Arteta – The Key to Consistency is to Win every Week!

Why do Arsenal players seem to get more ridiculous questions asked of them than other team’s players. We all know that Mikel Arteta (our captain I think) is doing his coaching badge, and is probably the most likely to end up as a manager one day, so he probably needs more practise fending off the media than the other players.

Anyway here is his fascinating answer to the question of how Arsenal can become more consistent. He replied: “It is something different to be consistent individually and consistent as a team, they are two different things but in the end they are related,”

“Now for someone to be consistent in the Premier League you have to win every week and compete at the highest level every week – but to compete for the Premier League is really, really hard.

“To be consistent, I think individually you start with your own preparation, your mentality, your desire, the way you face every training session, the way you communicate with your other players and everything.

“They cannot be lost by one per cent at any moment because that is gift for the opposition so that is the minimum you can demand.”

So is that all clear? Okay so today’s homework for today I would like you all to imagine you are the Arsenal captain (or manager) and put in the comments below what would be YOUR answer to the question; How can Arsenal become more consistent?

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    1. Stop being ignorant,..that guy took a pay cut to join us n he gave us alot so respect him…wen we are on a good run some fans become dumb and you jst an example!

      1. That guy ArsenalGenes know nathing and i’m gonna tell ya somethung. gerara here for real. Arteta is our captain and i believe he always contribute but on and off the pitch. Please show the captain so respect even when he don’t play much game,he still do more than playing in the dressing room.


  1. I don’t think I could put it better than Arteta just has. Comes across all intelligent and similar to what Arsene himself might say. I reckon he will manage one day and by the sounds of it a very astute one.

    I believe he hit the nail dead on, the team must push and pull all in the one direction. We need to keep the counter attack tactics for our big encounters and not be afraid to fall back on when we are playing away versus a mid table side. We need to manage player changes a wee bit better, especially in finding rest for Alexis Coq Ozil Ramsey and Cazorla. Promote aggression throughout the side, highlight the need for battle. As well it is critical that we become more clinical, extra hours on the training ground. It’s doable, we have a superb set of players hence the makings of a superb team effort.

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