Arteta turns down Arsenal to join Man City

The Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta was given a one-year extension by Arsene Wenger last summer, but only managed to make two starts in the whole campaign due to ongoing injury problems. He still made good use of the year by studying for his coaching exams and working with the youth sides to gain extra experience on the coaching side.

But next season, despite being offered a new coaching contract with the Gunners, has decided instead to accept a similar position with Manchester City to work under Pep Guardiola. He can’t actually join the Citizens until July 1st when his contract with Arsenal runs out, but he had already given notice that he would go into full time coaching after the Gunners last day win over Aston Villa. He said: “I am going to leave (it open) by one per cent because in football one per cent is a lot and things can twist very quickly.

“But I have different options now to be related to football which I am very grateful for. It is very unusual to have opportunities at this level.

“As well, that made me think it was probably time (to retire) and the way I have been watching football in the last few months – or probably over a year – it was not as a player, it was more as a coach. Then you have to think about it.”

I must admit I am surprised that he didn’t want to continue working with Wenger considering Le Prof has been so good to him since his raft of injuries over the last 18 months, but perhaps the chance of working with Guardiola was just too tempting to turn down…

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  1. He’s a ungrateful rat that’s what he is! What a traitor..Wenger stood by him through out his injuries and rubbish performances and even made him captain and the mercenary checks out at the first opportunity for more money. This should be a mercy should be shown to these underperformers.

    1. goonerboy says:

      You are really pissed about this Arteta issue..

      But working as Peps’ coaching crew doesn’t mean he will coach,he is there to learn and who is to say he can’t manage Arsenal in the future…..

      We have legends that can come in also,we are rich in that department.
      The notable ones being..Henryand Berckamp..

      Do u we really know the kind of position Arsenal offered him? No..
      Maybe City offered him a better deal who knows???

  2. sanmi.marvellous says:

    OK. no qualms. have a nice coaching career ahead.

  3. jonm says:

    Well that is one rumour which turned out to be correct. Are we saying that we have been paying Arteta £80k per week to train him in coaching so that he can join manc.

    If so, football and money is a crazy world. But then we knew that.

  4. goonerboy says:

    He will have his reasons for choosing Man.City although,we don’t know for sure if Arsenal offered him the position..

    Pep is a great pull,or he might wanna try something new in a different environment,or maybe he wants to combine what he has learnt from Wenger with Pep’s..

    All in all, I wish best of luck in his next chosen career!

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    Apparently Wenger can do without his expertise and input! No surprise there then as there is only room for le megalomaniac .l

  6. Arsenal007 says:

    I don’t know if Arsenal offered him a role.
    However, mark my words…and quote me anywhere:
    We’ve missed a trick not holding onto Arteta. He’ll turn out to be one of the best managers the game has ever seen.

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    Xhaka is coming. Some guy on instagram posted a photo of himself in an arsenal shirt with Xhaka on the back and granit liked it! Looks like it could happen bar the personal negotiations and fee not being agreed upon.

  8. stubill says:

    Before the usual suspects jump on the hate band wagon, it’s worth remembering what Wenger said about a month ago, he said if all the coaching positions at Arsenal, he would not kick someone out to accommodate someone else.

    So if Arteta does join City, maybe it’s because no position at Arsenal was available at the time.

  9. davidnz says:

    Glad Arteta has gone.
    He was 80 k p/w
    deadwood all season.
    Rosicky Flamini
    Debuchi +Sanogo each 50-80k p/w deadwood too.
    But there are still a ton of Diarbys in the squad.
    Wilshere (injuries) Wellbeck (useless and injuries)
    Walcott useless, Ox useless, Mertesacker too slow,
    Gabriel (suspect) Gibbs (average) are the new deadwood
    They all should go but have a bad feeling with Wenger talking
    cohesion and only 3 incoming it means they will probably
    all be retained and maybe even Sanogo and Debuchy 🙁

  10. Jansen says:

    I don’t see Arsene as the great teacher. He is light on tactical awareness and implements very little of it during the season. Read Lahm’s interview on Pep or listen to Cesc on the difference between Moureen, his Barca managers and Wenger and it becomes clear if you want to learn to become a manager Wenger is probably not your best call.

  11. Jansen says:

    This is an other confirmation: Wojciech Szczesny claims to have learned more in six months with AS Roma than during 10 years at Arsenal.

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