Arteta tells Arsenal fans to be patient – “It cannot happen overnight”

The Arsenal fans have finally returned to the Emirates as England tries to get back to some semblance of normality after the 18 months of lockdown caused by the Covid outbreak.

But the EPL computers could not have given Arteta a worse fixture to welcome the Arsenal fans back as we were paired with the European Champions Chelsea, who are very keen to add the Premier League to add to Thomas Tuchel’s haul this season.

Arteta was also hampered by Arsenal’s very own mini outbreak of Covid, and it was a very young Arsenal team that was fielded and it was little surprise that we lost.

But the crowd did show their displeasure at Arteta a few times, and some idiots confronted our manager in his car after the game, but Arteta wanted to send a message to the fans that he is building for the future with his young squad, and to ask them to be patient as his “project develops.

He gave this message to the Arsenal fans on “First of all, to say thank you because the atmosphere that we saw before the game when the team was getting the introduction of every member, it was so special, I had goose bumps and I was feeling like nothing before. Then I think they tried to support the team very much and I know they are disappointed when you lose at home, there has to be some reaction, but this is a project that is going to take some time.

“You can see and tell from the recruitment that we’ve done and the really young squad that we have at the moment and it cannot happen overnight. We all want to make it as quick as possible and we know that the responsibility for us it to fight with the top teams in every competition and that’s not going to change, and I think we really need them and this group of players really needs them and the club needs them now next to us because we need that confidence, that support and that energy.”

As he says, there is obviously going to be some disappointment from the fans that expect instant success and nothing less, but with our new arrivals, who are all under 23, plus our excellent young academy graduates, are now primed to grow together into a unit that can go places in the future.

Let’s just get behind the manager and the team and enjoy watching them grow. The fans also need to be behind the team for the “project” to succeed….

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  1. He may have a project but unless the team starts performing to a decent level arteta wont be there much longer. And before everyone gets on my back, I want us to succeed and will always support them but I’m fed up with people saying things like “trust the process” crap.

  2. That was exactly the words i expected to hear from him….
    He will soon ran out of excuses
    A club that lacks direction
    I did not completely blame arteta but the club
    Arteta was here 1 and a half season and they are just realizing now they to start building on the youth seems like project one has failed and project two has commensed
    When was this not prioritirized from onset?
    What was they trying to do all those 1 and a half season?
    What happens to the players bought before then players like William,mari,partey and contract to auba etc
    Maybe next year there will be another project restart

  3. This really is an excuse. He has had 18 months and really showed no-one anything to get excited about. Success will not happen overnight….he has had eighteen months that is a more than enough and there has been no sea change. Just backwards steps to mid-table. Arsenal and its fans deserve better.

  4. I can agree with this, we have tried buying older players it’s hasn’t worked. A basic fact is against Chelsea we started with our 2 choice RB, 3rd and 4th choice CB’s, no Thomas Partey, a big game debut for Sambi which he did really well, an unfit Saka and Gabi Martinelli up against Rudiger and Christensen. That team we fielded was worth 160m against 600+ million it’s was always going to be tough and I expect the same this Saturday lunchtime.

    But there is a clear plan at last for the first time in years. Sign em young to 4 and 5 year deals and build an ethos from within the club. Look how well Saka and ESR are performing. Our youth team is littered with players like them who will step up over the next 1,2 or 3 years. I’d rather lose due to inexperience than underperformence of our so called top players.

    Time is what this project will take so support the boys

    1. Funny enough in the next four years, these so called players you mentioned will be rooting to leave the club in chase of titles. So where’s the process in this modern day football?
      I for one don’t believe in a damn project

    2. James, a welcome, rare and maturely sensible and considered post, among a sea of childish impatient ones from people who do not even, apparently, know what the words “patience” and ” Covid outbreak” mean!

      My real fear is that these fools will harm our club (by acting en masse), instead of helping, by forcing Kroenke to change from this manager and then bring in another even more junior name than Arteta.

      Such a name would be starting again from scratch and would be bound to want his own players in.

      Kroenke, having already spent this summers transfer war chest(unexpectedly!!) would not agree and so we would be worse off, not better off, as those idiots foolishly imagine.

      IF ONLY they had the ability AND the intention to think things through logically, instead of simply throwing their toys out of the pram in a spiteful and unthinking rage at not getting all they want WHEN they want it, as tiny tots do!

      Those who fondly imagine that such as Conte and THAT ilk would accept any offer of the job under KROENKE, are living on Planet ZOB!
      Contrary to those who deliberately misrepresent my well known opinion – including, and disappointingly, even my old chum Ken (yesterday) whom I much like and respect- my position was and REMAINS that from the start of Artetas time here I would have FAR preferred a world proven name, such as Allegri, instead .

      But I knew that was a luxury that Kroenke would not allow nor the huge warchest AT THAT TIME, that such as Conte would have demanded (or else refused the position, as he did at Spuds and for the same reason).

      I knew that and so decided , as a supporter- one who SUPPORTS- to give this then rookie manager some proper PATIENCE and allow him to grow into the job.

      Even today, in an idealistic but NOT possible world, I would immediately want Allegri, Nagelsman or Conte.

      But that will NOT happen and, unlike so many, I choose NOT to live on Planet ZOB, BUT TO STAY A REALIST HERE ON EARTH.

      I see definite progess under MA, esp with thr new and welcome policy of actively bringing in younger long term imports and dissing the deadwood, difficult to achieve as Covid has made that.

      MA HAS made many mistkes and though some seek to misrepresent me, the truth is that I HAVE, OF COURSE, noticed them!! Willian and keeping Xhaka were his single worst two but there were many more, as we ALL see. But we are where we are and he IS learning on the job!

      So to seek his sacking after a bout of Covid has decimated our squad, is unfair, idiotic, and ignores the Kroenke reality of what WOULD happen if they got their way and is against all the principles I STAND FOR IN LIFE.
      Unlike so many, almost all young or very young fans , I preach and firmly believe in PATIENCE AND STEADFAST TRUE SUPPORT.

      1. There are a lot of rare mature among the sea of childish comments in your eyes Jon I wonder how come they are rare.

        1. HH By the sheer nature of human beings, who are in attitude and thinking ability, mostly less than mature. This does not mean they are bad people, quite the reverse.
          Almost all people in percentage terms and world wide too, are at heart good people. Note the all important “ALMOST, as even one percent of bad people can cause immense damage and hurt.

          TRUMP, THE TALIBAN AND ALL COUNTRIES DICTATORS FALL FIRMLY INTO THAT BAD CATEGORY. So far, I know not a single human on JA who I truly consider to be a BAD person. Though very many show little desire let alone ability to think beyond base one – or in chess terms , Pawn to King Four!
          I have long been a keen and active chess player, where the abilityand desire to think ahead is vital.

          I speak of thinking ability, not moral goodness (which may be related but quite often is not connected at all.) It is quite possible, in fact usual, to be a good person but not a deep thinker. This is quite irrespective of age. There are countless millions of non deep thinking old people as well as all other ages.

          This does not apply to simply our fans but to all people world wide, in essence!

          True thinkers are comparatively rare. Not very rare, but I’d say about 10% of our race.
          Hope that helps you understand my life philosophy a little bit better.

      2. jon fox You talk out of your hat Where is the Tactics, the Style the Plan the players are confused what Arteta wants he keeps changing them

  5. “You can see and tell from the recruitment that we’ve done and the really young squad that we have at the moment and it cannot happen overnight.”

    Why, Señor Arteta, seemed to set his sights on lifting the Champions League trophy within three seasons after his own recruitments last summer??? And none of those recruits were “really young” back then. Why the change in tune this summer?

    1. Signing Thomas Partey for 45m in today’s market was a steal also Gabriel at 23 was a good age. Only Willian was a desaster and 30+ but something tells me that was an Edu + agent signing. Willian was trying threaten Chelsea by saying he’d join Arsenal. Of course that tactic did not work on the wise and sexy Marina Granovskaia and she rightly told him to op it

        1. DaJuhi When you are not in Europe and you are looking for new players it is like a bottle of milk you do not get the cream you get what’s left and that is our position at the moment

      1. Was Partey a steal at 45 mils?

        Only be known after his contribution to the team’s cause.

        Just based on last season alone, investment in Partey is yet to bear fruits for us. Please don’t play the “unlucky with injury” card. Had to wait until the last match day of the season to see a 45 mils box-to-box midfielder actually have a “Shot on Target” in an entire season. And please don’t play the “Partey is a DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER” card.

        p.s: Don’t worry about the “Shots on Target” stats. I’ve already dug it to save others from that trouble. Guy had a total of 5 shots on target in his debut full season at Arsenal. 2 in November, 1 each in February, March and the final match day of the season in May.

  6. Support the youngsters all the way,buy not the likes of Xhaka and Elneny, or Lacofgoals. Some things along with the manager will just have to be moved on.

    1. 😂😂😂
      Great name for our underperforming, ‘hold-up’ king, striker who is currently better than Auba according to people because he can put his body over the ball, but cant do anything else and misses sitters.

  7. It took Arteta two years to realise micromanaging Man City superstars was way different to getting a tune out of Arsenal has beens.
    Two 8th place finishes and covid forced radical changes which should really have started in 2017.
    Now the long overdue clear out is happening and a team of young cheaper higher resale value player is being assembled.
    It will take next summers window to finish the job so without Europe and more rest this season 5th place is probably the best we can hope for and
    a decent run in the domestic cups.
    So one season of patience is a reasonable ask.
    Just wish the management had seen the light earlie as it was blindingly obvious a rebuild was required at least 5 years ago

      1. SueP I meant to reply to your post in another article but didn’t come around to it sorry. You gave me something to think about and I think you are right if the club is not willing to replace Arteta with a top coach it is better they just let him continue because if the replacement is not a big improvement it is going to be more frustrating than it is now.

        1. HH , in a spirit of peace and in light of your new and welcome stance on MA, please scroll up and read my long detailed post on this thread. (timed at11.09 am). We may even be able to resume discussing if you can now look at matters more realistically then before, as it now seems you might be. I have always wanted MA for no other reason than I KNEW ALL ALONG THAT NO TOP WORLD CLASS NAME WOULD EVER ACCEPT THE JOB UNDER KROENKE .

          As the saying goes, “beggars cannot be choosers”.

          People DO actually learn on the job, HH. It happens in all walks of life and is how humanity survives and changes with each generation.

          If not,then all the star performers, in ANY field of life, would die of old age still in the job And that would be a recipe for disaster!

          1. I agree with what you have written there Jon. I don’t think he will come good but I can’t argue that replacing like for like is pointless and as you have said, it will make things worse.

            It would be nice you know if you can refrain from taking a dig at as you call them “childish comments.” It serves no purpose than pushing people away from considering your football views which are not bad in themselves. That is my opinion.

          2. HH, If nothing else I am ruthlessly and even far too bluntly honest to make online close friends. I am far more ruthless with my OWN faults, (though mostly in private), of which there are many, than I am of other peoples.(Though I can accept that it may not seem that way when reading my blunt comments ).

            I start from a background where being TRUE in life, being upfront and totally, even ruthlessly honest, is to me of paramount importance. What is life worth without truth ? Not much I suggest!

            We humans do, in general, make excuses for ourselves and our own failures That is natural and I do it too. But it is not the ideal way to be We have a brain, IF we choose to use it fully.

            I suggest that few of us DO choose to use it fully. THAT SADDENS ME PERSONALLY, because were we only totally honest and could lay aside the naturaldouble standards and hypocrisy that we all share, me very much included, we could accomplish so very much more and make this EARTH A DELIGHT TO LIVE ON.
            Were the female sex in charge of all governments across the globe, instead of mostly males, we would be far more evolved than we currently are. If nothing else HH, I urge you to give that last sentence real thought.

        2. Hi HH
          Fairfan was so right. If the club had planned properly for the future then the predicament the club finds itself in now could and should have been averted.
          It is easy to blame Arteta, but the club appointed him after two seasoned managers could not arrest the slow but ensuing slump. My take is lack of understanding at the top of the club and this certainly did not help the owners who employed the dismal people they entrusted to shape it.
          To go down the untried and untested route was lunacy quite frankly. Arteta had no CV to attest to former success, but I admit to finding him easy on the ear early on and he did sort out the player power that I think was undermining some of the younger players and did for Emery.
          So in answer to you, I don’t know what the club will do if Arteta fails. I have so wanted him to take the next step and do well. I might be shot down for this but all things considered he hasn’t done too badly, although I fully accept that it isn’t to the standard required. Whatever the club do, they will be under enormous pressure because by him failing, means to me an even bigger headache ahead.

    1. Did COVID only happened at Emirates? It effected everyone so that is not an excuse. Characters are made when things get tough and it seems like Arteta does not have it in him. You guys give him false credit, hello! He was not the manager at Mancity Pep was n is. All the success at city was bec of pep that can pretty evident from them winning stuff after Arteta has gone and us getting worse. So you are happy to be midtable and have nothing to play for in December most of the fans are not. He has been given enough time and has failed. You guys just keep saying he needs more time and so does Arteta but have nothing to show for why that should be the case.

  8. In the second half of last season we our point amassed were enough for top 4, basically our final league position was so bad because of our bad run in November.
    This season we have same players as second half of last season and have improved the squad with reliable replacement, as we all aware the team miss KT and Partey last season, getting good cover for those positions is an upgrade.

    The reason above is why am willing to be patient for at least 5-10 games to see how the team responds to the early season horror show just like they respond to last season November slip

  9. He’s had 18 months to achieve something in the long run, that’s not overnight, that’s over 500 nights.

    What he has achieved is:

    – getting rid of PL’s best goalkeeper
    – 2 consecutive 8th place finishes
    – variety of Arsenal FC records concerning losing or not scoring
    – spent 215 millions on transfer fees
    – signing Willian on high signing-on-fee, high wages, ultimately just to pay him off year later after this amazing purchase ridiculed his own team after losing to Chelsea

    So 18 months and 215 million spent on incoming players. I don’t see any style of play, I don’t see the squad being any better on paper, hardly any tactics. We are complete whipping boys against current top 6 teams, ALWAYS the underdog.

    It’s like having a friend owing you money, and he keeps saying “Nah, not today”. Trust the project, it won’t happen overnight. 18 months later, still the same tune.

    1. Nobody is saying things are going well but, was the team at full strength in the first 2 games, not by a long shot. Against Chelsea we were 7 players short of our strongest team if you include the need for a RB. Yes Artetas been there for 2 and a quarter seasons but what a first season and a half he’s had. Had his first full window and preseason this year without covid interruptions or so we thought.

      He has had to deal with getting rid of all the overpaid crap in our squad. Having to try and sign players for a club that the overpaid crap ruined for 4 seasons before he arrived.

      Fair play to the guy, cause any manager taking the Arsenal job after wenger was putting his reputation on the line. Artetas a bright guy who knows this and knew what massive issues the club had in its squad. Luiz, Mustafi, Sokratis, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Elneny, Ozil, Mikhitarian and now Willian just to name a few he’s got rid of or is trying to. All overpaid and treating Arsenal as a retirement home.

      He’s the only one really who’s had the balls to say no I’m not accepting that, and if you not committed your out. Arsenal is a massive job that had been 12 years in the making. If anyone thinks we can compete with a team who have 2 players worth more than out starting 11 combined is dillusional

      1. @James,

        I do agree that at least he’s gotten rid of the overpaid players. Although keeping Sokratis (not registering him), and the deal with Willian, both kind of contradict his stance of deadwood riddance.

        Although I have to disagree on Mkhitaryan, that was dealt horribly. Obviously he had something to offer Roma and yet we gave him for free. That has made us look weak and we can see every club wants to take advantage of this weakness now by either ripping our players contracts or offering the very minimum of fees.

        1. And White for £50 million and Ramsdale for £30 million, both seem like future problems who we can’t rid of because of high wages and both of whom we will make a huge decifit in transfer fees in the future.

          I just can’t see either one of them EVER justifying their price tags.

      2. Your appraisal of the long term squad mentality and the unavoidable team weakness of the team for Chelsea is very true and explains much.
        Regardless of team strength , we seem so chronically poor at basics . We never score from set pieces. Attacking corners pose no threats and defensive corners are nerve racking .
        Throw ins are messy and slow . Pressing is half hearted , a bit like a batsman not committing while going down the pitch to a spinner and being routinely stumped. Moving out of defence is slow and the GK is left with few options , because the players have not moved into gaps. Team tackling is rare.
        My point is how come these schoolboy things are not soundly in place without even moving on to “advanced” strategy , regardless of the quality of the team players of the day?

    2. DaJuhi I agree completely apart from Martinez he’s not the best goalkeeper in the League Alisson is! if Martinez was the best goalkeeper in the PL he wouldn’t be at Villa actually, he should be in jail after what he did to Calum Wilson that was assault lol

      1. @Kev82,

        I think that’s subjective! At least we can agree Martinez is in the top 3 of goalkeepers in the league!

  10. The Arsenal board truly is one of the most incompetent boards I have ever seen in world football. Even after seeing how Man U collapsed with SAF’s exit, no succession plan was ever discussed concerning Wenger. Now we have jumped from one incompetent manager to another. When we needed petty amounts of cash to secure league progress (money for transfers and contracts for Gary Cahill, Chris Samba, Mark Schwazer, V. Persie, Nasri etc) funds were never available. Now the board just can’t help themselves from wasting laughable sums of money on unrealistic fees and salaries for the likes of Pepé, Odegaard, White, Partey etc. Why is this club so poorly run for heaven’s sake? Why is a rookie like Arteta allowed to continue coaching at a club of Arsenal’s stature? On what basis was he selected and continues to stay? Don’t results matter anymore? Is finishing 8th 2 times in a row acceptable? * END OF RANT*

    1. QD well written… the Arsenal board are an enigma 🙄 never understood why a man with zero managerial experience has so much leeway anyone would think he’s won back to back champions Leagues on a shoestring budget.

    2. Spot on QD, Arsene Wenger was supposed to live forever, so no need for “succession planning”.

  11. Arteta said when he joined the club – Our aim is to win the UCL inside 3 seasons.
    We are in MA’s 3rd season and we’re not even in the conference league!

    I said then that that is a massive statement from a novice manager.

    when MA did take over the team was a complete mess, he made the team into a defending powerhouse and used players to their strengths by playing on the counter and long balls to beat the press.

    Atleast that was a successful style – im really not sure what sort of style of football we are playing but it always looks half baked.

    I am now in that stage where i was 2 years ago before UE was sacked, hoping we lose so the board acts.


    The experiment has not worked, sort it out Arsenal or the slide will only get worse

    1. And we’re at the start of Artetas 2nd full season in charge not his 3rd season. And who said we were looking to win the champions league in 3 seasons get us back into the champions league and competing yes but not winning its against the City’s, Chelsea, Liverpools, Utds and PSG’s of this world

      1. For starters this IS his 3rd season
        1st season 8th place FA cup win
        2nd season 8th place and shyte

        3rd season lose opening 2 games

        this is what was said on from Willians interview when he signed

        Arteta’s ambition helped seal the deal for the 32-year-old as he wants to win the trophy that has so far eluded him.

        Willian told The Sun: “One of the reasons I wanted a three-year deal was to be part of a plan, not just a player passing through.

        “When I talked with the manager he told me why he needed me for three years.

        “It was that he first wanted to qualify for the Champions League and win it by the time I left. That was what I wanted to hear.

        “I was at Chelsea for seven years and won everything except the Champions League.

        “Hopefully this move will give me the trophy I haven’t got as well as another.

        So from those accounts we should be winning the UCL next season!!

        1. The only champions League Arteta is winning is on a would struggle in the conference league lol

    2. Val, Mikel Arteta has received more patience than Unai Emery, who was sacked after less than one and a half seasons, when the Club was in eighth place having finished fifth and Europa League finalists the previous season.

  12. Arsenal bought some average bunch of losers for over the top dollars. I think Edu made some backdoor deal for his own benefit.
    Like, Hey I want pepe, how much do u want?
    I want 50m
    Ok, make it 72 and give me 20m.

  13. Anyone in their right mind knew things wouldn’t happen overnight, but 20 months down the line and we’re still playing the same drab football!! Why?
    I can handle losing (just about) when we’ve played well/given our all, but we’re not even doing that! And to expect to lose to certain teams; I’m so sick of feeling that way!

    Things will get worse before they get better we’ve been told, but for how much bleedin’ longer?? Yikes!! The laughter is louder, the banter is immense..

    1. Agreed Sue the team and the coach should make sure they win the games they are expected to. Play like a final if need be. We have become underdogs against nearly every team nowadays.

    2. I’ve tried and with the youngsters in the squad, I’m still trying to give him a chance. Both performances against Brentford and Chelsea were technically inept. The pressing game we tried was “anti-man city” and no-one seemed to know what they were doing? How the hell Xhaka and Elneny are still there is beyond me! I’m actually lost for words about how poor we are.

    3. 👍 👍 👍 Physical and mental toughness is what we want to see in giving 100% for the Club, win, lose or draw.

  14. Yeah it wont happen overnight if we sell our potentially great prospects like Willock and bring in English Mustafi (Rolls Royce with flat tyres)and the grim reaper of relegation(3 clubs relegated since he joined)for the combined price of 1 CR7(in 2009). No midfield reinforcements would likely see us losing every territorial battle in midfield and the pinball strategy without any striker who is aerially strong would just mean scrambling for second balls. It is more infuriating because just a few tweaks to the current strategy might allow us to consistently perform well. Like the game against Chelsea last season. MA seems to have forgotten all his tactical genius that I felt he had when he first came. Excusing Man City, we have got a run of 7 games which seem winnable. Considering for injuries, COVID and maybe future suspensions, I am hoping for atleast 5 wins, and maybe 2 loses or 1 draw and 1 loss(against Spurs, not Leicester who seem to play bad). That is a reasonable enough expectation I believe. Anything above that is a bonus and anything under that is a disappointment and puts further pressure on MA. I wish him and the team all the luck and will always root for them during the matches, but the unconditional, unquestionable support is becoming difficult to muster with each passing game showing the same useless tactics.

    1. “Excusing Man City, we have got a run of 7 games which seem winnable.”

      Didn’t you check the EFL results, Sid? Our next opponent after City, Norwich won 6-0 after their manager made 10 changes to the team that lost to City in their last PL game. After witnessing the Brentford game, one can’t bet on our current side to win against any opponent.

      1. I was trying to be optimistic VasC, because I haven’t been that lately, lol. But yeah, no easy games.. but not winning even 5 games means Arteta is not able to sell his process to the team and only talks hot air, listening to Pep’s lullaby while sleeping! 😂😂

    2. “English Mustafi (Rolls Royce with flat tyres)and the grim reaper of relegation”

      Oh my 😂😂😂😂

      Perhaps it is bad luck he was playing for relegatable teams. I am willing to give him a chance he may surprise us.

      1. Wonder why we signed White in the first place to play out from the back and then sign a goal keeper who clears at least 40 yards in almost 90% of his attempted goal kicks.

      2. Yeah recently not able to keep my balanced views HH😂😂. So I may occasionally crack jokes like that. But tbh the two matches he played, Rolls Royce is a certified ball watcher and shorty who can’t jump, and all I know about Aaron Ramsdale is that he was relegated with every club he played, and relegation usually means conceding tons of goals.

  15. Arteta should come up with a style of play that suits his current group of players first. Because Arsenal player currently are not playing to their strengths under Mikel arteta.

    The Chelsea team we played against on Sunday are not that better than our team individually, I stand to be corrected. What made them better was maybe lukaku and obviously tuchel who has finally find a way to make them play with cohesion.

    Current arsenal team is disjointed, good individual players, no team. I believe what arteta should do is to find a way to make these players understand each other so that they can enjoy playing to each other’s strength.

    If after 1year plus, Arteta has failed to show or introduce a style of play that works other than playing from the back which is not working anyways. I believe it’s time for the owners of this beautiful football club arsenal, bring in another man, with a proven vision and a work plan.

  16. I really wish they’d sign E. Camavinga.

    One of the best young players in Europe and he’s available for a very good price.

    1. M, me to. He is also the missing piece of puzzle in this team a deep playmaker. Him and Partey middle of park would have been some midfield.

  17. The ultimate excuse by any manager who fails in his job. You can ask any manager and they will say they should be given more time, who wants to be sacked and boated out of their job?. Arteta supporters here (I can not believe they are so blind by their love for Arteta) need to get this in their head it Arsenal FC not Arteta FC. They seem to care more about Arteta then Arsenal. In one manner this might be good when Areta goes so will they with him to his new adventure 🤞

  18. OT reports are saying that arthani Qatari Royal family wants to buy arsenal, hope it’s true!

  19. I find it sad. Arteta cannot inspire the players. His spat with William Saliba meant he spent 50 mill on a CB when we had spent 27 mill on William Saliba. The last year had proved Arteta is not the right man in the right place, no style, no tactics, pure hot air and no substance. The club and owners are obstinate, incompetent and negligent. So much time is passing without resolving the mistake Arteta is. Because of this stupid obstinate stance we are stagnating. We need executive action to sack Arteta. The players cannot or even won’t play for Arteta. He is a failure in the job and cannot motivate or inspire. The owner needs to care about Arsenal and heal the illness.

  20. With the team I can be patient. There are a lot of young promising players there.
    With Arteta after 20 months? I hardly think we should be patinet with…
    He showed incometency in planning tactics , ability to change (never seen a proper plan from him)
    and he is even worse in proper leadership assignment within the team.
    I see two things he is got at:
    1. making promises
    2. making excuses
    I think it was far more than enough from him. Should have been sacked in May already;
    Arteta out

  21. Patience and modern football do not go hand in hand. Not a chance, Arsenal fans are asked to be patient every year. Not an option at all, it doesnt wash anymore.

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