Arteta talks Norwich – “We need the first win”

When you look at the respective histories of Arsenal and Norwich, it may look like an easy win for the Gunners on paper, but after three defeats and zero points for both sides this season, it looks like these two teams are going to start the game on level pegging.

Mikel Arteta is certainly not taking anything for granted, and says that his team has to earn the right to win the game. “Everyone is going to talk about winning but you have to earn the right to do that and unfortunately in the last few games we have done basic things that haven’t allowed us to compete in the games like we want,” Arteta told “If we do those right we will be much closer to winning football matches and that will bring momentum and everything will change.”

It certainly looks like Arteta will have a much stronger squad to choose from, although there are still a few players that still need to be integrated, but he seems happy with who he has on call at the moment. “I am really looking forward to having everyone available and trying to start the season the way we want.

“We don’t want to use any excuses, we know how difficult the start was with injuries, a lot of Covid issues we had and the extremely difficult games that we had. We have to reset now and we need to start, get everyone back on track and start to win football games, which is what we have to do.”

“The pressure is always there to be as high as possible in the league table, we need the first win and we are going to play in front of our fans after a disappointing start, so it is down to us to provide everything we have performance-wise to earn the result we want at the end.”

I cannot imagine the pressure both Arteta and the players must be feeling right now going into what is basically a relegation dogfight, but I can only hope that they are still feeling confident enough to beat Norwich.

I dread to think of the raction if we don’t….

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  1. “We don’t want to use any excuses, we know how difficult the start was with injuries, a lot of Covid issues we had and the extremely difficult games that we had” classic Arteta-speak

  2. In other words – it’s everyone else’s fault we were humiliated by Brentford, produced a powder puff performance against the chavs, and were humiliated by Citeh.
    FFS- if this novice would just admit that he continues to f*** up then at least we may feel he is learning as he goes. But that’s just it- he’s not. We are going BACKWARDS.
    It’s not just the result we need against Norwich because the performance is every bit as important too. We are playing a typical yo-yo team who will 100% be relegated this season. These games should be a three point gimme. But that’s not the case now. We will be counter attacking against the worst team we will likely face this season. That’s how far we have been allowed to sink with Arteta.

    1. ☝️🤛
      Real talk

      Apparently Phil our season starts tomorrow,not 3 weeks ago when the other 19 teams started theirs

  3. The performance against Norwich will tell if arsenal can win against mid table teams….I hope Arsenal can dominate and out play Norwich…….!

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