Arteta thinks he knows what Villa’s approach will be

Mikel Arteta expects Aston Villa to come out fighting from the first whistle after they lost their last two league games.

Villa was one of the in-form team at the start of this Premier League season and they even beat Liverpool 7-2 in an unbelievable upset.

Their early season form made them title contenders, but their form has since tailed off and they are winless in two games ahead of this match.

Arteta was speaking ahead of the match and the Spaniard claimed that Villa is a very competitive team that is always changing their approaches to different games.

He also acknowledged that Dean Smith’s side has earned some huge wins against top teams recently.

He then adds that he expects them to attack the game from the start after they lost their last two Premier League games.

He said via “It is a really competitive side, they have played some very different matches with different approaches to certain matches, having some big results against big teams and after two defeats they need a win as well and they will show that right from the start I think.”

Arsenal will want to get all three points from this game after they beat Manchester United 1-0 at Old Trafford the last time out.

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  1. Tough game but we should prevail if we are at it! Being proven right about Everton, I didn’t buy into the hype about them 😝

      1. Haha yeah Sue bloody hilarious 🤣🤣 Everton fans were all getting ahead of themselves telling other supporters what they’re team needs 😝 signing a relegated doucoure who has never played one game for France and a has been Allan.. to top that off they have Alex Iwobi 😂

        1. Would love to see the look on Tony Bellew’s face right now… he was bigging them up on Soccer AM earlier, Kev….
          Plus Pickford in goal – he’s awful!!
          It’s because Richarlison was missing don’t forget, Kev 😜

          1. Oh pretty Ricky will be hurting now Sue 😂😂 t-rex is an awful keeper… And why does he come off two feet when kicking ? 😆. Haha oh yeah well that’s the reason then 🤪. You watching the pal Leeds game Sue ? 1-1 good game.

              1. I’m guessing your not a fan of him either Sue ? 😆. Bamford is notching up the goals isn’t he ? He’s well clear of Auba lol. I have to say Sue I really enjoyed the molde game well the second half we actually looked like scoring from every attack, I want to see more of that tomorrow night 😄

                  1. Yeah the 2nd half was good, Kev…
                    Auba needs a couple tomorrow.. can’t believe Palace have scored 3 – especially at home!!
                    It’s the dreaded International break next week… 😫 I’ve picked up a big fat 0 in my predictions so far….. 😂

                  2. You’re just too good, Dan!! I’ve decided next time I’m going to wait until you’ve posted yours, then I’m going to copy all of them 😂😂😂

              2. The wheels are coming off for Leeds and Bielsa Sue as I knew they would.. some people talk about bielsa likes he’s won 10 champions leagues he managed Argentina, did nothing.. managed Bilbao don’t think he won anything there, managed lille, Marseille and lazio… Maybe I don’t understand football but I don’t see the hype surrounding him. 4 now Sue 😂 8 in 2 games 😳 oh I haven’t done it this week, I didn’t see any posts on prediction’s yesterday 😂 Chelsea game up next should be good

                1. If Palace can put 4 past them…then surely we’ll be alright!!
                  Have Palace ever scored 4 in a game before?!!
                  Yeah I’ll have a butchers at that – nowt else on 😂😂😂 World cup of darts later!

                  1. I don’t recall palace scoring 4 🤪 with that defence of there’s anything other than a comfortable victory I would be disappointed Sue 😉 Partey can take care of they’re midfield on his own 😝 haha come on admit it, you were looking forward to this game all week 🤣 that’s your Saturday night sorted 😃

                  2. Wilder will get his marching orders before long, Kev!!
                    What a display from Ziyech… Ramsdale is as bad as Pickford….

                  1. Yea just looked ,I picked 4-1 Chelsea
                    Another lucky week ,at this I should have it wrapped up by Xmas 😂

                  2. You’d better start thinking about what shirt you want or what game you want to go to 😂😂 Nice one, Dan!
                    Btw, have you won the lottery yet?! 😜

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