Arteta told to deal with ‘liability’ who is loved by the players

Darren Bent has claimed that Granit Xhaka is loved by his team-mates in the dressing room, but remains a liability to Arsenal which Mikel Arteta must address.

The midfielder continues to attract negative press since joining the club from Borussia Monchengladbach in 2016, having been dropped as the club’s captain prio

“I know that the Xhaka thing is an issue,” Bent told TalkSport listeners. “By all accounts, he is a great guy in the dressing room. The players seem to love him.

“But on the pitch, he is a bit of a liability. He (Arteta) needs to look at the scenario.”

It is hard to argue that his lack of discipline isn’t going to be detrimental to the club’s results, although I do understand that his red cards are sometimes down to having to cover for other players who have been drawn out of position, and he isn’t solely to blame on some counts.

I’m sure the club is preparing to bolster our midfield in the coming window regardless, and Thomas Partey is unlikely to be the one to make way when a new signing is found.

Will the manager be keen to offload the Swiss midfielder this summer? Have the club finally had enough?


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  1. Think time for Edu and the board to say any midfield additions will be a replacement for Xhaka. Time for the player and club to go separate ways.

    The last 5 years have shown we need to upgrade the midfield, and it’s at the expense of Xhaka. Changing his partner has been tried, yet results have not significantly changed for the better.

    Wouldn’t call him an awful player, just saying he’s not a good fit in the PL. He is a luxury type deep lying midfielder; not a DM, not a B2B, and not a goal scoring midfielder.

  2. Also what’s supposed with our come on field I’ll discipline is acceptable and supposedly off field is not….Auba is booted but this one legged midfielder is allowed 100 red cards ??

  3. Iam a South African who dearly love this club, but allow me to voice my thoughts about this player. He is not an arsenal type of a player. Please offload him, he is just a waste of time. He might be loved by his colleagues only because he is a joker.

  4. I think u guys only see the card from one angle Xhaka is almost everything in arsenal midfield though some of his fouls are not necessary
    come to think of it what is Parteys performance when Xhaka is present and when is absent until u get DM like Kante or Ndidi dont flush a hard worker you cannot replace

    1. Thank you for that comment on Xhaka,he is too vital to our play.. Earlier in the season when we picked up momentum and started to play well,we lost staem the moment Xhaka got sent off and his injury shortly after.Whenbhe came back into the side,we started to play better..Red cards are a part of Football and everyone gets it done time.its not as if he has been sent off as much as Viera was in our him or hate him,he has performed better than Partey since Partey arrived.And the overrated Partey has not performed half as much as our “flop” Torriera did in his first two seasons

      1. Look at the Arsenal win/draw/loss stats when Xhaka and Party were playing together in the last 20 games. And look at the results when he did not start. This partnering gave Arsenal the best results. His liabilty is well known to us. But the stats when he started over the last 20 Arsenal games makes him a very important player from Arsenal. Look at the above mentioned stats again and be grateful we have Xhaka this season.

        1. Xhaka is More important than we think,look at how he does with both patty and sabi.patty can’t make it with Sabi but xhaka can,so appreciate what we have in xhaka.imagin a lineup with out xhaka in the midfield!!!!!!!.

  5. Whenever Xhaka is playing you are always scared that anytime the team will have 10 players. He is very reckless with his challenges . He can’t run so he resorts to fouling which earns him yellow cards regularly. He should have been off-loaded seasons ago.

    But I suppose that means it was at least truthful.


  7. Its horrible, and disheartening to be compelled to continue having a player that has absolutely zero respect to the club and fans. Did he not openly flirt with As Roma & Mou last summer on top of throwing the capt band and flashing a middle finger to the fans?
    Rocket science say..

    1. Xhaka is an important player in that midfield, if u want to know his worth, let him get an injury and see how arsenal will struggle. Xhaka is a good player

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