with each game that passes the rumours of him being sacked by the Arsenal Board are growing in numbers.

Obviously Chris Wilder, who has led Sheffield United to just one point this season, is currently the favourite in the sack race at prices from 7/4 to 11/4, but with most of the bets on this market being laid on Arteta this week after the loss to Tottenham, the Arsenal boss is now down to do generally around 7/2 to 9/2 to go next, which is a bit different to the 66/1 that you could get at the beginning of the season.

Oddschecker spokesperson Callum Wilson: “Arsenal’s dreadful start to the Premier League season has seen pressure justifiably crank up on boss Mikel Arteta.

“In the last 24 hours, a whopping 42% of all bets in the market have backed Arteta to leave before any other manager.

“The Spaniard was backed in this summer’s transfer market, and yet it’s already clear that the Gunners will be getting nowhere near the upper echelons of the table unless they experience a drastic reversal of fortunes.”

Arteta said after the Tottenham defeat that his team desperately need to start scoring goals or there is no way out of this mess. And with the mighty Burnley,who are in the relegation zone with just one win this season, coming to the Emirates this week, another failure to score by his misfiring team could see the struggling Spaniard put out of his misery very quickly.

Can Arteta find a way out of this hole very quickly?

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  1. Herbz says:

    These betting companies amuse me very much….

    ALLEGRI has the lowest odds to replace Arteta but he’s just not different from Arteta and Emery. He’s s very BIG JOKER who delivers a Defensive brand of football that isn’t sustainable anymore in any league.

    The only person whose odds are way too high is MAURIZIO SARRI. He’s the only good coach left among all these PUNKS.

    If Arsenal have any reasoning within their heads, they will have already known that he is the only coach going to give us an ATTACKING BRAND OF FOOTBALL that’s most certainly SUSTAINABLE over the course of the season.

    Not only that but look at his recruitment in midfield….. Joginho, Pulisic, Kovacic (the best holding midfielder in the league — according to me). JUST WORLD CLASS RECRUITMENT WITH ALL TECHNICALLY GIFTED RECRUITS …

    1. jon fox says:

      Herbz, A laughably naive omission of Abramovich who funded those purchases and no mention at all of Kroenke who will not do likewise for which ever manager we employ. Get real and stop talking airy fairy rubbish with no thought behind it.

      You are comparing, even by overt omission, chalk to cheese and rather daftly. Comparisons like yours render your post as a nonsense. Our best two players, Gabriel and Partey have both been brought in by MA but Kroenke has shut his wallet after that, just as we desperately need real quality across at least half the team. Think first, PLEASE!
      Any fool manager can bring intop quality with Santa Roman to back him. We have Scrooge instead!

      1. Herbz says:

        But two of those players I’ve mentioned equate to the money for Pepe.

        It’s not the Owner’s problem that he trusted these so called amateur coaches and twats who can’t use the money wisely.

        1. jon fox says:

          Herbz, Read my reply to you further down, which went in the wrong place.

      2. A J says:

        @ jon fox.

        Well said once again.

        Despite the hard evidence to the contrary (some of which I have posted on here), be prepared for the “but Arsenal have spent loads – lot’s more than other teams” half baked responses.

        Yes, we may have …….. from the CLUBS limited coffers, and spent it very poorly !

        Also, said spend would be sanctioned from the top by a man who probably thinks “Pepe” goes with salt.

        The point is being missed here.

        It’s not how much you spend, it’s how you spend it, and the starting point from which you need to re-build.

        Any perspective owner would know before coming in, he/she would be in for circa 200M on this squad (plus much deadwood out of the door).

        This would put the foundations in place going forward, with the years ahead completing the parts of the jigsaw over time.

        Not an overnight fix – but would you prefer we carry on with “groundhog” day, cut adrift by Christmas ?

        Are you there Stan & Josh ?

        It seems Jon & I stand alone.

        1. jon fox says:

          Indeed we do, sad as that is, AJ!

  2. Arsenal20 says:

    Arteta needs to plug that hole behind Bellerin whenever he plays. This has been Arsenal problem since when Wenger was in charge, contributing to Arsenal woes these past seasons. Put another defender behind him before the normal right full back because he will always go forward otherwise our right back shall continue to be a target for goals by the opposing teams. All the goals scored to date came from our right back. If he fails to adhere to this, then his sack is a matter of time.

    1. jon fox says:

      With a gaping hole in the side of the boat which you accurately describe and that hole having been there for many years, we do not have “a matter of time” as you suggest but need that hole filled with a proper defender right now. TODAY!

      Bellerin has never been good enough and never will . He needs to go. In the meantime, both AMN and Cedric are better than the non defender Bellerin, who will rarely stay in defence and even when he does, is useless at defending.

  3. GunneRay says:

    You could have Klopp as manager and still get the same results!

    The quality is not there in the squad. Willian, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Bellerin to mention a few are just not at the races. With the likes of Luiz and Mustafi in contention to step in as defensive backup, what are the chances of defending successfully? Even Holding is average. The club have bought badly over the years. Some players will never improve. Even if you offered them eternal life!

    1. CorporateMan says:

      But that’s the same team that beat ManCity and Chelsea to win the FA Cup. I think it’s a matter of tactics – designing the system that brings the best out of your team.
      That’s how a team like Leicester could win the PL against all odds.

      1. GunneRay says:

        Or maybe they we had a good day and they had a bad day?

        Arsenal are not consistent and haven’t been for years. We just don’t have the players or luck to go on a great run any more..

    2. Mark says:

      Most fans come here and just repeat ideas from pundits without really thinking. To top it off they always make certain players scapegoats because they do not like them for none footballing reasons. Other than Xhaka who is too slow and Kolasinac who isn’t EPL quality none of these players are particularly bad. AFC has conceded fewer goals this season than most Premier league sides. They just aren’t scoring which is indicative of a midfield problem since Auba cannot be labeled as poor.. Pool many goals before Van D got injured..he must be a terrible defender..

      1. Mark says:

        ” Liverpool conceded mny goals before Van Djk got injured..He must be a terrible defender”

  4. Armoury says:

    Arteta acquired Partey, Mari, Suares, Gabriel, and Willian. Nketiah and Elneny returned from their loan spells. He also acquired Ceballos on loan. It means that brought 8 players. Any coach who can acquire 8 players, will be able to do better than that. I conclude that Arteta doesn’t know what he’s doing

    1. GunneRay says:

      Armoury, you make a valid point but most of those players were the most “cost effective” solution based on the funds MA had available to him. Ceballos on loan with Xhaka is our central midfield. Had MA had the money available it would have been Partey and Auora ideally. Auora being a good alternative option for Ozil. Willian was released by Chelsea and made available to MA. Again, he was the best of the limited options available for less outlay. Gabriel is actually a good purchase as he has shown! MA knew our defense was priority but the owners were not able to release money unless we sold first. No one wanted the players we wanted to sell. We still have them.

      1. GunneRay says:

        Elneny was always an Arsenal player and was recalled from a loan spell. Nketiah has always been ready for a call up and MA needs a percentage of British players in the squad as do all EPL teams.

  5. Armoury says:

    Whoever is supporting Arteta at this juncture is either they are trying to justify their initial statements that Arteta is the best thing that ever happened to Arsenal or they don’t have the best interests of Arsenal at heart. Hope has vanished

  6. durand says:

    The only thing I would add to that is if his intention was to improve the defense, then either AMN or Soares would be a defensive improvement over Bellerin. Hector has been here for years, and still is uber poor at defending as a fullback.
    Shocking how that has never been fully addressed by manager number 3 at this point.

  7. Edrine paul says:

    I believe that arteta needs a chance but u see the quality of football he plays but jst needs scoring goals. Thats al

  8. jon fox says:

    Herbz, you never look further than the first thought that comes into your head. Abramovitch has spent zillions of his own money on his love. Chelsea. Scrooge Kroenke has spent not a single penny of his own money save a commercial loan to pay off our stadium debt early but with interest applying. You are incapable of seeing where the real problem lies. KROENKE!

    And OF COURSE it is the owners fault if he appoints incompetents to ruin his club and leaves them there un challenged to ruin us for years without being even involved enough to realise the harm done and sacking them much much earlier. In therteal busines world the buck ALWAYS dstps with threowner If you were not such an innocent abroad you would know that basic truth!

    It is laughably ignorant to excuse Kroenke on the grounds that you wrote. Why own a business if you don’t care for it ? Answer that, young man !

    IF, which you do not , you knew the first thing about how big business works in the real world, you would KNOW without doubt, that the owner is where the buck stops, every time, you naive and innocent of knowledge young man.

  9. Andy z says:

    OMG guys he need to go I mean for f…….sa__ we are 15 in the league that’s down to the manager and coaching staff’s. Bellerine can’t even take a throw in I mean come on 5 times and MA still let him take them
    As much that I like manager to be given time just can’t see him improving the team our style of football is so bad and negative

  10. Andy z says:

    Can you guys imagine Burnley beat us this weekend

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