Arteta throwing Aubameyang under a bus? Let’s look at the facts…

I have been seeing many comments from Just Arsenal readers that Arteta has ‘thrown our captain under a bus’ after explaining that Aubameyang was dropped for the game against Southampton because of a ‘disciplinary breach’, which is exactly what happened last year against Tottenham whe Auba was late for training.

So let’s start with the Cambridge definition of the saying……“To throw somebody under the bus”

to do something harmful to someone else in order to gain an advantage for yourself:

He has been accused of throwing fellow Republicans under the bus for his personal agenda.
I’m not going to throw my friend under the bus for something he did 25 years ago.

Okay, so now let us look at the facts

The fact is that Arsenal must have a disciplined squad, and with the money the players are earning they should be able to stick to Arteta’s clear rules and any changes to the schedule must be discussed and agreed.

Auba broke those rules, so when Arteta was asked about Auba’s absence he simply said: “It was a disciplinary breach, and that’s why he was out of the squad.”

Please note that these notes are from Arsenal’s official transcript of Arteta’s conference.

So, the Boss was simply stating a fact when asked a fair question by the media, so now let’s look at the rest of his responses (as we all know that the media are relentless when they think they can get their teeth a story.

So, let’s look at Arteta’s further responses to their questions…..

on whether he remains captain…

Let’s talk about the game. I tried to explain why it was, and I did it frankly. I’m not going to say anything else, I’m going to focus on the performance and the quality that was on the pitch.

whether Aubameyang was available to play today….

I am really happy that we won 3-0, and we move onto the next one against West Ham.

whether he was worried it would have an effect on the squad…

I’ve said it in the press before – unfortunately it happened.

whether he expects more from the captain…

I expect from the team what I saw today, and I’m really happy with that.

on whether Aubameyang was at training yesterday…

Again, I cannot say anything else. Obviously I tried to explain the reasons why, and I couldn’t have done it in a different way – thank you for understanding.

on whether Auba is available for the West Ham game…

I explained what happened today and the reason why he wasn’t involved today, and that’s all I’m going to say.

So, there are the facts. Arteta clearly explained why Auba wasn’t playing and the avoided any further reference as far as he was able…

So, can someone please explain how Arteta could be described as “throwing Aubameyang under a bus”

I am seriously interested….


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  1. What MA did was right in this case, no argument about it. I think there was also a question regarding consistency of punishments regarding Willian’s unauthorised trip to the Middle East.

    The main issue I saw that arose was why does it take a disciplinary ban for Auba to be dropped when he clearly wasn’t performing at all?

    1. He’s captain mate, if your a new or youth player you might get a little leniency but a 32 year old senior to player who is captain and been at the club for 4 years there’s no excuse and it’s not the first time

      1. I don’t understand your comment, it’s exactly what I said.

        “What MA did was right in this case, no argument about it.”

        1. Yeah I was agreeing, but the qillain trip was a player was technically our the door despite being backed wrongly by the boss

  2. You also have to ask why is your club captain acting this way?

    MA has zero assertiveness and that is why he has to resort to completely ousting players in general. An assertive coach makes you want to impress him and earn your spot whereas a coach that resorts to “bullying” does not command respect as we’ve seen again and again and again.

    1. But what’s more assertive than dropping and freezing out a player and not giving into fans and media pressure?
      I think that’s assertiveness.
      Arteta has that My way or the Highway attitude.

      He is robotic that’s for sure. 😊

      1. Yup Arteta is a driven man. Assertive to the point of being bone headed.
        Limited as a player but still carved out a 440 1st class game career. Took the arm band under Wenger. Loyal to the core. Is learning from his mistakes he made in his first two seasons at Arsenal. Totaly believes in himself. Stood up to Ozil Ramsey Guendouzie Saliba benched Socritis Mustafi Leno Bellerin. Is patient and is playing the long game with this rebuild. Give him till May before judging. It all comes down to expectations. Top 6 this season top 4 next season is a reasoable call.

        1. Top 6 this season top 4 next season is a reasonable call? This is nonsense after spending the highest in the summer?

      2. That’s not assertiveness (facepalm)

        “While often confused, the biggest difference between aggressive and assertive communication is that assertiveness includes respect for yourself and the other party, while aggressive communication quickly disrespects and often insults the other party”

        A real coach tries to sort out the issue with a player and move forward for the benefit of all involved whereas as MA just wants to remove anyone that he sees as a threat to his management.

        1. Let’s make an easy example….you go to work every day and you report to 2 different managers for your role at work. On occasions, you make a mistake and when this happens the managers respond in 2 very different ways:

          Manager 1:
          -let’s you know you stuffed up
          -tells you that you are making him look bad
          -publicly puts you down infront of the office
          -wants you to leave his team

          Manager 2:
          -let’s you know you stuffed up
          -tells you that you need to up your game
          -advises where you can improve
          -provides support and coaches you

          Yes there will be times when players need to leave the team but not always.

          Which manager would you want to work under?

          1. PJ-SA
            While I to a certain extent agree with your examples, it must be pointed out, that it is a fact, Auba has done this before, which would mean, he already kenew, he was breaching the “rules”, he knew exactly, what he was doing, and knew exactly, what he was supposed to do. So I think, we are a bit past coaching and support.

            1. I agree, my example was more of a general one on how I view MAs management of players when they are deemed to be doing wrong.

              I do feel the reaction to Auba visiting his sick mom and coming back a few hours later than agreed has been a bit over the top but the rules are the rules and I have no problem with him being left out of the squad, it was right.

              1. Deliberately breach rules for a normal workering man would result in a warning at the least, if not a dismissal.

                I think Arteta did the right thing but do not think he is assertive. I think he has an autocratic management style where he should have a mixture.

                On Auba, I believe he had these same problems under klopp. so once again in this instance Arteta was right, the question is what happens with a 3rd stike as this is number two.

                He made a mistake making him. Captain for sure.

          2. Let’s look at it another way PJSA, because I get the feeling that as so often you are making everything that happens Arteta’s fault:
            Auba returned a day late
            Covid rules mean that he then could not train before the match
            Arsenal (and most other clubs) disciplinary policy if that if you don’t train you don’t play. This is not about “telling him off” or victimising him, it is normal procedure.
            Arteta was repeatedly asked why he wasn’t picked. He told the truth. Would we rather have a manager who lies? Or a manager who tells the world about Auba’s personal affairs? Or refuses to comment and allows us to believe they’ve fallen out and Auba has been ditched? He didn’t condemn him, he simply said “for disciplinary reasons”. Everything else has come from the media, and of course from people like yourself who don’t have the faintest idea what actually happened internally.
            I would like to see you “assert yourself” and prevent somebody staying longer with their sick mother if they feel they need to. How do you know he didn’t also take the manager 2 approach, and his press comment wasn’t agreed with Auba beforehand? The answer is – you don’t. But as so often you spoil initially valid comments by consistantly stating that it’s all Arteta’s fault.

            1. “What MA did was right in this case, no argument about it.”

              “the rules are the rules and I have no problem with him being left out of the squad, it was right.”

              You don’t see to be able to read alright….please see my very first sentence quoted above and another quote, not sure what’s difficult to understand?

              You are trying to make a point that’s non existent, or did I not say that it was right that he was banned? I’ll wait….

              1. mic drop PJ!! even when you’re right. you’re wrong, according to the cherry-picking members of the Legoland cult

            2. It is Abua fault he has lost the arm band. One he was already dropped because of this before. Two his the captain so he is responsible for showing leadership respect and also direction to the younger players in the squad. He also has tho show leadership in uniting the squad as a whole, this means in every direction he is the leader of the squad players and academy players as for being assertive well I believe Arteta was he was disciplined before and he has now decided to not just disrespect his manager but the whole club from bottom to top because of his attitude, Abua is not bigger or more important than Arsenal so tell me Where’s Abua leadership skills ??. Don’t believe he has any to be honest and I said this before he got his new contract Arsenal should have let him go it was and is a big mistake paying him that amount of money when his just sitting back and looking at Arsenal as a mediocre club .

  3. All this is of course a bit uncertain, as we don’t know the whole story. But based on what we can see through the press it does seem to be a fact Auba has returned late, by fault of his own and maybe even on purpose.
    If that is truly the case, Arteta has no choice but to invoke a serious disciplinary action. From this angle, I support Arteta.
    But you have to ask, if this is the whole story. And I suppose, you can also ask, if leaving Auba out, was the only available option. By doing it, Arteta did open a case for scrutiny, as everybody was going to ask, why Auba wasn’t in the squad. Whereas if it had been a heavy fine, it could possibly have been handled less publicly.

  4. My only criticism of MA concerning the Auba matter is that it should have happened far sooner and that his mysterious and baffling appointment as captain was profoundly mistaken. As was continuing to play this non-productive player at all, til our last game.

    I am more interested in puttingright what was a clear mistake ( meaning his appointment as captain) than further discussing past mistakes.

    To my mind it is now imperative that MA gets this not motivated and frankly self centred and idle player away from the team ASAP.

    I WOULD IDEALLY LIKE HIM SOLD in Jan but realise that will be impossible . In the meantime, until he can be got out of our club completely, I would at best let him rot on the bench and used only in an injury crisis!

    His costly contract is a bitter pill, that until we can somehow get him out OR his contract expires , which is what I expect to happen, we have no contractual choice but to keep on paying out. Sigh!

    1. Hi, it’s a shame that at times, certain very good players are not able to handle the arm band and the responsibilities that goes with it. Give Abua the benefit of the doubt, remove the arm band, let him play in from the left, Marti and the point. If he don’t score or improve, say your goodbye.

  5. Arteta has given Aubameyang/ Lacazette/ Pepe/ Xhaka a lot of chances to show what they can do and he also tailored his tactics to work with their strengths, so don’t blame only Arteta if those players are still inconsistent

    For instance, our current 4-4-1-1 formation that was obviously created to use Aubameyang’s pace and to accommodate our academy graduates, who were trained with similar formation during Wenger’s era. Leicester also used it to win the 2015/16 season with the pacey Vardy as the CF, but they deliberately reduced their ball possession rate to set up counter-attacks

    Because of that setup, I bet Aubameyang will be our main CF again after his suspension is over, if Lacazette doesn’t produce a goal or an assist anymore. I think Aubameyang remains to be Arteta’s main attacker, until the end of this season

    1. The 4411 was simply because auba can’t lead the line on his own – his pace is no longer a significant threat, so it appears to have been the best way to keep him in the team as he is/was seen as our best finisher.
      Laca was the one making the team tick, but I think we’re trying to get odegaard to be that player as his skill set is better suited.

      I fear you might be right that auba gets back into the team in the near future, and continues to be treated as the main man for the rest of the season but realistically, how much longer are we going to keep trying to play him back into form before we accept the reality that he’s not good enough anymore? Imo we should be going with GM up top with Laca behind, and gradually bringing odegaard up to replace him. But we do need a new striker asap

      1. Aubameyang is still our paciest and tallest striker, so he’ll win some aerial duels for us. The main problem is his age, so he can’t press as often as the youngsters

        I agree we need a new CF, because his hold-up play is worse than Lacazette’s

        1. GAI – I’ll bet martinelli is no slower than Auba now, if he is, there won’t be much in it; plus auba hasn’t been running away from defenders for a while anyway, it was more his movement in the box that gave him an edge, but again, I don’t think martinelli is far behind him in that department now . Also he’s no worse at winning headers and a better finisher with his head

          1. Martinelli is much shorter than Aubameyang and he was bullied in the air by the opposition’s CBs when he played as a CF

    2. Gai,
      Arteta have not stayed with 4-4-1-1 formation. The truth is as a captain a lot is expected from Auba bot in terms of descipline and performances. I think Arteta wants a new CF. Many things are not really opened to the press & fans but decisions and deliberations are going on..

      1. We definitely need a better CF. We could try Nketiah, Balogun, Biereth, Moller and Edwards in some cup games

    3. Yet Xhaka still gets into the team time after time. He isn’t good enough but Arteta thinks he is

  6. I do believe going to Man City was a mistake as Arteta developed unrealistic expectations and took two years at Arsenal to realize he needed a complete reset. After just 16 games and following an 0-3 start Arteta has Arsenal again in the 5th/6th mix. He does require total loyalty and devotion to the process. The 6 new young recruits have bought in as have Gabriel Tiereny
    Partey Saka and ESR. The rest are either not good enough or unable/ unwilling not ready or too long in the tooth to adapt.
    So Arteta uses no more than 14 players.
    He will recruit another 4-5 loyal foot soldiers next season, nurture Martinelli and Balogun while Saliba wil return when he is ready to submitt to the process. As a fan I have bought into the new process and have always expected 6/7 by Xmas and 5/6 by May. Next season we go for top 4.

  7. You guys who only think of disciplinary breach just like Arteta are so insensitive. Dont you guys have mother or family that have been in bad situation like auba mother is. you guys are pathetic. I hope when you guys ask for time off from work for such eventualities you only get the time you ask for and not a second over. Give the guy a little breather, we are humans first and workers (footballers) second. Auba have gotten a lot of criticism from me, but I wish that he takes care of his family first. to hell with Arsenal. win lose or draw my family is there with me, cant say the same for arsenal that thing about arsenal being there for me is only in my head my gunners family. speedy recovery for you mother Auba.

    1. The club was clearly empathic, they gave him time to visit and a deadline to return.

      Not much more you could expect from the club.

  8. As a Coach you have rules and guidelines that must be followed by the players. Any player found wanting must face the consequence of his actions.

    1. @ Ayan I hope if you breach the slightest, whatever it is, you will also face the consequence of your actions. life doesn’t exist in a vacuum as some of us arsenal fans believe. get real.

  9. It has to come to a point where legally players should be earning the money they are paid. When players are behaving unprofessionally and below the expected standard clubs should be allowed to terminate their contracts without compensation.

    He is the highest earner and the club captain. His current performance does not justify his salary the least he could do is not unrest the squad and the manager.

  10. All Arteta had to say was “he wasn’t available “ there was already something bubbling under the surface before the weekend ,Arteta came out and made it all
    About Auba ,
    personally I don’t see that as a good leader at all.. Arteta as taken all the heat away around the last few weeks performances and made it all about a player who was late for training
    Throwing someone under the bus .

    1. Where was the same example applied to Willian who I believe was late for training because he went partying .

      1. Wasn’t captain and was on his way out of the club big difference. Plus he hardly played at all after that incident

        1. Yes he did play after that incident I’m not sure what the difference is ,they are both players for the club ,but a different outcome happened ,and the armband excuse is just that ,remember this is a club who give the captaincy to players who tell their own fans to FCk off .
          The armbands ment nothing at this club for years .

          1. spot on DK…the armband has been used as a managerial “tool” for some time now, which is so despicable considering the glaring lack of leaders we’ve either recruited and/or developed for well over a decade…as for the differential treatment on offer by our MIT, it’s obvious that far too many so-called supporters have completely ignored this fact simply because it doesn’t jive with their pro-manager driven narrative

  11. So the story is Auba was authorised to fly home to bring his mum back to the UK to live with him obviously because of the pandemic and new strain. Arsenal requested he returned the same day to ensure that Arsenal and the player complied with UK covid regulations. Auba decided to stay and extra night turned up to training the following day and had to be sent home because he hadn’t returned on the day requested so had not had a PCR test.

    I’m fully backing the club on this, look at what’s happening to Spurs and other clubs. The players need to be abiding by the rules. He’s potentially jeopardising the health of other team members and opposition

    1. Thank You!!!! Someone who took the time to make the search and come up with non biased comments.
      It was all up there on the Athletic today, pay and read some news so you can stop spewing trash but no, people would rather come up with half stories to attack the manager.
      I read every comment here looking to see who actually took the time to find out what happened, but it’s such a shame the agenda to always attack the manager is more important.
      Auba was allowed to go bring his mom home, he had an agreement to return to the club but stayed back and delayed.
      Came to training after getting back and was sent back home from training so he doesn’t mix up with the team since the club wanted to keep Covid regulations in place.
      He was left out of the training, and dropped from the squad as punishment because his decision to extend his stay was taken all alone.
      Then come the he’s being thrown under the bus.
      That’s the captain.
      He was supposed to be allowed into the training ground and out the rest of the squad at risk with all the news bout clubs getting positive covid news?
      Fans never ceases to amaze me.

  12. Aubameyang has thrown Arsenal under a bus with his half hearted performances, laughing when he misses sitters and turning up late to training! All that man cares about is flash cars, tattoos and money. Arteta has the done right thing for once.

  13. Aubamayeng under the bus? I like the sound of that bus riding right over him, reversing back over him, And one last time just to make sure he is done at Arsenal Football Club.


    1. @admin
      Ban this guy! WTF?
      He’s our captain and been one of the best players. He had a lot of love for the club. With fans like you, no wonder his heart doesn’t seem in it.

  14. We thank MA for keeping us fans in the loop. This is what caused Wenger, Emery their jobs. Well done to MA for standing up to the bullies in this team.

    Player power must fall!!!

    1. OMG! I love this guy. I can’t stop laughing.
      He has a funny, no, serious sense of humour – something we have lacked here.

  15. A bit of a distraction as we don’t have a forward line from existing assets to take us beyond second tier of epl .. dropping this guy is fine by me … but who will we be bringing in to boost our scoring options?

  16. Agreed Eddie, people have got to the point, as I said above using any excuse to batter Arteta. Look I’m not saying Arteta is the man for the job and I still don’t think we know cause this rebuild isn’t finished. But on this occasion he was spot on, right to publicly shame Auba for his actions especially after Arteta has stood by him through his poor form. He would also be spot on to leave him out and strip him of the captaincy.

    As you said people cry out for transparency, then cry when Arteta is transparent. I don’t get it at all, even stating it was Arteta was the man to make Auba captain. Your not rwal supporters if you don’t know fact from as little as 2 years ago

    1. There are a number of fans that have clearly got an agenda against Arteta.
      That’s really the reason for many of the comments and criticisms; some of which are becoming increasingly bizarre.

      1. Wouldn’t you say though David there are clearly a number of fans that will make any excuse up to give Arteta leeway for big standard management ?
        Swings and roundabouts wouldn’t you say buddy ?

      2. Such fans who believe he should be allowed to leave the club when his current contract expires no matter what he achieve

  17. Auba is in effective for almost a year now. So it is time Arsenal stop investing time in him . May be try Edie for some time? Worst case it will be same as current Auba so no harm .

  18. Well he officially isn’t captain anymore. How many disciplinary problems does the guy need to have for ppl to be okay with him not being captain. He was never a leader to begin with. At the time Xhaka lost it, he just happened to be carrying the team with his goals, and there was nobody suitable at all to be a captain. We have better options now with Ramsdale, Tierney, Gabriel taking on more leadership roles this season. I suspect the armband will be passed around for a bit until a decision is made. And unfortunately this means Auba’s time at Arsenal is basically done and he’ll be riding the bench a lot until his contract is over. His attitude this year has simply been poor though, as has his performances. It’s unfortunate that he is holding us back now after giving us so much, but you need to know when to cut ties with some players.

  19. Well done MA. PEA stripped of the club captaincy and not in the squad for Wednesday’s game. Try and sell the troublemaker in January.

  20. It appears that, during the time he was visiting his sick family member in France, Auba manage to find time to get a new Tattoo.

    Poor, poor, Auba, boo-hoo.

    If Arsenal do not sell him in January then I think we should throw Arteta under the Bus.

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