Arteta talks of “strange feeling” of playing through new Covid crisis

2020 was probably one of the worst years in most peoples memories with the Covid-19 virus causing havoc all the world.

And now 2021 has not started too well either, with the mutations of the virus being more contagious, and the new restrictions mean most people are under virtual house arrest.

But football keeps going, despite more and more players testing positive every week, and many EPL games are being played between weakened teams. Mikel Arteta was asked about playing during the new crisis and he highlighted the thorny matter of social-distancing on the pitch. “Well, first of all, to control the emotions when you’re going 200mph in the game is very difficult.” the boss told

“We’re asking our players in corners for example to be man-marking people, to be pushing people around and then we cannot say hello to anybody. It gets a little bit controversial and difficult to understand. Morally, with the situation we have in the country, with the situation we have worldwide, to keep doing what we are doing is a little bit of a strange feeling.

“We know as well what we can bring to society if we are able to do it in a safe way, then there are a lot of positives to take. It’s just that balance. When this starts to get damaging and worrying and it starts to exploit people, and when we can do it and it’s still safe and we can add something positive. It’s a difficult context.”

But he does think that because pandemic and the restrictions have become more draconian, he thinks that there could come a time when the season is paused again: “.. but that’s why all the protocols and guidance and everything that we are told to do to keep the industry going is really helpful.

“I think so far, until the last week or so, we did brilliantly and we were able to control that. If that’s the case and the government and the people are happy to do that again because they believe that it’s something positive and something to look at and keep people entertained then it’s great that we can help in that sense. If not, it’ll be them that are the ones making the decision that there’s no sense in keeping this going.”

It certainly is a moral dilemma, but as Dan was talking about in his post yesterday. It’s all about the money….

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  1. There’s no end in sight to this! My bet is this will carry on all year right into next year! Once summer is done we’ll hear virus has mutated into some kind of supersonic strain never seen before and is resistant to any vaccine. Football clubs could well be in trouble and many are already.. I can also see the euros being cancelled again this summer.

    1. More and more games are being postponed, Kev. More and more players/staff are catching it… it’s a nightmare! Horrendous….I agree about the euros and am just waiting for the day when all football will stop!

      1. It will probably be very soon Sue.. you can’t watch sky sports news now without a mention of covid infact it’s more about covid now than sport it’s very draining! And no little jab in your arm is gonna get us back to normal anytime soon, there is gonna be very dark times ahead.

        1. Yes, very dark indeed, Kev… thought at one point we were beginning to turn a corner 😞

          Completely change the subject – your new gravatar!! Eagle fang 😆 Sweet!!

          1. At least the gunners are turning the corner let’s hope it continues on Thursday 😄 haha I knew you would love it Sue and I’m sure you would join eagle fang Dojo too ? Johnny Lawrence your sensei 😂😂

  2. At least they’ve been paid millions without any payment delay, whereas millions of other people have lost their jobs and got big paycut without any payback in the future

      1. Can’t see it mate I have my own theories on covid as I’m sure many others do but won’t get into it but I doubt we’ll see normal for a very very long time

          1. And will continue GAI with all these lockdowns and continuing lockdowns to come there will definitely be a lot more crime.. 2021 is already looking as bleak as 2020 and we’re only in January unfortunately.

          2. Well if you consider the UK alone has a population of 66 million People roughly and everyone has to be vaccinated annually or half yearly then it sounds unrealistic and with a vaccine less than a year in the making I have my concerns on that as well.. they should imo vaccinate the elderly and vulnerable and let the rest of us build up some kind of herd immunity like we’ve done with flu and let us get on with it… We can’t hide away from it forever.

  3. A s a betting man, my opinion is that it is likely, though not certain , that elite sport team games esp football and rugby will be stoped by governemnt within a very short time now.

    It is clearly moving quickly in the direction of being stopped, with even managers openly discussing the possibility and society being more and more outraged at the selfish antics of a minority of players off the field.

    I would not be at all surprised if it is halted this month. I have also believed it should have been done at the start of the many daily deaths back last March/ April.

    At that time I openly and forcefully fought FOR that outcome on JA but was shot down by some, esp by Ad MARTIN.

    YOU MAY DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS ON WHO WAS RIGHT VERY SOON NOW. Were it up to me , I would close it this moment, until daily deaths have ceased or almost ceased.

  4. The followings are the truth
    1. Stopping football won’t stop the spread of Covid, only the vaccine could.
    2. Staying at home won’t pay the bills, thus the crime rate soars
    3. Football is a necessary distraction from the gloom of the pandemic
    4. Some get their livelihood form betting on this games.
    5. Social gatherings like football spreads the virus.

    The bottomline, we are in between the devil and the deep blue sea. God Help Us

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