Arteta takes the blame for Willian’s drop in form – but doesn’t rule out exit

There was were many Arsenal fans that were very skeptical when Arteta (or Edu) brought in Willian from Chelsea last summer, especially as he was given a three year contract despite his advancing years.

But recently there have been whispering that the Brazilian may be moving on after just one season, after failing dismally to live up to his former glories, with Inter Miami being touted as a possible destination.

It may well be that Arteta and Willian will come to a mutual agreement on the winger’s future, but there is no doubt that the Arsenal fans would rather we cut our losses and freed up his place in the team to give much-needed experience to the younger players in the squad.


But Arteta has spoken out and blamed himself for not getting the best out of Willian this season. Arteta told “First of all we signed a player with an incredible talent, a proven talent and performance level in this league, and this season has been difficult and I take full responsibility because I have to be the one getting the best out of him and we had moments, but not to the level that he did before. This is an assessment that we will do individually with the players and with Edu, the board and the ownership to make the right decisions for the future.”

It’s a shame really as Willian was a joy to watch in many games at Chelsea before his departure, and he is unlikely to be missed. Let us hope that his current wage will not be a stumbling block in arranging for his departure in the summer.

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  1. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get this lazy idle fraud who is only her for his obscenely unearned salary , OUT of our club ASAP! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CALL HIM OZIL THE SECOND!!!

  2. TBF to Arteta Willian was still performing at a high lvl when we signed him but for whatever reason it hasn’t panned out so you win some you don’t it’s what you do after that shows what your made of ,so if he’s still in charge next season then he has to learn from this and just offload Willian at all costs , it wasn’t a massive outlay .
    It wasn’t the first time and definitely won’t be the last that a signing does not work out ,time to move on .

  3. Wouldn’t go as far as saying hes Ozil, he knows it’s not working and wants to leave himself, Mikel knows too so time to move on. Didnt work no hard feelings, he will get a big payday in Miami anyway so I’m sure he doesnt care about the money.

    Was a great player for chelsea but we have to stop signing these cast off freebies from Rivals just to fill a gap in the squad. Everyone else is doing business early and we will tinker about as usual to save a pound which I understand but this was also done while we were making all the big money from Champions league.

    This is where if Stan isn’t going to help as he is the biggest part of the reason we are where we are today with all the behind the scenes crap with Usmanov, Dein etc… then sell the bloody club to Daniel Ek with Thierry, Denis & Patrick to take this club over and back to the DNA of Arsenal FC.

    It’s not a play toy to hand to his spoilt son as a present to which he is doing exactly that with our club, you know the one he dont give a damn about esp the fans, its just business to Stan.

    Keep protesting in London. Get him out and get Arsenal back to the fans just like the Bayerns of world do, They have a say at the club. This is the same model we were promised we would be competing against when we moved our whole history to the Emirates.

    Lie after lie after lie.

    1. It’s the London fans that can make the takeover possible.
      Those who say that the Ek try to buy Arsenal have failed talking bull. The reaction from Die Kranken was the expected. He will not sell, but sooner or later he have to. Old Kranken himself is 74 this summer and he look as fragile as Joe Biden, who hardly can walk. Keep protesting against this awful reign of the club – and it will fall. Maybe it take years, but it will, like all injustice.
      That was the plan from smart guy Daniel Ek, let everyone see there is an alternative to Die Kranken, and a much more attractive one than the american dictatorship. A democratic one, with fans on the board with power to turn things in the right direction. Back to what Thierry Henry called the Arsenal DNA.
      On Sunday is the next chance to challenge Die Alte Kranken. And when he goes his wannabe coach goes.

  4. Farteta as a non-qualified coach/ manager who is ruining players. Better players than Willian. And he will ruin Joe Willock if Joe forces back to Emirates. Let Joe go and cash in. Newcastle can afford it.

  5. hope inter miami takes him but doubt he would leave given he is settled in london & has his restaurant business as well

  6. Personally , the coach has not helped some of our players. The coach has selection problem. Most of the players being discussed are played out of position. How do you get the best out of a player you put out of position.

    1. How come Wilcox can perform consistently with Newcastle. Willian has track record with Chelsea but lost his killer passes n shots speaks itself.

  7. A huge error of judgement by Edu and/or Arteta in recruiting someone of his age in the belief that he could suddenly turn the clock back.I hope we can arrange a mutually agreeable severance deal in the interests of all concerned.Time waits for no man as evidenced by the performances of Willian, and regrettably our team Captain who has been woeful this season.

    1. Agree 100%.

      Mustafi and Sokratis were not good but tried, Willian was good but didn’t try.

      Arguable Arteta didn’t get the best out of him, but Willian jogging around the pitch, not demanding the ball, and waiting for younger players like Saka and ESR to turn the game is inexcusable.

      Arteta deserves the blame for continually showing trust in Willian, and giving him far more chances than he earned. This created missed opportunities for younger and hungrier players. Perhaps we could have seen enough from Nelson to make a proper decision this Summer.

      His performances were solely down to himself. Jogging, idleness, lack of desire and hunger, invisible spells on the pitch, these actions were his. As a veteran with trophy credentials, he sure did not perform like such.

      Frankly he was the deadest of the deadwood.

      Flush this deadwood to Miami if at all possible, cancel the contract if necessary and save wages and open a roster spot.

  8. Arsenal should try by all means to offload Willian this summer.That deal has been a miscalculation, so let’s hope he walks away peacefully without any grudges from both parties .Arsenal should also try and sell our captain Auba too He is now a shadow of his former self. The longer he stays, the more he deprive us the services of younger, more agile and hungrier players like Martinelli and Folarin Balogun.Thank God David Luiz is leaving too. We generally need to built a younger,tougher team for next season. This season is nothing short of disaster. But I don’t know if Arteta is the man to do that.

  9. William just needs more time, he has got better every game, and Arteta is right. Also Joe Willock needs to stay, and Arteta will encourage him.

  10. If we were only a player or 2 away from competing and/or flush with cash so rolling the proverbial dice was of little consequence financially and/or if we hadn’t hired an amateur manager with the mandate of conducting a long-awaited rebuild, the Willian contract, with it’s inflated wages, assurances regarding playing time and problematic 3 year term, would have been viewed quite differently, even if it failed miserably, like it has…considering our particular circumstances and the fact that this decision had a direct causal relationship to what can only be deemed as a “wasted” year, this managerial miscue was and is a fireable offence…regardless if Arteta stays or not, Willian needs to be shipped out immediately…I can only hope that we can finagle a fee that will allow us to break even

  11. We shouldn’t be myopic about these how sudden partey, Gabriel, martinelli, willian, aubameyang, bellerin start underperforming ?
    I think arteta and edu needs to leave arsenal first they actually still learning on the Job

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